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Microbiology Transcription

Gurgaon, Haryana, India
March 11, 2022

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Skype: swatigupta1991

Place: Noida West

Detail driven, research-oriented scientist with 4 years’ experience in microbiology and molecular biology (Research and Development). Offer excellent communication skills through conferences, meetings and presentation. Expert in developing microbiological assay procedures for screening Antibiotics and Antifungal drugs. Developed and evaluated microbiology methods for drug products for product efficacy and anti-microbial effectiveness. Published research work related to microbiology in key journals and participated in poster presentation across globe to showcase the organization’s strength in pursuing innovations.


July 2013 – April 2015: M.Sc. Applied Microbiology, Banaras Hindu University, 8.98 CGPA June 2010 – May 2013: B.Sc. (H) Microbiology, Delhi University, Percentage: 72% EXPERIENCE


• Utilizing real time PCR and sanger sequencing to detect and report lung cancer as well as help in cancer prognosis by testing for common mutations in the respective cases. ASSOCIATE SCIENTIST, VYOME THERAPEUTICS Ltd., NEW DELHI Feb 2017 – May 2021

• Working in Biology and Preclinical Development Department on the Molecular biology and Microbiology.

• Routine work involves Optical Microscopy, Bacterial staining, Plating methods (streak, spread, pour, replica), culturing, handling and enumeration of susceptible and resistant microbial cultures like Staphylococcus aureus, S. epidermidis, E. coli, P. acnes, Candida, Trichophyton. To propagate and maintain microbial stocks for testing purposes.

• Testing of novel inhouse molecules for various microbiological assays like Antibiotic Susceptibility, Minimum inhibitory (MIC) assay, Mutation Prevention Concentration, Emergence of Resistance assay, Zone of Inhibition, Studying Efflux Mediated Resistance in Fluoroquinolones, Time Kill Assay, Synergy Assays, Biofilm Disruption Assays, Biofilm Enumeration Assay.

• Supported formulation team for optimization and conducting tests on new formulation to evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy.

• Molecular biology assays like DNA extraction, Restriction enzyme digestion, PCR, RFLP, ELISA, Agarose gel electrophoresis, Comet Assay, Real time PCR – SYBR Green and TaqMan based probes. Other work involves Sample preparation for Electron microscopy (SEM) and Fluorescence Microscopy.

• Involved with successful investigator based clinical trial study for treatment of drug resistant acne which included Culturing, Selective growing of bacteria, PCR, RFLP, and Quantitation by Realtime PCR methods (publication communicated & accepted).

• Assisted seniors and colleagues in execution of internal audits, poster preparation and manuscript writing.

• Guided Master students and trainees in preparation and presentation of research findings. PROJECT JRF, REGIONAL CENTRE FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY(RCB), FARIDABAD Feb 2016 – July 2016

• Worked on Project entitled “Structure and mechanism of FleQ, master regulator of transcription of flagellar and biofilm genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

• Worked on sigma NTD cloning, Protein Expression and Purification by Affinity Chromatography (Akta) - FPLC, Plasmid DNA preparation, Restriction enzyme digestion, Cloning, Transformation, PCR, Agarose gel electrophoresis, Southern blotting, Site directed Mutagenesis, SDS-PAGE, Western blotting and Setting of Crystallographic Screens.

• Brief introduction to Bacterial Two Hybrid System Cloning. Basic Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Power Point, Excel), Photoshop, Graph Prism; BLAST, FASTA; Database (NCBI, EMBL, DDBJ, PDB), Uniprot, Swissprot, Docking, PyMOL, MarvinSketch, Basic introduction to R. PROJECT/INTERNSHIPS


Jan 2015 – May 2015

TOPIC: “Phosphorylation of BAS4985 by a Bacillus anthracis serine threonine protein kinase PrkC” DESCRIPTION: Performed cloning of prkC and enolase gene in pProEx-HTc vector, expression and purification of proteins by Ni- NTA affinity chromatography and invitro kinase assay for checking the phosphorylation of enolase by PrkC.


