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Chadds Ford Township, PA
April 09, 2022

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Christopher M. Catagnus, DC



Cabrini University– Radnor, PA

Bachelor of Science – Biological Sciences/Pre-Medicine, Molecular Biology emphasis, 2011

Associate of Science– Chemistry, 2012

Life University

Doctor of Chiropractic, 2020



●Torque Release Technique Club, Life University

●Help position in executive board for 6 months in form of secretary and treasurer

Torque Release Technique certified

●Exam certified, Torque Release Technique, from founder of Torque Release Technique, Dr. Jay Holder

Auriculotherapy, Cranial Nerve Augmentation certified

●Certified and trained in auriculotherapy/cranial nerve augmentation

●Certified by American College of Addictionology

International Chiropractic Association, ICA participant

Delta Sigma Chi, Chiropractic Fraternity; Philanthropic Chair

Webster Technique Certified- perinatal chiropractic care with emphasis on pelvis and uterine alignment

Koren Specific Technique proficiency trained by Koren Specific Technique founder, Dr. Tedd Koren of Koren Publishing’s

Functional Neurology training via Drs. Robert Waterson and Joe Schneider of Hope Brain and Body Recovery Center


Fitchett Chiropractic: intern to doctor of Chiropractic: 2019-2021

Lead exam doctor and lead doctor’s report/ sales of careplan

Lead peer to peer and insurance liaison

Lead in facilitation of Doctor supervised passive and active therapeutic rehabilitation, average 100 adjustments/week

Heavy emphasis on diversified technique, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Activator Methods technique, therapeutic ultrasound, spinal traction, electrical stimulation, and physician guided rehab

Healing Energies Chiropractic and Wellness Center: Intern to doctor of Chiropractic: 2017-2021

Lead exam doctor

Lead tech in facilitation of physiotherapies including spinal traction and electrical muscular stimulation

Heavy emphasis on Koren Specific Technique and Diversified Technique

Beacon of Life Chiropractic

Main adjusting doctor: August 2021 to present

Heavy emphasis on Torque Release Technique and Webster Technique

Light emphasis on Diversified Technique

Glaxo Smith Kline, Biopharmaceutical manufacturing associate January 2014- April 2015

●Upstream Processing

o Cell Culture Value Stream (mammalian )

Seed lab/ISO 7 environment experienced

Aseptic technique experience manipulating CHO cell passages

Manipulated shake flasks in ISO 7 environment

Bioreactor set up for inoculation and cleaning

Cell counting of bioreactors


Proficiency trainer qualified

Led in formulation of production media

Led in management of cleaning and staging parts for upstream/downstream production

oMicrobial Value Stream (yeast)

●Coordination of support services across boundaries with downstream processing

●Authoring and revision of SOPs and technical documents

●Lead Auditor certified, for in-house audits

●Experience in the commissioning of equipment used in partial product contact

●Involved in cleaning verification of equipment

●Support of validation and verification of equipment used in process, including the subsequent studies

●Current GMPs extensively trained and practiced

●DELTA V interface and system experience for managing of process equipment

●IP21 system experience for management of process equipment

●SAP and MERPS system experience for managing of goods

●Management of equipment experienced

oUnderstanding of CIP and SIP systems and troubleshooting system failures

oMonitor systems using IP21 monitoring interface

oPracticed ability to monitor CIP route failures with safety as number one priority

●Trained as qualified trainer

●Contributed to successful external audits

●Contributed to successful PPQ campaign

●Recognized for top number of recorded safety and quality threats recognized and fixed, over 2014 calendar year

Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Center, Medical Assistant May 2013- May14

●Experience working with surgical physicians, along with non-surgical physicians and Physician’s Assistants

●New hire training

●Coordination of patient and business appointments

●Post trauma fracture and joint immobilization extensively trained

●Interpretation of diagnostic imaging trained, including x-ray, CT, MRI, and musculoskeletal ultrasound

●Extensive experience sizing and fitting of medical equipment

●Formulation and management of patient medical records

●Human synovial/blood sample prep

●Therapeutic casting trained

Movie Tavern LLC

February 2012 – September 2013 (Worked during college)

