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Cloverdale, OR
May 31, 2022

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Depoe Bay, Oregon; whale watching capital of the entire Pacific Northwest, home to the world’s smallest natural harbor, and even has the “Spouting Horn”, a geyser that shoots up to over forty feet of water right alongside the highway. Those are just a short list of the endless amount of amazing things that this remote town on the Oregon Coast has to offer. One of my favorite activities to do during my stay in this town was to visit Tradewinds Charters, a charter fishing company that takes you out onto the beautiful Pacific Ocean for a six hour fishing trip. It was a breathtaking experience. Being out there on the ocean, feeling the warm sun on the back of my neck, and the swift, salty breeze against my cheeks was a very wholesome experience that you just can't get anywhere else. On top of all of that, the amazing crew for the boat I was on (the Kadaho), Captain Roman and deckhand Rolland were extremely easygoing and kind. They would rush to your aid when a fish needed to be hooked or netted, answer questions, and be extremely proffesional. I caught my limit of fish and crab (that’s right, you can catch delicious fresh crab too!) and had extra time to lean against the rails of the vessel and enjoy the view of the horizon. Once the six hours were up, we pulled into the harbor and departed from the boat. Up the gangway I went, and was met by some of the friendliest faces I have ever seen. The fish fileters were extremely enthusiastic about the work they did, cleaned the fish with precision, and cooked my crab in only ten minutes. While waiting my turn in line, the business owner, Tad Micks, walked up and down the gangway introducing himself and providing the customers with excellent conversation.

Overall, the experience I had and shared with other travelers was absolutely fantastic. I will definitely be coming back for more in the future. Tradewinds also provides one hour whale watching trips for an extremely reasonable price. It is fun for the entire family and I would very much recommend you go and experience Tradewinds Charters and all the activities that Depoe Bay, Oregon have to offer.

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