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Intelligence Developer Data Scientist

Lagos, Nigeria
May 31, 2022

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Ebenezer Olusola, OLUBAYODE

Qualified Physiologist,

Certified Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence and Machine

Learning Developer.

Specialty: Data Scientist, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Business Intelligence and AI Healthcare Expert.


I am a graduate of Physiology, a certified data scientist with specialty in ML & Deep learning, and business intelligence with 2+ years of professional experience (through internships and personal projects), developing AI models that can be applied in solving business and healthcare problems. And also, writing production python code, analyzing data and taking immense pride in the works I offer which makes me exceptionally outstanding. My presents and previous engagements and affiliations with different organizations, where I worked as Data scientist and AIML developer have been rewarding in honing invaluable skills and abilities to be successful in your company. My analytical skills and knowledge in this field have been proved over time, most especially in solving problems. I understands the numbers around the problem I intend solving, through manipulating, processing, calculating and computing. I am very detailed to attention which sometimes affect my productivity but I have been able to improve in this area by checking myself at regular intervals and refocusing on the bigger picture. This way I ensure quality without getting so caught up in the details that it affects my productivity.

I seek to join your company to create value in the application of Data Science/Analysis and Artificial Intelligence to solve related problems. I look forward to contributing my share to the company.


2021—Present Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Developer

Datavault, NIGERIA

Curating datasets consisting of markets research data taken from different APIs.

Assists business with insights into client behavior and business operational pattern by maximizing their value to about 15-35%, as well as development of new products through recommendation system through our AI models that automate data analysis for market research.

Performed data exploration, involving studying of trends, correlations and other metrics present in the data and asked relevant questions from stakeholders after I discovered some irregularities/ out of box patterns. I furthered developed the model data structure, which includes key variables derivation that was used to build a model that predicted 92% accuracy for predicting customers that will buy now and pay later..

I drawn insights and fine-tuned model to predict customer response to market campaigns and got an F-1 score of 0.87.

2021 Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Engineer (Intern)

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria(RAINIGERIA), IBADAN, NIGERIA.

I successfully achieved a Semantic segmentation project in recognizing and detecting selected organs with/without diseases in the abdomen for a client in the United States of America using U-net model.

Development of food classification model using convoluted neural networks and volume estimation of nutrients application using deep learning algorithms. Methods used are:

I.Different Deep learning algorithm was used: Resnet50, InceptionV3 and WISeR

II.Curated a dataset consisting of food images of Cameroon and Nigeria foods from android camera and also acquired by scraping website for image recognition using python selenium with chrome.

III.Formatted Dataset as coco dataset because I used coco labelling format.

IV.Dataset was compared to UECFFood-256, UPMC Food-101, and ETHZ food-101.

2020 – 2021 Remote Data Scientist, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Developer

Canary Global Health Care, INDIA.

Built models with 96% accuracy for predicting churn customers for telecom industry (TECHVANTAGE ANALYSIS).

I was able to pull out important variables that are strong predictors with 96% accuracy for predicting churn customers through data exploration.

Assisted a colleague to build a model for finding sentence similarities using semantic sentence similarities in natural language processing that was used for effective delivery of their company.

Analyzed a Customer Service Company Datasets using Tableau, providing data visualization for indicating actionable insights and reporting dashboard through storytelling to increase company sales.

2020-09 – 2021 Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Developer

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria(RAINIGERIA), IBADAN, NIGERIA.

Built highly available and observable model inference services (Which also involve training new models and making improvements to existing ones)

Prototype AI/ML based solutions by performing training, validation and testing.

Worked as a data scientist and analyst with colleagues to create and deploy new product features on mobile app and ecommerce website.

Successfully built model, data-driven recommendations and actionable insights on problems such as content understanding that was deployed by a backend developer i.e., Recommender system

Built a working production level machine learning models on large scale-datasets to increase the intelligence of image and video content.

Key Achievement

I have worked on numerous projects on ML, DL (Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Recommender System, Time Series Analysis and Data Science) within the period of experience in the field. Among are:

1.Development and deployment of my own personal project titled ‘wearable real time human artificial eye sight – Glasses’ providing awareness for the blind using computer vision.

Trained pretrained SSD model, on the famous COCO (Common Objects in Context) dataset.

Built object detection (80 specific objects) models and performed people counts using vector approach.

The custom model was trained to better describe a scene, detect people, specific objects and count people.

Implemented Natural language Processing for relating information in human like language to the user (Blinds/ People with Visual impairment.

Deployment on Nvidia Nano Jetson hardware.

Further work to be implanted in the project is activity recognition, direction, pose recognition and read signs.

2.Built a python automation quiz application using Tkinter.

The application requested for the user’s name and email address before the start of the quiz.

Each quiz test was programmed to be a total of 20 randomly selected questions from this quiz api:

At the end of the quiz, the total mark and time taken to complete the quiz was displayed on the application.

An email was also sent to the user’s email stating the user’s score and a file attachment of the user’s response and correct answer for every question failed by the user.

3.I successfully built AI system for effective treatment for musculoskeletal disorders.

4.I successfully built a model capable of predicting 97% accuracy for predicting users’ response to market campaigns based on features given.

5.I have acquired skills in Tableau and other analytical software, producing basic data visualizations, reporting dashboards, drawing actionable insights to maximize business value, pulling data out of SQL databases. These skills have helped me to finished as one of the top finalists in Data Science Nigeria 2021 Bootcamp and have helped Datavault to secure seats in different accelerator programs such as Nvidia Accelerator program.


2022 Certification in SQL

365 Data Science

2021 Certificate of Completion of AI Bootcamp 2021

Data Science Nigeria.

2021 Nano Degree Certificate of Participation of AWS Machine Learning

Amazon Web Service Machine Learning Foundation

2020 - 2021 Professional Certificate, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Developer

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria (RAINIGERIA), Ibadan, Nigeria.

Cumulative Grade (Distinction)

2016 – 2020 Bachelor’s Degree, Human Physiology

University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Second Class Upper Honors

2019 – 2019 Artificial Intelligence and Invasion

Data Science Nigeria.

2018 – 2018 Certificate of Participation

Google Digital Skills for Africa.

2017 – 2018 Machine Learning with Python – from linear Models to deep Learning

Google Edx.

2013 - 2014 Advanced Level Examination

Interim Joint Matriculation Board

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.

11 Points (Excellent)


Data Science

Python Programming language



Recommender System

Deep & Machine learning

AWS Cloud

Keras and Tensorflow


Communication & Organization

Decision Making a& Problem Solving

Time Management

Collaboration & Goal Setting




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