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Peer Educator Data Entry

Oakland, CA
March 29, 2022

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Mable Jackson


Human Resource

Please accept the enclosed synopsis of my work experience for such an important position as an expressed interest with your agency. I believe you will find my work history provides an array of services which includes, but not limited to stable employment and housing. My year of relevant work history uniquely qualifies me to provide such important services.

My years of working as a Director with Non- Profits have challenged me to “become highly effective” in developing a variety of programs to serve clients and our community.

I have worked in environments where dealing with complex issues and crises were a common occurrence. I developed programs that were designed to provide information and training that assisted clients and staff in overcoming barriers and developing meaningful skills. In addition, the programs I coordinated and implemented also necessitated the wearing of many hats: Vocational Counselor, Mental Health /Substance Abuse Case Manager, Clinical Case Work Supervisor, Placement Specialist, Planner, investigator, liaison, supervisor, and administer among other duties.

Furthermore, I have a work style that fosters teamwork, reflects personal strength, patience, and common sense. My knowledge of human nature and people from various cultures and socioeconomic background is a powerful tool in dealing with client issues. I also possess strength in interpreting and enforcing policies, procedures, and regulation that will also aide in the program’s success.

My travels, experiences, and studies have afforded me numerous opportunities to embrace the field of social service. In addition, it has allowed me to service people from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and gain a solid understanding of the true meaning of “giving something back” to a population that has been underserved. Working with a diverse population is a measuring tool on what legacy I leave behind and the decisions I make today.

I relay to you the enthusiasm with which I look forward to supporting your community goals.

I am happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding my experience, etc. Please feel free to contact me at 510-***-**** cell.


Mable Jackson, B.A.

Master Level RAS- Clinical Supervisor Credential - Co-Occurring Disorder Specialist-, Anger Management Instructor - Domestic Violence Certification, Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor IV, Co- Certified Veteran’s Suicide Prevention, Federal Certification S.H.I.L.D.(HIV) Peer Advocate Instructor & Brief Motivation Intervention & Certified Veteran’s Suicide Prevention.

Mable Jackson



Job Objective

As a result-ordinated, dependable, professional, I am hoping to obtain a position where my Education, training and experience will be useful.

Highlight of Qualification

*Special strengths in education and training adults, adolescents and families of the

Chemical dependency, incarcerated, homeless, in a traditional and school setting.

*Solid understanding of addiction and compulsive eating and addictive behavior.

* Promoted family wellness & parent engagement in early child development.

*Advocated, supported families through early Head Start.

*Selected appropriate material to support student learning needs.(IEP)

*Sensitivity to and knowledgeable of cultural and ethical issues of addiction and

And prison recidivison.

*Professional background in PTSD.

*Effective in balancing professionalism with sincere empathy.

* Instructed through lectures, discussions and demonstration in subjects.

* Developed and implemented lesson plan that covered all required topics.

Professional Experience:


*Conducted long and short term treatment plans for adults, young children’s & adolescent.

*Provided crisis intervention, problem solving in a treatment, correction & school setting.

*1:1 & group counseling within a therapeutic setting.

*Weekly supervision with staff.

*Mentored Graduate Students and advised career path.

*Facilitated CEU’s for State Certification.


*Conducted assessment, brief therapy, referral and follow up for clients.

*Preformed investigation intake interviews

*(ASQ) and diagnosis (DSM IV) to address client therapy needs.

* Referral for IEP’s.

Supervision and Administration

*Evaluated and advised clinical and administrative team of psychological need and appropriate service for potential client.

*Supervised and trained counselors, interns and community organization staff.

*Conducted educational and informational presentation on population served.

*Developed and wrote grant for programs for first time felons’ age 13-17 years of age and SAMHSA’s grant for Black Male’s with HIV & Same Sex Partner ages 18 and older.

*Designed program structure / flow of work

* Maintained state budget 9000K.

Cross Culture Skills

*Provided in- service to clients and staff from a wide range of ethics backgrounds.

* Lived and worked with people of various social status abroad and in US.

Work History

Project Manager Livingston, Tx

Jermaine’s’ Health & Human Community Services 2021-2021 Contract ended

Over saw a county contract for federal certification. Duties included making decision, designed and monitor the progress of the project to keep it on schedule. Creating long-and short term plans, including setting target for milestones and adhere to deadline, Point of contact for team when multiple assigned to the same project to ensure team actions remain in synergy, Communicated with executive to keep the program aligned with goals, Preformed quality control on the project throughout development to maintain the standards expected on federal, state, local and OSHA standards. Adjusted team schedule to meet deadline and employed staff to ensure level of performance.

Re-Entry Case Manager Oakland CA

Oakland Dream Center 2017-2019 (PT)

Provided Case Management to Men who lived in a Transition Housing Program and currently serving a life sentences. Duties included but limited to the following. psychosocial Assessments and updated Treatment Plans, 1:1 and group counseling sessions, life skill and other therapeutic groups/ classes, monitor work schedules, weekly/ daily notes as needed, monthly progress notes, court recommendation, TCU (ARMS) data base, connected clients with social services and other agencies as needed, reported to parole agent as needed; provided crisis intervention; engaged with family, monitored clients passes; developed contract guidelines regarding clients employment, and attended monthly staff meetings and biweekly supervision as needed.