1. May 2014 – June 2014

TOPIC: “Purification of Mycobacterial proteins expressed in E. coli 2. June 2012 – July 2012

TOPIC: Quality control of milk and milk products at Mother Dairy, Patparganj, New Delhi. PUBLICATIONS

June 2021

Research Article: Sardana, Kabir, Aastha Gupta, Suresh Sadhasivam, R. K. Gautam, Ananta Khurana, Swamini Saini, Swati Gupta, and Shamik Ghosh. "Checkerboard Analysis to Evaluate Synergistic Combinations of Existing Antifungal Drugs and Propylene Glycol Monocaprylate in Isolates from Recalcitrant Tinea Corporis and Cruris Patients Harboring Squalene Epoxidase Gene Mutation." Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 65, no. 8 (2021): e00321- 21.

March 2020

Research Article: Batra Rohit, Suresh Sadhasivam, Swamini Saini, Swati Gupta, Rahul Kumar Singh Bisen, Mau Sinha, Shamik Ghosh, and Shilpi Jain. "Efficacy and Safety of VB-1953 Topical Gel in Non-Responder Acne Patients with Clindamycin-Resistant Cutibacterium acnes." Drugs in R&D: 1-10.

Feb 2020

Poster: “In silico Screening and development of Next generation Oxazolidinones”, International Conference on drug discovery, Hyderabad, India, Feb 2020. May 2019

Poster: “A clinical study to test the efficacy of VB-1953 in clindamycin non-responder acne patients with antibiotic resistance P. acnes”, Society of Investigative Dermatology, Chicago, Illinois, USA, May 2019.

July 2018

Poster: “A rationally designed multi-functional fluoroquinolone against recalcitrant implant associated microbial infections”, Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on drug resistance, Smithfield, US

Poster: “Library of Novel Fluoroquinolones with Coveted Antibiotic Properties to Combat Drug Resistant Skin Pathogens”, Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on drug resistance, Smithfield, US

May 2018

Article: “Molecular characterization of a multidrug-resistant dermatophyte strain from a clinical non-responder and development of a potential therapy”. M. Sinha, S. Sadhasivam, A. Bhattacharyya, S. Ghosh, S. Saini, H. Singh, S. Gupta, A. Gupta, K. Sardana, S. Ghosh, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Volume 138, Issue 5, S177 doi:

Nov 2017

Poster: “Development of synthetic Novel Antimicrobial Polymers (SNAPs) for treatment of Surgical site and Implant associated infections”, International Conference on Advances in Polymer Science & Technology, New Delhi, India 2017. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY

English – Fluent

Hindi – Native

WORKSHOPS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES/ ACHIEVEMENTS 2021 – Volunteering for FEMS (Federation of European Microbiological Societies) where, I share general trivia of microbiology for every upcoming month on FEMS social media handles. 2021 – E-Volunteered for Ecohum Foundation where I helped in collecting data about cancer awareness in people of Uttarakhand, India via telephonic calls and SMSes. 2019 – Participated in 3 months online bioinformatics workshop titled “DATA SCIENCE FOR BIOLOGIST” from Pine Biotech & Sister Nivedita university. 2019 – Attended 7 Day Workshop in “Genomics, Proteomics, Drug Design and High- Performance Computing (HPC)” at IIT Delhi (5th June -11th Jun, 2019). 2019 – Participated in USFDA-CDSCO-DIA: “Workshop on Global Anti-Infective Drug Development: Challenges and Opportunities” (8th March 2019). 2017 – Participated in WOMEN SCIENCE JOURNALISM CONFERENCE, IISER Pune 2016 – Attended talks on Computational Biotechnology on Nanoscale, RCB Faridabad 2015 – Attended 102nd INDIAN SCIENCE CONGRESS, University of Mumbai. 2014 – Participated and won 2nd price in best out waste competition at IIT-BHU 2012-13 – Vice -President of Microbiology Society at Bhaskaracharya college of Applied Sciences, DU, New Delhi

2012 – Attended Seminar and Poster presentation on Emerging Trends in Biotechnical Research (ETBR), Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad, UP.

2012 – Attended “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” at Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences, DU, New Delhi.

2012 – 1st position in Streak Art Competition during “Microfest” at Bhaskaracharya college of Applied Sciences, DU, New Delhi

2011 – 1st position in PowerPoint Presentation and 2nd position in Poster Making Competition during “Microfest” at Bhaskaracharya college of Applied Sciences, DU, New Delhi 2000- 2009 - Participated and held positions in various cultural activities at school and inter school level.

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