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Web Developer Php

Yerevan, Armenia
March 07, 2022

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Sevada Ghazaryan



Computer Skills

PHP, C/C++, C#, Python, Go

Development Tools: DB:


PhpStorm, PyCharm, MVS, Git, Jira, OTRS, Docker, Apache, Nginx, Bash, Unix/Linux MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle

Agile, Scrum, OOP, Functional Programming, TDD, CI/CD


Senior Web Developer with a proven record of industrious, team leadership, system analysis, design, and development, with an expertise in web and software development using modern tech stack. Background includes strong knowledge of C99/C11 and back-end development with PHP and Python, as well as extensive experience of front-end development with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Excellent troubleshooting and analytical skills, result driven, collaborative, self-motivated, able to work well with minimal supervision, able meet deadlines and handle multiple projects.


October 2016

– Present

Summer 2012

Senior Web Developer, Rostelecom, Yerevan, Armenia.

Implemented OAuth 2.0 introspection and revocation endpoints and token customization API

Designed and developed API for company billing system (Oracle, PL/SQL) that is used with our partners and bank systems.

Spearheaded a project that used interactive and effortless way manage company's OLT device locations on the map with detailed information using a Haversine algorithm.

Spearheaded a team developing company's website using a Laravel as a back-end framework.

Designed, developed and implemented Intranet with Laravel, Ratchet, MySQL, Websockets and Elasticsearch that helps staff access to knowledge base and information they needed to perform their jobs more productively.

Architected MySQL database scheme for HRMS project.

Developed dynamic and interactive web tool that helped Marketing and Sales teams to view, collect and analyze crucial data from billing. Were used Slim framework and Go as a microservice as a parser and large documents generator for export.

Web Developer, GNC-Alfa, Yerevan, Armenia.

Envisioned & developed EPG management tool for company's IPTV service that allowed not require paid outsourcing and subscribing for EPG's JSON/XML generation.

Integrated 3rd party APIs, (Google, Asterisk API(agi/ari/rest)) for modules in various projects.

Created dozens of RegExp's that helped increase validation, searching and parsing speed in many projects and tools.

Fall 2011 Web Developer, TopSite LLC, Yerevan, Armenia.

Helped the new founded company at an early stage.

Designed and developed a simple but functional custom CMS based on pure PHP, MySQL which has helped considerably reduce the routine work.

Developed a RESTful API in PHP to consolidate and retrieving metrics from various databases

Devised a code review process and presented to team

Spring 2011 Web Developer, CIIS Master, Yerevan, Armenia.

Reduced user reported defects by 50% after I identified and fixed root causes of the four most common user reports

Integrated payment services using PayPal's API as well as ARCA and Central Bank's WSDL SOAP API

Spring 2010 Web Developer, SEO at AbmWWW, Russia.

Produced multiple visual elements of web applications by translating UI/UX design wireframes into code, producing high quality markup using HTML and CSS, including optimized SEO

Successfuly identified, diagnosed, and fixed website problemes, including broken links, type errors and formatting issues

Worked with agile team to create a digital onboarding solution for corporate clients using Drupal CMS. Languages used were PHP, JavaScript, HTML.


Fall 2002 -

Summer 2006

Computer Science & Mathematics, Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia

Bachelor's Degree


More than 2 years working on a cipher project at US based company. Languages used are core C, C# and .Net and Assembler. Using a MISRA-C:2012 Standards for C/C++ sorry, not sure what can I say more with NDA...)

Had written C based functions using MPIR - a highly optimized library for bignum arithmetic. Custom memory allocator for C strictly optimized for current task only.

Developed more than dozens parsers using Python and Django framework

Designed and implemented different tools working with third part APIs like 23andMe, Stripe, IMDB, Amazon Selling Partner API, Microsoft Team, Google Sheets, Typeform, Graph API

Designed, developed and tested wrapper classes for UniFi Controller API especially for public WiFi points used by hotels, cafes and etc...

Mentored a junior developers with weekly one-on-ones and pair programming, who secured a promotion in their positions

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