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Reston, VA
November 25, 2022

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•8+ Years’ experience developing iOS apps..

•6 apps published to Apple Store.

•Expert in Swift, and Objective-C coding, as well as working in Xcode, Interface Builder, Storyboards.

•Skilled in back-end integration using native methods and classes as well as third-party frameworks for integration and threading as well as Reactive-x (Combine, RxSwift and RxCocoa).

•Experienced in developing advanced UI in both UIKit and SwiftUI across iPhone and iPad devices.

•Adept at media management, memory management, multithreading, best practices, and development tools. Thorough understanding of memory management in iOS environments, and experience optimizing native iOS applications for performance (memory, power, etc.)

•Experience with the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process, which includes designing and implementing the software, debugging, fixing, and maintaining the software.

•Application architecture experience working with MVC, MVP, and MVVM architectural designs.

•Use of design patterns and concepts like Delegation, Protocols and Categories, Abstract Factory, Builder, Façade, Command, Proxy, Visitor, and more.

•Experience in multithreaded environments with GCD and NSOperation with serial and concurrent queues.

•Experience with third-party libraries using either CocoaPods or Carthage.

•Experience on data persistence with Core Data, SQLite, User Defaults, File System, Plist files.

•Implemented Authentication with Keychain, Touch ID and Oauth.

•Find bugs using breakpoints, LLDB statements, and NSLogs.

•Comprehension of iOS memory management with MRR and ARC.

•Implemented UI with Storyboards, XIB, and programmatic code.

•Experience with Location Management with Core Location, Mapkit and Google Maps.

•Used Xcode server bots for continuous integration.

•Worked with Push Notifications to enhance the user experience and relationship with the user.

•Worked with SVN and Git.

•Worked under Scrum Agile environments with two-week sprints, daily stand ups, demo and retrospective meetings.

•Handled media with AVFoundation, AVAudioPlayer, and HLS.

•Worked on TDD environments with XCTest.

•Knowledgeable in user experience, working closely with UI/UX designers on applying Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIGs)

•Created a VPN Client using the OpenVPN protocol in terms of IKEv2.Used a wrapper to adapt to the capabilities of the VPN. By adding a network extension, configuration of the VPN client is implemented and ensured functionality for the tunnel provider to establish a VPN connection. This is all available after a generated Packet Tunnel Provider, and we can further configure VPN connections using OpenVPNAdapter.

•Also worked on implementing my own Data Encryption Standard algorithm based on NSA’s documents to understand the symmetric key encryption and decryption for modern VPN applications.


•iOS – Cocoa Touch, CocoaPods, UIKit, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Core Bluetooth, MapKit, TextKit, Core Location, EventKit, Social Framework, LocationKit, GCD, Interface Builder, Adaptive Layout, Core Data, Auto Layout, Storyboards, Xibs, Standard System View Controllers, UIKit, SwiftUI, Combine, Views and View Controllers, UI State Preservation, Apple Push Notification Service, Local Notifications

•Architecture & Design Patterns – MVC, MVP, MVVM, OOP/POP, Builder, Abstract Factory, Visitor, Singleton, Key Value Observing, Observer, Decorator, Delegation, Proxy, Interpreter, Iterator, Mediator

•Version Control Tools – Git and SVN

•Testing – TDD, Unit Testing, XCTest, TestFlight, Automated Testing

•Continuous Integration – Jenkins, Hudson, Travis CI

•IDE – XCode, Eclipse, Visual Studio

•Programming Languages – Swift, Objective-C, C++, Java

•Databases – SQLite, SQL. MySQL and MS SQL Server, Queries, tables, forms, design and development

•Methodologies – Agile Scrum, SDLC

•Modelling – UML Diagrams, ERD

•Web Scripting – HTML/CSS, XML, jQuery, Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile

•Web Services – REST, SOAP, JSON, XML


SENIOR IOS DEVELOPER at Marriott in Reston, VA 02/2022 to Present

The Marriott Bonvoy app is a consumer featured application that primarily focuses on client services such as booking a hotel, finding room service, or customizing user preferences on what is ideally attractive in what Marriott brings. The app consists of Bluetooth technology for checking in and supports multiple languages (14 languages, including Korean, Russian, Arabic, etc.).

