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iOS Developer

Milwaukee, WI
April 28, 2022

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Rhon Ramos

iOS Developer

414-***-**** ᴥ


More than 7 years designing/developing/deploying iOS apps.

More than 5 apps in the AppStore.

Skilled programming in Swift, Objective C++, JavaScript, JQuery and JQuery Mobile.

Hands-on with user interface (UI/UX) design and development using Interface Builder, Auto Layout Constraints, Size Classes, Storyboards, and XIBs.

Work with version control tools such as Git and its various GUIs such as Tower, SourceTree, GitHub, etc.

Implement best practices in line with Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).

Work with web services (RESTFUL and SOAP) using frameworks such as AlamoFire.

Apply OOP design patterns; MVC, MVVM, Singleton, Delegation, Protocols, Categories/Extensions, etc.

Experience with efficient client-side integration with Restful and SOAP-based services in high-performance ecosystem.

Possess an advanced knowledge of web and mobile UX/UI.

Experience developing front-end mobile web applications.

Extensive use of Apple and third-party frameworks such as Alamofire, SnapKit, UIKit, and CoreBluetooth.

Experienced with Agile, TDD and SCRUM methodologies.

Experienced writing unit tests using XCTest framework.

Passionate about developing, designing, improving, enhancing, and even supporting world- class iOS-based apps across multiple platforms (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, etc.).

Passion for lifelong learning and enjoy mastering new technologies and standards.

Technical Skills

iOS Frameworks


Cocoa Touch




Design Patterns & Architecture

MVC, MVP, MVVM, Clean Architecture




Interface Builder (storyboard)

Gesture Recognizers

Auto Layout

Content Integration


iOS Tools

Cocoa Pods, Carthage, SPM,

Instruments, JIRA, Swagger, Charles Proxy


Swift, Objective-C

Development & Testing

Xcode, JIRA, Jenkins, TestFlight, Hockey App

Continuous Integration




Automated Testing


Unit Testing



Git, SVN, BitBucket, GitHub

Work Experience

WEC Energy Group Inc December 2020 – Now

Senior iOS Developer Milwaukee, WI

Utilized Combine framework.

Coded the iOS application in Swift using Xcode IDE with Git repository and version control.

Built application test framework with UI Automation.

Built wireframes for app designs.

Built, coded, tested, and deployed a scalable and modular application, and modified existing software to correct errors, improve performance, and adapt to new versions of iOS.

Applied RESTful web service calls using Alamofire framework, with POCs made in Swift.

Wrote web services to interface with the iOS Mobile App.

Ensured a secure environment for all web services by applying RESTful and implementing Basic Authentication.

Refactored RESTful requests from NSURLConnection to AlamoFire for compatibility with up-to-date iOS standard.

Applied the MVVM architectural pattern and Delegation, Notifications, KVC, and Singleton design patterns.

Applied new layout, refactored source code, reduced app size, fixed memory leaks, reviewed source code, and optimized performance.

Wrote unit tests and managed project configuration.

Mentored team members about project execution strategies/processes and various aspects of the technical development/deployment.

Used SourceTree for Git GUI with Jenkins deployed as the continuous integration server.

Used CocoaPods library and UIKit Framework, Foundation Framework and CoreGraphics Frameworks,

Implemented Keychain for encryption of passwords keeping the user’s security a top priority.

Used various security like SSLPining.

Bob’s Discount Furniture June 2019 – December 2020

Senior iOS Developer Manchester, CT

Utilized Combine in coordination with MVVM to have the model and view bound so that the view reacted to changes in the model.

Programmed in Xcode with Objective-C and started transitioning code and developing new features in Swift.

Refactoring from RxSwift to Combine.

Rewrote some of the older Objective-C libraries to Swift.

Designed and developed user interface as per existing IOS application using UI framework.

Participated in UX design and suggested how to implement.

Involved in development and coding by adhering to internal document for best practices.

Handled UI development using Storybaords and Interace builder based on Apple HIG guidelines.

Developed UI using Storyboards with AutoLayout constraints and Size Classes utilized to handle all screen sizes.

Managed third-party dependencies using CocoaPods.

Configured push notifications’ content-available property to make notifications visible even when the application was running in the background, letting users to receive messages when they were directly or indirectly using the application.

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.

Resolved bugs and crash scenarios using NSLogs, Breakpoints, Instruments, and LLDB statements.

Used JIRA to track and prioritize bug fixes.

Performed unit testing with XCTest framework to ensure quality, stable code in the release.

Marina Wealth Advisors June 2018 – June 2019

iOS Mobile App Developer Overland Park, KS

Worked on B2C facing application focusing on PassKit and Apple Pay, UI development, as well as consumption of multiple webservices using mobile APIs.

Used SnapKit to build and maintain all programmatic constraints.

Utilized JIRA to help groom user stories for future Sprints, break stories into tasks, and participate in Spring planning meetings.

Programmed in Xcode with Swift 4.

Refactored code and conducted code reviews.

Applied MVC architecture and used design patterns Delegation, Singleton, extensions, notification, and KVO.

Worked in Agile project development/delivery environment.

Worked with WebService calls using Alamofire.

Parsed JSON responses using SwiftyJSON.

Decoupled entire project by creating different modules using private CocoaPods.

Worked with front-end UI/UX designers, back-end teams, and business teams to ensure app worked seamlessly meeting all requirements.

Wrote unit tests using XCTest, and managed scenario/functional testing.

Used Jenkins for continuous integration.

Fixed memory issues using Instruments (e.g., Allocations, Time Profiler).

Integrated Touch ID capabilities, using Local Authentication.

Utilized GCD/NSOperation multithreading techniques for better performance.

Used various security protocols, including SQLCipher, KeyChain, AES-256 and RSA-SHA1 to encrypt local data

Enhanced user experience through the use of notifications when transferring money.

Used Bitbucket with Git for source control and code review using pull requests.

Mobeezio, Inc. December 2016 – June 2018

iOS Mobile App Developer San Diego, CA

Developed and updated various pages and UI elements used throughout the app as per design team specifications and wireframes

Tasked with migrating over to using storyboards and segues from programmatic navigation and XIBs

Worked with Localization to allow users to view content in a variety of languages

NSOperations were used for pulling the latest information on quakes from various services with NSJSONSerialization used to parse said service JSON responses

NSCache utilized to mitigate loss of internet connection

MapKit and MKAnnotations use for tracking quake information

Integrated with Social Frameworks to post updates to user social media

Completed extending testing and bug fixing using NSLog statements, Breakpoints, LLDB statements, and Instruments as per QA feedback

Implemented Core Audio and Core Location, AlamoFire, SwiftyJason, MapKit to integrate and display weather events.

Jenkins used for continuous integration and testing.



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