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Certified Nursing Assistance / Receptionist

La Crosse, WI, 54601
I’m open to hear options
April 11, 2022

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‘Apri **** - Current

Cerified Health Unit Coordinator Mayo Health ER LaCrosso, W

+ im the eyes and ears of everything going on in the ER. lanswer many

incoming calls and make many outgoing cals to diferent healthcare

facies. m in charge of making sur al the departments have theie

X-rays, CTs, uss, labe, areal finished sa the Dr. Can evaluate th pt

Ina timely manner. also copy fax, scan, papers off tothe respective

‘areas, work 12 hr Shifts and Im not afraid of hard work.

+ I'veWorked as a drug and alcohol 20 day inpatient trealment center ag

‘an ad, then when they closad Iwas an aide in a9 pf. Bed detox unt

[Alor 5 years thay closed so started my adventure in working inthe ER.

+ Ive worked at the Beaver Dam Hospital unt 1999, then maved to

lacrosse where was a health unit coordinator in the ER for2 years

eis From there moved over fo Mayo health working as a feat al over the

hospital and for 2 yoars of that did receptionist work in the clinic and

the back tothe ER.

+ Processed confidential, patient paperwork with accuracy and deference

aes to patient privacy.

assistance in accordance + Folowed organizational qudelines to assure compliance with HIPAA

land patient confidentalily standards,

+ Communicated scheduling information, appointment details and health

reminders via telophone, mai and ema

+ Comected patients with referrad doctors to provide specialized

high-quality care

+ Delivered tharaugh and accurate documentation to create detailed

‘additions to patients electronic health record,

« Scheduled urgent tests and examinations by juggling patient schedule

SKILLS with company calendar.

+ Processed meticulous documentaton related to prior authorizations and

Empatetc Heathca

eee eee


en nye



insurance raferras

Sieh + Maintained unt supplies and equipment for mecial staff and patient

ee care raed

+ Scheduled medical appointments and transportation for [Ty] pationt

lire + Responded to pationt cal lights quickly and expedited appropriate


+ Backed up floor staff by keoping patents rooms cloan and orderly.




Records maintena January 1997

CNA Certifad Nursing Aide Skits

Koltlo Moraine Technologies, Beaver Dam, WI


‘Tomah High School, Tomah, W

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