•Created multiple screens for Marriott Bonvoy, including a capsule selection screen for selecting your favorite items like food, fitness preferences, and activities.

•Worked on UGI (Backend API) to parse out data.

•Worked with SwiftUI and managed creating a wishlist as a new tab for the app.

•Created a new look and feel for the Marriott Bonvoy app.

•Created a capsule selection screen for giving the consumer preferences like fitness activities, favorite foods, drinks, hobbies, etc.

•Managed UI bugs and fixes using XCode Autolayout and UI programmatically.

•Attended daily standup meetings in a team of 11 members, including a Product Owner and Scrum Master.

•Created a communications preferences screen to toggle push notifications using UGI-API backend services.

•Ensured sharing functionality worked for multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and Mail.

•Created a Share Achievements View Controller as a bridge for sharing user points and rewards to users and non-users alike.

•Implemented error handling for credit cards by injecting identification codes into a dictionary key-value pair.

•Worked with Charles and Postman to debug API errors from UGI.

•Presented my work every sprint (every 2 weeks) and publicly spoke about the features I finished to stakeholders and developers.

•Worked in a team of 4 iOS developers and 3 QA testers.

•Used JIRA to update tickets in a timely fashion, as well as ensure all Pull Requests got shipped to QA.

•Worked with GitHub Enterprise for version-controlling Marriott Bonvoy app.

•Used JIRA to create subtasks for Language Captures to translate English copies into specific language.

•Utilized Combine for data communication in the application with the publisher subscriber reactive model to notify events and state changes.

•Found bugs on sharing functionality and addressed them with pair programming.

•Communicated with team on what needs to be done using Microsoft Teams meetings and direct messages.

•Worked on Tech Spike for finding identification of Residence Owners within UGI-API.

•Contributed to Marriott’s Common UI library by fixing a background color modal defect in Objective-C.

•Modified Objective-C and Swift files on common view controllers for UI display.

•PI planning every month for Agile Sprints.

SR. IOS DEVELOPER at Firehouse Subs in Jacksonville, FL 02/2020 to 02/2022

Welcome to Firehouse Subs! Use our app to earn food rewards on your purchases, order from Firehouse, find locations, and more!

•Assigned to an Agile team and active in various Scrum ceremonies, such as daily standups and bi-weekly sprint planning sessions.

•Applied MVVM architecture.

•Coded in Swift 5 using Xcode IDE with Interface Builder and Storyboards.

•Handled UI using both Storyboard and programmatically.

•Implemented SwiftLint to the project target.

•Created new View Controllers using Auto Layout and Size Classes.

•Utilized custom UI classes to centralize common behaviors.

•Used CocoaPods to load all third-party frameworks and manage dependencies.

•Applied AutoLayout for universal constraints with NSLayoutConstraints and Anchors.

•Applied Size Classes for varying UI implementation across iPhone and iPad devices to vary for Regular and Compact sizes.

•Wrote unit and UI tests with XCTest and XCUITest to give optimal code coverage with a TDD approach.

•Used Charles and Postman to debug network calls.

•Used GCD for multithreading and dispatch groups for fetching segments of data.

•Implemented best practices for getting information such as lay loading, pagination, and caching data.

•Utilized Accessibility Inspector for debugging accessibility compliance.

•Utilized Jenkins for CI/CD pipeline and deployment to TestFlight for application deployment.

SENIOR IOS APP DEVELOPER at Rooms to Go in Seffner, FL 04/2018 to 02/2020

Rooms To Go makes decorating easy, and now the app makes it even easier! Download now to shop and save with our incredible selection of furniture and home decor.

•Assigned to an iOS development team that operated on an Agile project management/development lifecycle methodology.

•Developed on top of existing codebase using XCode and Swift 3 – Swift 5.

•Followed MVVM design patterns for modular and testable code structure.

•Implemented functionality for shipping address using Autofill.

•Architected on-boarding with UX-Designers for optimal user experience.

•Developed several view controllers using auto layout programmatically.

•Implemented Auto Layout constraints to ensure graceful orientation handling and adapting to different screen sizes, including adapting the app for the iPhone X.

•Developed custom navigation between views using Navigation Controllers, Gesture Recognizer, and custom View Controller transitions.

•Made modifications to Jenkins’ configuration – added automation of builds upon Pull Request.

