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School Teacher Records Clerk

Dongcheng District, 100007, China
May 28, 2022

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MARCELINO MEDRANO 808-***-**** Aiea, HI 96701-

Dependable Housekeeping Room AĴendant commiĴed to providing exceptional customer service. Folds and counts linens, trains new hires and conducts daily room inspections while remaining aĴentive to detail. Knowledgeable in hotel policies and standards. Reliable housekeeping worker dedicated to keeping areas clean, organized and tidy. Knowledgeable about cleaning infection-prone areas such as bathrooms with care and aĴention to detail. Well-organized team player commiĴed to guest satisfaction.

Restroom detailing

Chemicals handling

Mopping and buffing floors

Stocking bathrooms

Hilton Hotel Employer, LLC Honolulu,


Housekeeping AĴendant

12/2015 - Current

Removed trash from rooms and replaced liners to wastebaskets. Polished and sanitized hard surfaces, including floors, counters, bathtubs and window sills.

Inspected each room for cleanliness, utilizing checklist to meet company standards.

Interacted pleasantly with clients and guests when performing daily duties.

Furnished guests with clean linens and supplied rooms with toiletries as needed or requested.

Cleaned and dusted cobwebs on light fixtures, baseboards and window sills.

Maintained lobbies, guest rooms and halls, keeping safe environment for patrons.

Moved beds, sofas and small furniture to wipe down baseboards and remove dust and dirt from hard-to-reach areas.

Removed soiled linens and articles from rooms and delivered to laundry area.

Replenished guest supplies and amenities.

Employed deep-cleaning techniques for areas in need of additional sanitation.

Informed supervisor when supplies were low.

Assisted other hotel aĴendants with cleaning and room setup tasks during peak periods and holidays.

Conducted inventory of linens, cleaning supplies and toiletries and restocked housekeeping carts and storage closets.

Reported guest issues, safety and maintenance concerns immediately to

[Job title].

Organized supplies for use based on expected customer needs. Delivered requested cribs to guest rooms.




Used [Type] cleaning products for sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens to reduce spread of germs and prevent illness.

Responded to guest requests for linens and [Type] items quickly, which increased patron satisfaction rates by [Number]% on company scorecards. Kalihi Palama Health Center Honolulu,


Medical Records Clerk

01/2010 - 12/2015

Managed electronic health record quality assurance processes by organizing and handling requests for medical records and charts. Max's of Manila Restaurant Honolulu,



01/2010 - 07/2015

Operated cash register, collected payments and provided accurate change. San Marcelino Elementary School Ilocos

Norte, Philippines

Drum & Lyre Corp Trainer

06/2005 - 08/2009

Coordinated with parents and educators to schedule sessions and develop tutoring strategies.

Assisted students of varying skill levels with understanding and excelling in [Type] studies.

Developed assignments for pupils to apply learning, including [Task] and


DepEd. Dingras, Philippines

Dingras,Ilocos Norte, Philippines

District Math Coordinator

06/1997 - 08/2009

Visited classrooms to evaluate teacher instructional techniques as part of annual evaluation cycle.

Presented resources and opportunities to teaching staff for further professional development and curriculum training courses. Guided instruction by mentoring teachers to improve leadership and teaching effectiveness.

Facilitated staff meetings to convey policy changes and hear employee input.

Cultivated positive relationships with parents and staff to facilitate school operations and student success.

Partnered with teaching staff to develop and improve curriculum offerings for students.

Enforced school rules for aĴendance, discipline and honesty. Coordinated with school personnel, parents and students to determine disciplinary actions for behavioral issues.

Managed group of [Number] staff members and [Number] teachers. Worked successfully with diverse group of coworkers to accomplish goals and address issues related to our products and services. Worked closely with team members to deliver project requirements, develop solutions and meet deadlines.

Prioritized and organized tasks to efficiently accomplish service goals. St John Bosco Parish Ilocos Norte, Ilocos

Nofrte Philippines

Volunteer Catechist

06/1995 - 08/2009

Prepared children for [Type] events, establishing communication with families and overseeing [Task].

Assisted with planning of parish sacraments, including [Type] and [Type]. Planned and executed various retreats and youth events, including mandated retreats.

Coordinated parish religious education program across [Number] grade levels.

Worked closely with [Job title] to select instructional materials used for programs.

Maintained appropriate record-keeping to comply with diocesan policies. Orchestrated fund-raising activities related to program. Carried out church mission by planning and leading worship services, writing sermons and working with church leaders.

Demonstrated effective leadership to church, including managing daily operations, developing and administering annual budget and promoting compassionate pastoral care to members and public. Reached out to unchurched, new residents or inactive church members. DepEd Dingras, Ilocos Norte Philippines

Ilocos Nofte, Philippines

Sepak Takraw Coach

06/1994 - 08/2009

Communicated effectively with coaches and fellow athletes, including organizing meetings.

Planned strategies and selected optimal team lineups to execute game plans.

Guided athletes with encouragement, motivation and nutritional advice to support athletic performance and overall well-being. Educated athletes in rules, strategies, sportsmanship and performance principles.

Adjusted coaching techniques to meet athlete needs and address strengths and weaknesses.

Adhered strictly to rules and regulations of activities department and district.

Worked closely in training capacity with fellow student-athletes during off-season.

Developed exercise regimens targeting individual athlete needs. Worked successfully with diverse group of coworkers to accomplish goals and address issues related to our products and services. Worked closely with team members to deliver project requirements, develop solutions and meet deadlines.

Prioritized and organized tasks to efficiently accomplish service goals. Juggled multiple projects and tasks to ensure high quality and timely delivery.

Demonstrated self-reliance by meeting and exceeding workflow needs. Demonstrated leadership by making improvements to work processes and helping to train others.

Dingras, Ilocos Norte Philippines Ilocos

Norte, Philippines

Elementary School Teacher

06/1990 - 08/2009

Created safe, nurturing environment of trust and respect. Maintained safe, clean, and organized classroom environment. AĴended in-service training and professional development courses to stay on top of policy and education changes.

Involved parents in student education by cultivating strong relationships. Taught students subject-specific material, learning strategies and social skills.

Encouraged creativity by giving students choices in learning topics and methods.

Arranged field trips as tool to provide students with real-world experiences.

Implemented multiple methods to improve student educational success. Administered tests and assessed results to evaluate student understanding of material.

Inspired students to want to read by taking to library and helping to choose books.

Brought in purchased and donated materials to round out supplies for classroom activities.

Created customized grading rubrics powerful assessment tools. Invited guest speakers to classroom to excite and engage students. Handled challenging classroom behaviors with positive and affirming techniques.

Instructed after school language arts remedial class. Dingras National High School Dingras, Ilocos Norte, Philippines High School Diploma


Divine Word College Laoag Laoag City, Philippine Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Elementary Education 03/1987

Hdealthcare Training & Career Consultant, Inc., 95-210 Pupukahi St, Suite 206 Waipahu, Hi 96797 Nursing Assistant


Education and Training

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