Veteran Case Manager Alameda CA

Operation Dignity 2017- 2019 provided Case Management to Homeless Veterans living in a Transitional Housing. Duties included but not limited to, psychosocial assessments, intakes, harm reduction counseling, developed service plan(treatment), conducted screening for social services / VA benefits; assisted with SSI/SSDI applications, provided guidance and support through the application process of obtaining DD 214, conducted individual counseling sessions, provided crisis intervention, weekly and monthly progress notes, acted as a client liaison between local social service agency, provided consultation to client’s primary care/psychiatric providers, provided advocacy service, data entry, attended training as required, assisted in securing permanent housing, contacted and developed relationships with local housing venders, attended weekly case manager, participated/ attended monthly ALL Staff Conference, attended / participated and developed monthly residents meetings, units inspections, designed and implemented an aftercare program and other duties as needed.

Re-Entry Lead Case Manager Oakland, CA

Volunteers of America of Northern California and Southern Nevada

2013- 2015 (family sickness)

A grant funded program under the California Department of Correction, provided comprehensive case management services to men on parole with dual-diagnosis and substance abuse, Provide intakes and assessments, conducted individual and group counseling, generated individual treatment plans, weekly and or daily clients progress notes, acted as client liaison to parole agent/education advisor and health provider, assisted client with obtaining public assistance, participated in weekly supervision, attended staff meeting and training, audit staff files, assisted in securing the facility, dispensed medication, transported clients, random UA’s, participated in crisis intervention, data entry into state/ county data system (ARMS), developed exit plans, life skills classes and other duties as needed.

Drug and Alcohol Clinical Re-Entry Counselor Oakland, CA Allied Fellowship (Licenses Holder) Aids Projects of East Bay/

Latino Commission on Drugs and Alcohol and W.O.R.L.D.

2005-2013 (contract ended)

Assisted in grant writing and developed forms for a three to five year Federal Funded Grant focused on same Sex Black Males & Women with substance use & HIV. Paralleled with a five year renewal with Alameda County Drug/Alcohol Licenses, & California Department of Correction. Duties included but not limited motivational interventional, brief strengths Case Management, harm reduction/ stages of change model, provided intensive wrap around counseling service to same sex Black Males & Black Women with or without HIV, Co-Occurrence, and substance use. Duties included but not limited to harm reduction prevention, provided medical referrals, 1:1 therapy session, small substance use educational classes, developed, implemented service plan, flow of intake, implemented program policy/ procedures and job description, DSM IV assessment for program eligibility, assisted clients securing and SSI/SDI, provided guidance and support through the application process of obtaining services, provided crisis intervention, data entry in house and county system HNIS, acted as a client liaison between local agencies, provided consultation to client’s Parole Agent/ primary treatment teams, assisted with weekly clinical meeting and training, recommendation to courts regarding clients progress, approved community passes, and attended training required by the city, state, county, federal, and other agencies

Re-Entry Clinical Case Manager San Francisco/Oakland CA Milestones Health and Human Services 2000-2005 (State funded ended)

Provided comprehensive mental health, substance abuse counseling service to court-mandated parolees ( Prop 36). Provided psychosocial assessments, facilitated recovery groups, provided crisis intervention, developed treatment plans, weekly or daily progress notes, provided brokerage/linkage service, worked in a multi-disciplinary team, acted as a liaison and provided consultation to client parolee agent, program director, psychiatrist, social workers and counselors. attended individual clinical supervision, attended meeting and training as required by the state, requested random UA’s, provided educational and vocational guidance training for staff and clients, implemented educational and employment protocol for clients, classification of clients, provided recommendations to the court/ parole agent, approved clients community passes, administered education evaluation, created MOU’s with community venders, developed clients exit protocol, supervised staff, attended community meeting (information on the clients we served), monitored staff files and monitored agency protocol regarding clinical services provided to clients.

Extend a Hand

Project Manager Oakland, Ca

Youth Offenders LEVEL 14 1996-1999

Wrote a County Grant for Juvenile offenders’ age 12-17 in a residential setting. Duties included but not limited to guidance to interns (graduate students); assisted in cross culture training for professional staff, wrote/designed program; provided in-service training, implemented staff schedule, weekly supervision of social worker and staff, determined staff salary, hired and terminated staff, liaison between schools and probation agent, attended IEPs’ as needed, Conducted home visits as needed/coordinated with parents/ probation officers, social worker and school around case conference, provided assessments and referrals to local middle/junior and high school, encouraged parents participation, monitored/ updated clients’ heath information, assisted parents in understanding Probation Guidelines and Youth Development, conducted In-House back to school ordination for parents, on call, transported clients, dispensed medication, crisis intervention, assisted in preparation of meals, maintained privacy and confidentially, recommendation to the courts, county and Parole Agent of residents family reunification, maintained records in order to maintained program funding of a yearly budget of seven-hundred thousand dollars, educated community on population served and other duties as needed.



M- Registered Addiction Specialist

Certified Clinical Supervisor

Advance Alcohol and Drug Counselor IV

Certified Co-Occurrences Disorder Counselor.

Federal Government Certification (SAMHSA-DDHS) Peer Educator (Instructor) S.H.E.LT.D. ( HIV).

Certified Anger Management Instructor

Domestic Violence Certification & Veteran Suicide Prevention Certification

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