●Trained as a Certified Trainer

●Cash handling


●Member of wait staff

Research Associate/Teacher’s Assistant- Biochemistry/Molecular Genetics

August 2009 – June 2012

●Extensive work with PCR, cloning, miniprep, plasmid and reagent preparation, management and manipulation of cell lines, protein expression, DNA extraction, and barcoding and sequencing analysis of subsequent cell lines cytometry and other such analytical techniques for quantification and purification of reagents/samples alike

●Protein products harvested via column chromatography (i.e. resin/nickel/cadmium) efficacy measuring via NanoDrop spectrophotometry

●Exclusively selected to lead laboratory portion of sophomore level Cell & Molecular biology course based on demonstration of expertise, leadership and communication skills

●Management of small scale cell lines in cryopreserved cell bank for undergraduate use

●Piloted protocols in bar-coding and characterizing biodiversity of bacteriophage populations in the realm of molecular genetics from organisms in the soil

●Exclusively selected teaching assistant under Howard Hugh’s Medical Institute research grant, contributed to published work to be presented to education journal, as well as sponsor

●Data organized and noted, analysis performed, supervision of Dr. Melinda Harrison (Associate Professor of Chemistry, Cabrini College), Dr. David Dunbar (Assistant Professor of Biology, Cabrini College)

●Instructed bioseperation and up/downstrean processing from products associated with recombinant E. Coli, M. smegmatis, and Mycobacteriophage, as well as safety and general technique

oProtein products and knockout studies carried out through E. Coli

oFamiliar with cadmium, nickel, and resin product separation

oCarried out the study of protein products in various systems for study of protein products normally found in bacteriophage

●Study performed under grant from Howard Hughes Medical Institute

oSelected as TA for Cell & Molecular Biology course, as well as honors freshman biology course to carry out such research

oTechnique, as well as the ability to instruct such techniques were practiced in this setting

Laboratory Associate, Research Associate/Teacher’s Assistant- Biogeochemistry

May 2008 – June 2012

●Collaborated in the establishment of a new Biogeochemical research laboratory, piloting procedures in soil sampling chemical analysis and biochemistry

●Gathering and prepping of raw materials for use in controlled setting

●Experience in creating/writing/trouble shooting experiments

Substantial data analysis performed for many trials, supervision of Dr. Caroline Nielsen (Assistant Professor of Biology, Cabrini College)

Gold’s Gym, Oaks, Pa

December 2006- August 2009

●Customer service

●Management of member memberships and inquiries

●Successful sales of memberships

●Cash handling

●Light housekeeping and management of fitness equipment

Molecular Biology Laboratory Skills:

Management of cell lines, restriction digest analysis, gel electrophoresis, DNA isolation, RNA isolation, DNA extraction, plasmid preparation, PCR, bacteriophage recombinant electroporated DNA, DNA/RNA cloning, knockout studies, protein studies of viral DNA using bacterial lines

Microbiological Laboratory Skills:

Microbiological culturing, viral culturing, serial dilutions, aseptic technique

Chemistry and Biogeochemical Laboratory Skills:

Loss on ignition, nitrate and ammonium analysis UV-VIS spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, gas chromatography,

Mass spectrometry, column chromatography, Cadmium reduction column colorimetric analysis, loss on ignition studies, chemical conjugation, data analysis; mean, standard error, t-test, Q-test, ANOVA

Large Scale Manufacturing Skills:

SAP, MERPS 2, CDISY, Delta V systems, controlled document management


Catherine Mageeney, Christopher Catagnus, Amy Cimo, Catherine Beckowski, Lisa Ratmansky, Dr. Melinda Harrison, and Dr. David Dunbar

The Rewards and Challenges of Undergraduate Peer Mentoring in Course-based Research: Student Perspectives from a Liberal Arts Institution

From the Journal; Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Mentoring

Diverse Skills:

●Active Big Brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern Pennsylvania (BBBS SEPA)

●Spanish language conversant

●CPR/basic life support certified

●Collegiate athlete (former)


●Big Brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern Pennsylvania (BBBS SEPA)

o5 year active service

●Member of Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund, Young Friends Division

oCoordination of events for raising of funds

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