•Used Carthage to manage integration of third-party dependencies.

•Used Codable to decode and encode models, and NSJSONSerialization to convert to and from JSON files.

•Worked on the UI using Storyboards with Auto Layout and Interface Builder.

•Utilized Size Classes and programmatic adaptations for graceful orientation handling.

•Handled issue tracking, tasks, and backlog using Jira.

•Implemented a continuous integration system on Github with Jenkins to ensure quality code base and reduce issues.

IOS APP DEVELOPER at Discovery Communication in Silver Springs, MD 09/2016 to 04/2018

Watch your favorite Discovery shows anytime, anywhere with the Discovery GO app. Download the app to watch live TV and episodes of your favorite Discovery shows on all your devices.

•Worked in an Agile Scrum development environment with the iOS team and participated in daily scrums and Sprint meetings.

•Worked in Xcode IDE within a MVC architecture and applied Delegation patterns.

•Worked in Xcode IDE with coding in Swift and used AVFoundation was used to handle audio play back and video streaming.

•Utilized NSOperations for downloading images on background thread to not lock up the UI and provide a better user experience.

•Utilized CocoaPods for 3rd-party dependency management.

•Parsed JSON responses into useable NSObjects using NSJSONSerialization feature.

•Sent push notifications to Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).

•Used NSCache to enable caching workflow for images to reduce loading time from the initial launch of app onwards

•Regularly performed code reviews to ensure efficiency, readability, and maintainability.

•Participated in review meetings and took the initiative to meet the QA testing targets.

•Profiled the application extensively using Instruments to improve performance throughout multiple sprints.

•Designed and implemented native iOS solutions that utilize REST web services for integration with backend processes.

•Developed dynamic configuration to switch between web service calls.

•Managed GitHub repository creating branches doing merge, pull request and releases.

•Worked with Product Owner to prioritize tasks and feature development.

•Provided prototypes and demonstrations to make sure the iOS team was developing like they wanted.

•Analyzed and optimized the UI and the backend interface code for efficiency and performance.

•Analyzed existing code for improvements and optimizations.

IOS MOBILE APP DEVELOPER at Mastercard in Purchase, NY 04/2015 to 09/2016

The MasterCard Nearby mobile app helps you quickly and easily find places where you can use or get access to your funds using your MasterCard® or Maestro® debit, credit or prepaid card or mobile wallet.

•Programmed app in Objective-C.

•Started making some POCs and prototypes in Swift towards the end of the project.

•Worked with server team on integration of web services and authentication

•Updated location finder functioning with MapKit for iOS.

•Communicated with RESTful API to fetch information, such as nearby ATMs.

•Used JSON parser to parse fetched REST data from server to the iOS mobile app.

•Wrote and executed Unit Testing with XCTest framework as well as defect-fixing to meet Client Specifications.

•Developed improvements using Core Animation and Core Graphics.

•Installed frameworks and tracked dependencies using CocoaPods.

•Used JIRA for bug reporting, ticket creation, and ticket assignment.

•Handled continuous integration with Jenkins.

•Retrieved data from API via networking class that implemented URLSession and DataTask objects with parsing handled through JSONSerialization.

•Worked with Bluetooth technology to manage IoT communication between devices and upgraded the Bluetooth frameworks for more efficient work with smoother performance.

IOS APPLICATION DEVELOPER at FlightAware in Houston, TX 02/2014 to 04/2015 tracker/id316793974

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, a frequent traveler, a pilot, or part of a flight crew, FlightAware is a must-have app. Track planes in real-time above your head, or all over the world. Easily track the status of your flight, check for any delays on the inbound aircraft, see weather radar, and set up alerts to be notified of any changes – all for free!

•Worked in an Agile environment and used JIRA for ticket tracking and sprint management.

•Improved UI layout for a better experience in landscape view using size classes and auto layout.

•Implemented a pull to refresh functionality to the airport view using UIRefreshControl.

•Implemented push notifications to touch or swipe down on the notification to view details about the notification.

•Added UIButtons to enhance the user experience.

•Used JSON parser to parse retrieved data from server to the iOS mobile app.

•Wrote Unit Tests for code using XCTest library.

•Improved search functionality using UISearchController.

•Version control was implemented using GIT.


Bachelors - Computer Science - West Virginia University

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