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Export Manager Front Desk

Tamansari, 11150, Indonesia
May 16, 2022

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Data about me

Name : Hatiha Nadenggan

Address : JL Swakarya Bawah No.22A Blok A-5 Rt 004 Rw 009 Pondok Labu – Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan

Place and date of birth : Jakarta, 09 May 1977

Id no (KTP) 3276040905770005

Phone/HP No 081*********

My Private Email :

Data about my Family

My Father’s name : Drs Monang Hutabarat

Place and date of birth : Tarutung, 24 November 1942 My mom’s name : Dra Timour Lina Sihombing (Alm)

Place and date of birth : Sibolga, 17 August 1938

Their childrens …

1. First children’s name : Marlinang E.A Hutabarat S.E Place and date of birth : Jakarta, 03 March 1974

2. Second children’s name : Mayor (P) Hilman P. Hutabarat Place and date of birth : Jakarta, 03 May 1975

3. Third children’s name : Hatiha Nadenggan Amd.Ak Place and date of birth : Jakarta, 09 May 1977

4. Fourth children’s name : Mauliate Rachelia.E Hutabarat Amd Place and date of birth : Jakarta, 03 October 1981 Data about my spouse

1. My wife’s name : Yunita Sonti Fransiska S.E

Place and date of birth : Jakarta, 22 June 1977

2. My first children’s name : Yoel Togar Mikael

Place and date of birth : Jakarta, 20 June 2007

3. My second children’s name : Ezra Natanael Hutabarat Place and date of birth : Jakarta, 20 December 2008 CURICULUM VITAE

Data about my formal education

1. 1983 – 1989 : Pass Graduate from SDN GANDUL 1

2. 1989 – 1992 : Pass Graduate from SMPN 253 Jakarta 3. 1992 – 1995 : Pass Graduate from SMAN 97 Jakarta 4. 1995 – 1998 : Pass Graduate from Academy Accountancy UPN Veteran Jakarta My course and other educations

1. General English Basic Level from LB LIA Jakarta in 1998 2. Ahli Pabean from Customs Training and Education Finance Ministers in 2007 3. User EDI for EXIM Training Program from PT EDI Indonesia & Customs Excise Finance Ministers My Working Experience and job description

1. 1998 – 2000 on PT Adei Plantation Industry

My jobs description in that company was as to be auditor staff, I was checked all report about finance reports from company plantation, like daily cash bond responsibility report, weekly neraca report, weekly loss-profit report, cash flow, export plan and realization report. That company have 20,000 hectares plantation of oil palm with destination export to Malaysia, Vietnam, Hongkong and Singapore by 2000 workers including workers daily, weekly and/or monthly. My report to finance manager and director with head office in Hongkong, so my jobs is support that company in that time.

2. 2000 – 2009 on PT Bintang Jasasamudra Line

My jobs description in that company was

- As an Assistant Manager of Marketing and Customer Services I do marketing process ranging from the purchase price offers services Stevedoring The Port of Tanjung Priok as cost of goods sold freight cargo shipment sea.

- Determine the selling price by surveying services market, so as to determining the cost of goods sold Transport Services Sea Cargo ships.

- Conducting sales of services with a market from traders, builders,factories, contractors up with company of goverment like Pertamina, Bulog, etc.

- After the Order had, I started to pickup the cargo using vendors trucking company and sends it to the port Tanjung Priok where our ship resting.


- Supervise the loading of goods to the ship by using the Company Unloading Load and some clerical staff and Manpower Stevedoring field.

- Make manifest departure of the ship, make and ship loading recap report them to the PELINDO, Pertamina to bunker vessels, as well as Local KPLP.

- Create documents Bill of lading and invoices that are ready to be charged after vessel depart.

- Send via courier, collector and email all documents to charged and made a recap of receivables.

- Report a recap of these receivables to the finance and accounting for charged and recorded in the financial statements.

- Sending manifest departure of the ship and other documents to the office agent company in the destination, where the vessel will be in unloading its cargo.

- Preparing the data for the ship that will arrive in jakarta to do the process invoicing to the owner of the goods.

