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Engineer Russian

San Jose, CA, 95131
March 10, 2022

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Nikolai Maltsev

Scientist, Signal processing and DSP engineer

Ph: 408-***-****

Major achievements:

Numerically implemented Huygens principle for scattering acoustic waves from a smooth ideal and transparent surface.

Created a method for computation of coupled modes in oceanic wave guide using Crank-Nicholson algorithm and implemented it in a C++ code,

Created a new method for computer modeling of sound fields and expert in a software for all traditional methods of acoustic field modeling in the ocean and implemented it in a C++ code. Improved WKB method, for solutions of ordinary differential equations.

Wrote a book “N-D Graphics” (Google books) and Android application “4-D Graphics (Google play)”

Created full standalone set of firmware and software for control and automatic tuning of super conductive filter based on Blackfin microprocessor and implemented it in a C code. Filter was tuned by Powell minimization algorithm in 8-dimensional space.

Created set of adaptive digital filters for automatic road roughness control and measuremen and implemented it in a C code t.

Created Windows GUI and control software, for analysis of silicon wafer surface, for commercial device, using laser, spectrometer, Michelson interferometer, linear motors and implemented it in a C ++ code.

Created imaging algorithm for Optical Coherent Tomography device. Using Hilbert transform, managed to “rectify” sinusoidal movement of the mirror to saw like movement an to receive high quality images and implemented it in a C code.

Created Radon transform algorithm for modeling of Ocean Acoustic Tomography and implemented it in a C ++ code.

Created an algorithm and TI DSP code for real time RFID tags recognition and implemented it in a C code.

Created a set of Kalman filters and data acquisition software for processing of accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope signals from wearable devices and implemented it in a C code.

Crated self-learning algorithm for analysis of 6-D array of big data for detection of ice on airplane wing and implemented it in a C code on Unix platform.


C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, Fortran, OpenGL, Mat lab, Android. Windows, Linux, Unix, DSP programming, Lab View.

Hands on firmware modeling with oscilloscope and solder iron.

Special skills

Strong mathematical background in Calculus, Ordinary and Partial differential equations, Analytical Geometry am Functions of Complex variables.


Life detection technologies, Santa Clara, CA

Created driver for SD card for TI microprocessor. Created a set of signal processing algorithms for PC.

Lookomorie, San Jose, CA

Created PHP scripts and Graphics. Created book "N-D Graphics" at Google books. Created "4D Graphics" Android mobile application,pulished on Google Play, where animated graphics of geometrical objects in 4Dspace implemented by OpemGL ES20. Tools: Bitrix, Android Studio.

Zebra Technologies San Jose, CA

Processing signals collected from moving football players for displaying images of their trajectories on football field. Created set of FIR and Kalman filters. Tools: Python.

Frontier semiconductors San Jose, CA

Developing automation and embedded signal processing C++ code for silicon wafer measurements. Measurement were collected by modified Michelson interferometer and,separately, images of the silicon wafer surface was registered by infrared digital camera. To increase contrast of the image was processed by special non-linear digital filter. Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Matlab, Keil micro Vision IDE.

Compact Imaging, Mountain View, CA

Developing signal processing code for Optical Coherent Tomography and created image of the eye apple.3D image was created by scanning layer by layer with interferometer and transforming data into variable density image. Created algorithm of "phase rectification" using Hilbert transform. Tools:Matlab.

Roadware Corporation, Paris, ON, Canada

Created algorithm for real time adaptive filters for the measurement of quality of the highway surface. Tools:QNX.


2008-2009, Intelleflex corporation, Santa Clara, CA, PRINCIPAL DSP ENGINEER

Created real-time algorithms for RFID tags recognition and created code for tandem of TI DSP TMS320C6414 and ARM7 processors for real time encoding and decoding RFID signals.

2005-2007,Guzik Technical Enterprise, Mountain View, CA,SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER

Developed and implemented algorithms for disk error corrections. Created and implemented mathematical algorithms on C++ for automatic tuning of analog filters. Developed simple algorithm and C++ code for measurement of magnetic track profile on hard disk.

2001-2004, Superconductor Technologies Inc, Santa Barbara, CA, SENIOR MEMBER OF TECHNICAL STAFF

Created mathematical algorithms for automatic tuning of super conductive filter. An innovative tuning method was developed and US patent was #6,791,430 was granted in 2004.Approach used in the method allowed creation of the new class of tunable super conductive filters. Developed and implemented firmware for DSP processor (ADI Black fin) to monitor self-tunable HTS filters. Developed software to support self-tuning filter algorithm, as well as filter temperature and pressure control. PC based GUI was also developed to control the system. Developed automated test environment for super conductive filters, based on Lab View and National Instruments hardware.

1993 - 1998 Instrumar Ltd, NF, Canada, SENIOR ANALYST,

Created AI algorithm and DSP code that has been implemented in commercial sensors for measuring ice presence on the wings of airplanes. Developed and implemented mathematical models of electromagnetic sensors. Laplace equation solutions were used in different regions. Both exact and approximate conformal mapping techniques were involved. Both UNIX and Windows GUI s were developed to control the SW.

Before 1993, Institute of Acoustics, Russian Academy of sciences, SENIOR SCIENTIST

Developed numerical models of underwater sound propagation.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, PROFESSOR at the Chair of Acoustics

Lectured 1 year course:”Analytical and Numerical models of underwater sound propagation”


Doctorate Degree: Mathematical Physics Russian Academy of Sciences Thesis: "Mathematical Models of Sound Propagation in the Ocean"


1. Member of the Acoustical Society of America


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