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Data Scientist, Python, SQL

Brooklyn, NY
March 19, 2022

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• Brooklyn, New York • • 470-***-**** • • EDUCATION

New York University, New York

Master of Science — Computer Engineering (CE) Dec 2022 Relevant Courses: Introduction to Machine Learning, Introduction to Java, Principles of Database Systems, Applied Matrix Theory SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India

Bachelor of Technology — Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) May 2019 TECHNICAL SKILLS

Certifications: Python, Tableau

Programming Languages: Python, SQL, Java, Tableau, R. Databases: MySQL, Oracle SQL

Concepts: Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, ETL

Packages and Libraries: Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn. Algorithms: XGBoost, Kernel PCA, Linear Discriminant Analysis, Principal Component Analysis, CNN, NLP, Thompson Sampling, UCB, Eclat, Apriori Tools / Platforms: Atmel Studio, Arduino IDE, Google Colab, Microsoft Office, PROJECTS

Machine Learning Projects (Python, Machine Learning) Dec 2021—Feb 2022

• Predicting Crime Rate in a City

• Used Facebook Prophet to predict time series prediction and examined data seasonality across years and months.

• Developed a model with various factors involved in the Crime Rate of Chicago and plotted future trends, with an accuracy of 90%.

• Traffic Sign Classification

• Used CNN (LE-NET network) to classify traffic signs for self-driving cars using Keras API.

• Trained the model on the dataset and obtained an accuracy of more than 92%.

• Email Spam Filter

• Used Naive Bayes classifier to build SMS Spam Classifier.

• Applied Feature Extraction technique to the dataset and NLP to segregate spam emails and improved the efficacy of the system with an accuracy of 87%.

• YELP Reviews

• Used Natural Language Processing to analyze the overall satisfaction of the consumer for any type of service.

• Used time series analysis to understand the rating routines of customers over time.

• Movie Recommender System

• Used an Item-based collaborative filter to build a model from the user’s past behavior, and reached an accuracy of 93.5%.

• Visualized the model using to analyze the genre which is famous in different age groups and different regions. Sales Forecast Model (Python, Machine Learning) May—May 2021

• Developed a sales forecasting model which predicts future trends of customers based on their estimated salary and age.

• Achieved an accuracy of more than 90% for a given business model using Random Forest Classifier. A Dual Mode Controlled Wheelchair - Eye and Voice (Python, Machine Learning) Jan — May 2019

• Assembled a wheelchair that operates on eye movement and voice using Embedded System and implemented the Matlab software to track eye movement.

• The device can also detect a fall and notify the concerned personnel in case of an emergency and created a program that sends the coordinates of the wheelchair. IoT Based Smart Stove with Protection Devices Mar—May 2018

• Constructed a system to plummet gas (Liquefied petroleum gas) leakage using the Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Systems.

• It also involves a smoke detection mechanism and an exhaust fan that sucks out the gas/smoke when produced. EXPERIENCE

Intern, Eveready Industries India Limited; Noida, India June — Jul 2018

• Administrated the management department by posting announcements on the website and resolving technical issues with the concerned personnel and led a team of 50 interns dedicated to improving the safety measures inside the power plant.

• Advocated modifications to processes and procedures and contributed to the new design and implementation of new testing methods. Intern, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited; Haridwar, India (PLC, SCADA) Dec 2017 — Jan 2018

• Led 40 interns and implemented PLC and HMI which increased the total efficiency of the plant by 13%.

• Resolved general IT issues, provided desk support, and performed general administrative work. Intern, NTPC Limited; Noida, India (PLC ) June—June 2016

• Supervised the 55 summer interns and helped to increased efficiency by interfacing electronic devices with AVR.

• Advised interns and mediated effective communication between the management and employees. LEADERSHIP AND EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

• Member, Tandon Consulting Club; New York University, New York November 2020 — Present

• Marketing Assistant, Graduate Indian Student Association October 2021 — Present

• Graduate Orientation Leader, Office of Student Activities & Resource Center August 2021

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