- Make D / O unloading ships and make recap unloading and ship manifest the cargo unloaded to PELINDO, Pertamina and KPLP.

- Make a recap of accounts receivable for the bill unloading ships and report to the finance and accounting to be recorded in the books of the company. 3. 2009 – 2010 on PT NYK New Wave Logistics Indonesia My jobs description on that company are

- As a Supervisor Custom Clearance Export and Import I have 100 the staff of total 1000 that I divided into five parts, namely:

a. import division

b. export division

c. trucking division

d. division d / o and guarantee container

e. finance division

- For my import division in charge of dividing the work into two parts, namely track red and yellow, and green lines which treat documents and goods different.

- Carry out the process of receiving documents such as invoices, packing lists, b / l and documents licensing that supports export and import process.

- To process analysis and customs declaration documents via EDI System Customs Service Office of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise in Tanjung Priok.

- Make the appropriate filing of operational funds set out in the response pathway the results of import customs notification that SPJM for Red Line, SPJK to Yellow Line, SPPB to Green Line, Analyzing Point and NPE for export


- Create a work order for the officer concerned in accordance division respectively and the provision of cash advance form for by each of these officers melt it at the checkout.

- Monitor all activities via customer services and telephone for all activities where the average import documents per day are 200 documents and export documents are 200 documents.

- Reviewing the field and warehouses direct current process taking place that day.

- Collect all the settlement documents and create custom clearance work accountability reports both administrative and financial documents.

- Prepare a document that can not be resolved, report it recaps to a customer service coordinator for reporting to marketing respectively.

- Making and policy discussions in the problem-solving techniques to points specific and apply them with trained officers concerned.

- Preparing documents for the next day.

- Create SOP to Customs Process special case like : APPLICATION PROCEDURES PART WITH / WITHOUT STRIPPNG A. Basic Law

Office Memorandum Commission Chief Customs and Excise Type A Tanjung Priok number: ND-19 / KPU.01 / 2008 February 29, 2009, which explains that the provisions of part off - Cy-cy submitted the Head of Service of Customs and Excise appointed. B. Filling requirements .

The general requirements of the request part off include the following: 1. The application can only be submitted by the Importers Manufacturers (IP) 2. The application is required in advance dilakukkan research document by Head of Prosecution and Investigation related.

3. To Part off without stripping process is carried Import Declaration (PIB) should get a response Green Line (HL) / SPPB her.

4. To Part off by stripping performed when the response Import Notification

(PIB) is the Red Line (SPJM) / Notice of Physical Examination Goods.

5. Merchandise Importers and not being exposed to NHI. 6. Merchandise Importers and not being exposed to Block PIB / EDI her. 7. Importers and Merchandise are not being exposed to Black List PPJK. 8. Include a copy of supporting documents such as SPPB, peijinan Import, BL, CURICULUM VITAE

Invoice, Packing List, and other complementary copy of the document should submit official who received to the document.

C. Procedures for filing part off

The procedure of filing a part off, among others, the following: 1. Make a written request part with or without stripping off to Head KPU head of Customs and Excise Type A Tanjung Priok. 2. Takes note of the request to the front desk to get a disposition (tie letter).

3. For the first filed, the letter brought to KABID related PPC, subsequently forwarded to the head section of the PPC to confirm the status of importers goods, then head of the PPC section forward the confirmation to Head KANWIL / Manifest related to research documents and restore part off the PPC section head, then went back and the confirmation results The disposition of the Head of Prosecution and Investigation related. 4. For those who've filed the earlier part off, immediately bring letters that have been received disposition (tie letter) from the front desk to the Head Prosecution and Investigation related.

5. Waiting for a response and received a response letter opinion research results document of the Head of Prosecution and Investigation related to returned to KABID PPC. The response contains: Status Importer (IU.IP, etc.), status and consigne his goods in BC 1.1 is the first container / party there are two times of filing PIB etc, importers of goods status is Cy-cy / Port to door, etc., and the response of the PIB got the Green Line (HL) or Red.

