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Aramco Electrical Engineer

Khobar, Eastern, Saudi Arabia
April 11, 2022

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Classification: Internal Use

Fawad Sajid

(Electrical Engineer)

Mobile: 059*******


Saudi Aramco ID No: 8477564

SABIC ID No: C1323394


A capable, proven and self-motivated Electrical Engineer with extensive experience of carrying out the installation of electrical & Instrumentation components and systems maintenance, trouble-shooting. Seeking to get a career oriented job in a professional environment that offers utilization of my skills and provide learning opportunities to keep place with advanced technologies. EXPERIENCE SUMMARY

Have 06 Years Self-motivated, team oriented experienced in Electrical Construction projects, Maintenance, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of LV & MV Equipment’s experience in large scale of Substation, chemical and Petrochemical industries.

Ability to learn quickly, follow the procedure exactly, solve The problems independently and always willing to accept significant responsibility and involvement and working knowledge of international codes and QA/QC standards and their application to the operation.


B.Sc. Electrical Engineer -Mirpur University of Science and Technology AJK PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:


Saudi Aramco-RTR Refinery

Project: Replacement emergency steam turbine generators From: May 2020 and onwards

Brief study to understand CSOW in LSPB PROJECT

Preparing of organizing MOS and JSA as per activity requirements.

Calculating quantity of material required from SOW, MTO and IFCs.

Making MR and PR for materials as per project requirement.

Sending RFQ to Registered vendor and follow up with vendors to get the quotation as per specification of materials.

Technical bid evaluation (TBE) after receiving quotes and Making comment resolution sheet (CRS) after technical drawing submittal by Vendors.

Closing the comments in NMR/MTA stage.


Classification: Internal Use

Making of AWR and NOL.

Following and arranging third party inspection (TPI) for long lead item having inspection level 1 and above.

In-charge of Installation and supervision of grounding mesh under new STGs, conduit work, cable tray, indoor and outdoor lighting, cable laying and pulling in trench and cable trays, MV cable laying, pulling and termination from 13.8kv MV switchgear to STGs.

In-charge of Installation and supervision of panels (power, lighting, ups and EOP).

In-charge of Installation and supervision of lightning protection for STGs.

Supervision of Cathodic protection for underground piping.

Supervision for installation of 125VDC panel (changers & rectifiers) and UPS system with battery banks.

Supervision for installation of generator protection panel, synchronous panel and termination cabinets.

Site execution of two new STGs along with all auxiliaries and demolishing of existing STGs

Installation of Dry type transformers and panels and in new operator shelter building (OSB) to support auxiliaries of new STGs and lighting in in pipe rack area.

Installation of two new MCCs in substation to support operational activities of new STGs

Modification of existing MV switchgear and LV MCCs

Shifting of emergency and non-emergency load in different substations.

Demolishing of existing STGs with all auxiliaries and its shelter. ENGINEER- Electrical

Saudi Electric Company SEC - PP13

Project: Construction of gas turbine power plant

From: Dec-2018 to sep-2019

Inspection of ongoing works for Electrical and instrument equipment’s installed and systems Installed for topsides operation, material checks.

Inspection (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Depend on the System) of all Electrical Systems.

Inspect and list of all the Electrical Equipment installed.

Inspection of Electrical Equipment panels.

Issuing, follow up and closing of NCR.

Ladder racks its supports installation and Small power and all the drive systems.

Inspection of Certified equipment on the platform on all systems i.e. Switch Gears, Junction Boxes, Panels, HVAC System, Fire and Gas Instruments.

Provide technical support to procurement, sub-contracting and construction activities included in the scope of work.

Checks power transformers, switchboard, accumulator battery, sockets outlet, lighting system.

Performs visual inspections, dimensional test, checks rating and material for connection.

Periodic inspection of installed tubing, hosing, cabling, termination.

In-charge of Electrical Inspections and supervision for the Installations of lights, Power and grounding systems Installation of 110kv surge arresters.

ENGINEER- Electrical

Al-Jubail Petrochemical Company- SABIC JUBAIL

Project: Replacement of Olefin II coldbox with enhanced and improved design From: (Dec-2017 to dec-2018) & (sep-2019 to march-2020)

Prepare MOS as per project scope of work and get it approved by client.

Participate in preparation of JSA and add inputs to ensure compliance of company EHSS system

Ensure that RFIs are raised and inspection is done timely as per approved ITP

Excavation of cable trench of 300m for power and instrumentation cable

Installation of RGS rigid conduit from custody meter to pipe rack elevation of 15meters

Cable laying from substation to filed JB

Insulation Resistance, continuity test for cable before and after installation

Termination of cables in field JB and inside Substation

Installation of new area lighting system

Earthing for new pygas skid and new installed conduits 3

Classification: Internal Use

Ensure the compliance of all Quality control system as per client requirement and approved PQP

Ensure the compliance of all safety systems as per client requirement and approved EHSS Plan.

Ensure project is executed as per scope of work and approved drawings. In case there is any change from approved design, get approval from management prior to execute the change in field. Electrical QC Inspector

Installation of ATS and new Panels- Saudi Aramco

Project: Demolish and replace existing ATS and panels with enhanced design

Responsible for all electrical inspections related to installation, commissioning and testing

Responsible for preparing QMS documents

Responsible for conducting the inspection of all ongoing activities for electrical installation

Responsible for preparing method of statement and ITP's for all electrical activities

Responsible for raising RFI

Conducting inspections with client representatives

Responsible for conducting the inspection of all electrical material before storage, installation and after installation

Responsible for raising NCR and initiating corrective action if the work was not done as per method of statement, specifications or as per approved shop drawings

Report to project manager any deficiencies in the operation of quality management and control system

Responsible for ensuring that work done is as per project specifications, method statement and as per approved drawing

To ensure that material used is approved and inspected Hydroponics Agricultural Farm HATTAR

Have been working as site assistant engineer

Supervise installation of conduits and cable trays as per marked as per rout identified in construction drawing

Supervise wiring in local control panel and field JB Wiring

Installation of Light Fixtures

Installation of Fire Alarm System

Installation of CCTV System

Nursery Room (Controlled Environment)



Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Electrical design


Urdu (fluent)

English (fluent)

Punjabi (fluent)



Gender: Male.

Domicile: Azad Kashmir

Date of Birth: 01-12-1992.

Religion: Islam.


Classification: Internal Use

Nationality: Pakistani/Kashmiri

Languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi.

Passport#: EM5570371

Marital Status: Single.

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