6. Once received, the response letter sent back to KABID PPC, and Behind forwarded to the head of the PPC section to receive a memorandum opinion and concepts research and answer document has been in the closed postal manifestnya description (Close PU), KABID then returned to the PPC to be signed a letter of response from application (whether it will be accepted or rejected). 7. After KABID PPC receives the application documents back of the head sexy PPC then declared

(numbered and signed) by the letter KABID PPC and sent back to the head section of the PPC to get a disposition notice as well as the signature section head PPC. 8. When finished sign a petition response off part of the KABID PPC related section chief, manager or Importer / proxy bring the letter Head hangar related to the goods to get the approval of the on the KABID answered.

9. Then the administrators or Importer / proxy can execute and show the original documents to the Customs Door or Gate related.

10. The process of spending spare container off can be implemented. CURICULUM VITAE

11. After spending part off process is completed, the documents that have been Customs signed hangar and the door on a copy and mailed behind a copy to the head of the section related to PPC in file.

D. Name Importers were ever filed

The name of importers who have ever submitted their petition is PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia with the filing of the petition part off without strippng. APPLICATION FOR ISSUANCE OF SHORT SHIPMENT (PIB PERMIT EXCEPT) A.Basic Law

The legal basis for the submission of application is the Director of short shipment General of Customs and Excise number: P-21 / BC / 2007, as amended denganP-25 / BC / 2007 concerning the guidelines on Import Customs Procedures on Main Office of Customs and Excise Tanjung Priok in particular Article 14, paragraph 7 of the explains that:

"If at the time imported goods from customs area with PIB contained the difference is less than the amount notified (except), the completion of the goods except can be done using the original PIB later than 60 (Sixty) days starting from the date of Approval of Expenditures (SPPB). B.Filing Requirements

The short shipment filing requirements include the following: 1. Her PIB has gained SPPB.

2. Importers and goods at the time of filing not being affected by NHI, attention, black list and block Importer / their customs brokerage company.

3. The filing period not exceeding 60 days from the date of SPPB. 4. Enclose a copy of supporting documents such as SPPB, peijinan Import, BL, Invoice, Packing List, and other complementary copy of the document should submit document to customs document


5. SPPB previously been given notes and hints of related hangar about the status of the goods.

C. Procedure, the procedure of filing a short shipment, among others, as follows: 1. Importer / Attorneys petition expenditures shortshipment addressed to the Head of KPU Type A Tg Priok.

2. A letter of request is received disposition to be forwarded to the Chief Field Services related to Customs and Excise where the position of the goods being (PPC I-III), then didisposisikan PPC related to the head section.


3. After the head section related PPC receive mail, files and disposition of KABIDPPC, PPC section chief made a confirmation letter to the Head of Section Admin Manifest to do research documents. 4. Having received a confirmation letter from the head section to section chief Adm PPC Manifest, the head of the manifest section provides answers to the confirmation results research document on the application and the form of data contributing shortshipment SPPB of the first and second party of SPPB shortshipment along with the results of research PIB and legal basics, and then send back to KABID PPC.

5. Once received back by KABID PPC, then on disposition back to PPC section chief to be given a memorandum opinion and concepts will answer PPC KABID given to the importer / Attorneys in connection with petition their short shipment.

6. After KABID PPC receive a memorandum opinion and draft answers, then KABID Related PPC signed a letter of response to Importer and Proxy form consideration or rejection of the request. 7. If the answer is that it can be considered, then KABID PPC through PPC section chief sends Office Memorandum Hi-Co Scan checks by reference the legal basis (Regulation of the Director General of Customs and Excise number: P-21 / BC / 2007, as amended denganP-25 / BC / 2007 on the instructions implementation of customs procedures in the import field at the Main Office Tanjung Priok Customs and Excise) that the contents of the approval for the expenditure of goods short shipment examination with Hi-Co Scan to the Section Head and Head of PPC relevant in relation to the place where it will be conducted Hi-Co Scan checks under its authority. 8. After Section Chief and Head of PPC relevant in relation to the place which will be investigated Hi- Co Scan the Authority letters and documents of the applicant importer, the Importer / PPJK / Attorneys can perform the process of Hi-Co Scan according to the procedure defined by section heads and officers of Customs Hi-Co Scan related, then SPPB receive supplementary documents and stamps that have been in the Hi-Co Scan, then it him to the head of hangar related to approval didisposisikan of expenditure.

9. After obtaining the approval of the hangar to be issued, the original document can be given to Customs officers Doors at the time of expenditure. 10. Once the process is complete expenditures, all copies of documents short shipment PPC KABID returned to approving expenditure items The short shipment. D. Name Importers were ever filed

The name of importers who have ever submitted their petition is PT D & D Packing Indonesia with filing shortshipment expenditures.




A. Legal Basis.

The legal basis for the petition imported goods to be exported back without PIB is Regulation Director General of Customs and Excise No. P-21 / BC / 2007, as amended denganP-25 / BC / 2007 on customs procedures in the implementation guide Import field in the Main Office of Customs and Excise Tanjung Priok in particular Article 25 stating that

Paragraph 1 “ Against the imported goods are still in the customs zone may be exported return if: a. Miss order

b. Should not be imported because of changes in regulations c. Misdirected

d. Broken

e. Does not meet the import requirements of the technical institutions.” Paragraph 2: The provisions referred to in paragraph (1) shall not apply if the goods PIB has been submitted and has physical inspection of goods by the results finds the amount and / or type of goods are not appropriate. B. Application Requirements

In accordance with the basic laws and regulations in the field of customs, it is re-export requirements without PIB is as follows:

1. Importers and goods are not being exposed to NHI 2. Importers and goods are not being carried CANCELLED 3. Importers and Merchandise does not currently have a debt Duty 4. Importers and Merchandise not being in the Block and The Black List 5. Merchandise Importers and not surprisingly were violating the Act and Regulations Customs in force.

6. A letter of application accompanied by customs documents such as BL, invoice, packing list, the data is the cause of re-exported, BC 1.1 (Inward Manifest), etc. C. Procedure Application and expenses.

The application procedures and expenditure include the following stages: CURICULUM VITAE

1. Importer / PPJK / Attorneys petition re-export and documents supporters (such as submit documents to pendok) to the head KPU Customs and Excise Type A Tanjung Priok. 2. Request that after receiving the disposition of the front desk, forwarded to KABID PPC related to the disposition of the action received and forwarded to the Head PPC related section. 3. After the Head of Section PPC related accept the disposition of related KABID, then the document was issued disposition research section chief admin manifest. 4. Section Chief Admin Manifest After receiving the letter from the Head disposition PPC section related, we conducted research documents with their steps : a. make a confirmation letter in relation to the applicant's request for re-export Head of Treasury Section, whether importers have import duty payable and Emergency Government unresolved. b. make a confirmation letter with regard to the applicant's request for re-export to the Section Head of Intelligence, whether it is in attention or blocked. c. make confirmation with respect to the applicant's request to re-export Section Head of Enforcement and related investigations, whether the applicant has done importation as attached data, whether being exposed to NHI, whether being exposed cancelled, whether the goods have been counted, and where the position of container / item is located.

d. make confirmation with respect to the applicant's request to re-export Section Head Related hoarding, whether the status of the goods have been defined as goods controlled by the state or state property, in order to do the enumeration first to first to determine the amount and type of goods, then Section Head Related hoarding a letter to the Head of Customs duties related hangar to do the enumeration and retrieval photos of items and the calculation the truth of the number and kind, whether in accordance with the invoice, packing list and other customs documents are submitted together with the petition re-export the applicant, after the enumeration, then sent back the results related to the accumulation section chief.

5. After the chief Adm suarat Manifest receive answers and responses from the four heads The section above (Head of stockpiling, P2, Intelligence and Treasury), then Adm head Manifest ask the applicant for proof envy Purchase Order submitted by the exporters from the country of origin and proof of payment with email address: 6. After the Chief Adm manifest receive an email from the applicant (Exporter or suppliers), then Chief Adm Manifest invite to interview in connection with the petition re export. As for the question of Chief Adm Manifest is 4 W + 5 H, namely

“What”, what the applicant desired and what items will be on re-export and with what it would be re- exported, if the shipper consent form to receive return the goods to be re-exported .. CURICULUM VITAE

“Why”, why would re-exported and why the proposed new this time ... what is the reason

“When”, when the request for re-export decisions began to be filed and when the delivery plan will be implemented.

“Where”, where the goods are to be re-exported.

“How”, What is the process for the delivery and administration shipper of importers, and how in the event of repeated, what will importers done as the consignee. 7. Once the interview is completed and all answers received from 4 Section Head, then files into one, then made a memorandum opinion and sent back to KABID related PPC to get a decision ... whether it will be accepted or denied ...

8. After KABID related PPC receives all data and has to give a decision, KABID the decree shall be sent to the Chief Adm Manifest related to follow-up. 9. After Section Chief Adm Manifest received a decision letter from KABID PPC related, if rejected, then the letter directly be sent to applicant / PPJK / Importer / Attorneys for immediately made PIB and repaid all customs obligations, if approved, the applicant is required to make and BC 1.2 Customs Declaration filed in accordance rule of Director General of Customs and Excise No. P-21 / BC / 2007, as amended denganP-25 / BC / 2007 on guidelines Import Customs Procedures in the Office Main Service Tanjung Priok Customs and Excise in particular annex VI letter D that importers / carrier gave notice to the BC 1.2 reekspornya.

10. In line with the creation and filing of BC 1.2 and has received further conveyance registration number and signed by the Section Chief Adm Manifest, the applicant by letter of approval decision on approval PPC KABID Reekspornya, megajukan cancellation request BCF 1.5 (Cancel Auction) to KPU head of Customs and Excise Type A Tanjung Priok, and got back disposition the accumulation section chief for the cancellation of the auction. 11. After receiving the application for cancellation of the auction BCF 1.5, then the head of the section send a confirmation letter to the Head of Section Repression and Investigator related to getting memorandum opinions.


12. After receiving the confirmation letter the opinion of the head section hoarding, then the head of the prosecution and investigation section conducted a survey to TPS position where the goods were then photographed and used as a completed data memorandum to the opinion letter to the head of hoarding.

13. After receiving the memorandum section head hoarding opinion of the Head of P2, then BC-up the direct conveyance 1.2 BCF stamped along Minutes Enumeration of related hangar. 14. After Receiving BC 1.2 haul back-up that has been stamped BCF, head section escort manifest send a letter of application from TPS tothe Head of Transport Facilities Section of Prosecution and Investigation related.

15. Upon receipt of a written request from the escort section chief Adm Manifest, then the Prosecution and Investigation Section Head Related made a task must be signed by the relevant hangar. 16. After receiving a letter of assignment and Minutes Sealing of Section Head Prosecution and Investigation related, then the hangar create cover letters for Customs Door / Gate and signed a letter of assignment and Actually Report sealing.

17. Once the goods are shipped and covering letter signed by the clerk BC door, then all the file is sent back to the prosecution section head to be made Minutes Oversight of Transport Facilities to loading and should be immediately signed by the issuing agency pengankut means BL document or Airwaybill and outward manifest / PKBE.

18. After all complete documents received by the Section Head of Enforcement and Related investigation, then all the original documents are sent back at the first opportunity the section chief Adm Manifest to be reported to the Head of the Commission KABID up Customs and Excises.

E. Name Importers were ever filed

The name of importers who have ever submitted their petition is PT Arnots Indonesia by filing re- export.


4. 2010 – 2011 on PT Metro Batavia (Batavia Air)

My jobs description in that company are

- As a supervisor Supply Chain and Exim for goods related to Batavia Air needs of each plane, I carry out tasks directly all import and export jobs both at the airport and sea port Tg Priok start from receiving the Work Order issued by the Division of Logistics and Purchasing.

- Make good preparatory work documents and items before making the report the customs declaration to Customs and Excise.

- To coordinate the staff of imports and exports amounting to 5 people in the case of split work and operating costs of custom clearance, licensing document, the document goods such as invoice, packing list, B / L and other documents.

- Perform analysis and briefing before making customs declaration on documents and items to be taken care of.

- Make import and export notifications in accordance with their respective documents namely goods PIB and PEB.

- Attract and receive a response from Customs via system edi to SPJM SPJK,SPPB, Analyzing Point and NPE.

- Start the process of custom clearance and monitor all activities to the right time and efficiently.

- Reviewing the barn and field officers all work and help settlement in court if there is a problem that causes the retention process export and import.

- Create reports that the document processing and other financial reports to purchasing and logistics divisions to up date their data and bookkeeping.

- Preparing documents and subsequent goods where officers amounting to 5 people must complete an average of 70 documents documents per day.

5. 2011-2012 on PT Ahlers Thoeng Indonesia (PMA Company/Belgium Company) My jobs description on that company are

- As a manager I have PPJK responsible for four divisions, namely: a. sales and marketing division

b. division operation

c. division CS / Docs / Administrative + Data Entry d. Finance & Accounting division

- For the Sales and Marketing division, I function as a Business Development Manager in team PPJK to encourage the arrival of orders and documents new customer for custom clearance process Trucking combined + Transaction Sea and Air Transport both exports and imports, manage a relationship interesting and exciting relationship with the customer EMKL / PPJK, do a good cooperation with the leaders of the branch and increase the company's earnings custom clearance services.

- As a team leader I have to control daily operational activities custom clearance operations to ensure CURICULUM VITAE

that they are already doing duties and responsibilities accurately, quickly, accurately and efficiently, meontrol costs operational and ensure that it is appropriate, ensure that no custom process has been delayed, creating a harmonious atmosphere and compact with coordination as perfect as possible, applying the standard the company's operations and selecting vendors to be used.

- As head of Customer Services, Document staff, Adminintration + Data Entry, my staff must ensure that all members of my team has been opens and closing the file within the system properly, and ensure that data input into the system is completely accurate, neatly organized, and can accepted by the management, coordination with the finance team on cash outflows and entered as operating costs incurred, ensuring that data for PIB and PEB is already true.

- As head of Finance and Accounting I must ensure that the filing Cash Advance to Finance team has received approval from the respective supervisor, manager and branch manager before being presented to the finance department, make notes and explanations of all the components of operating costs, costs customs, the cost of accumulation of goods in ports and warehouses, as well as freight charges trucking, ships and planes, ensuring that all the money spent by cashier for operational costs have been resolved accountability, ensure that the container guarantees already submitted to shipping line, returned to the cashier, controlling other costs that can be closed completion on time every week. 6. 2012-2014 on PT Tunas Perkasa Tekindo (Trading Iron and Steel Company) My jobs description on that company are

- As Supply Chain Import, Licensing and Export Manager, I coordinate with the leadership to all import and export activities which support the sales activities of the team marketing and sales.

- Receive sales orders made by the team and coordinated purchasing TPT team where the item will be shipped through the staff of our imports.

- Perform communication with TPT team in the country of origin of goods and team KSO Sucofindo which will review the goods to be purchased.

- Monitor the process of payment and delivery of goods to the country of origin of textile team work is being coordinated with the shipper as the seller of goods iron and steel to be imported.

- Conducting research documents to be submitted by TPT team in the country of origin so completely in accordance with all the rules and legislation in the customs prevailing in Indonesia.

- Start the process of making the customs declaration and allocates all costs to be paid in order to import.

- Receiving and ensure that the documents have been received from the bank (due to LC) can be justified by the law in the field of customs and in accordance with regulations and customs legislation.

- Perform shipping data exchange with customs through the system EDI / PIB and ensure that the data sent was not rejected by customs through system.

- Receive SPPB response or SPJM of customs and begin the process of custom is 3 days maximum clearance for the green line and 7 working days maximum the red line.

- Conducting the process in a timely expenditures with attention to carefully the condition of the goods CURICULUM VITAE

in terms of damage, loss or confuse on port goods with goods of other companies.

- Pressing all operating costs so as to create a low cost and efficient.

- Ensure that the path taken by a fixed PT Tunas Perkasa Tekindo on Green Line and safe to perform the next import.

- Creating accountability report via import and report staff periodically to the leadership of the company.

- Make import realization report to the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, Ministry of Commerce, as well as other

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