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Junior Computer Science Major

Saginaw, MI
May 12, 2022

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Max Dai

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Saginaw, MI *****

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Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Expected Graduation: May 2024 Cumulative GPA: 3.77 Dean’s List - Fall 2020, Spring 2021 Williamsville East High School, Williamsville, NY

High School Diploma, GPA: 4.0


HTML to Text Parser (written in C)

● Algorithm that parses a given html document, removes tags, prints text from known tags, and removes text from unknown tags

Instant Messaging Application (written in Java)

● Application that used a server and threads to allow multiple users on different devices to connect through a client side interface and create accounts to chat with other users using a GUI Maze Path Finder (written in Java)

● Using a deque implemented using an array cyclically, the algorithm finds a path, for a given maze, from a starting point to the goal, with a stack implementation or queue implementation Genetic Algorithm (written in Scala)

● Algorithm that searches for a value by emulating natural selection in animals, with generating random values and keeping the values closest to the goal and repeating for many generations EXPERIENCE

IOS Development Club - Member Sept 2020-Dec 2021

● Developed skills in how to create app for iPhones in Swift

● Discussed how to improve the Purdue App, an app built and maintained by the club Michael Phelps Swimming School - Swim Instructor Sept 2018-Jun 2020

● Instructed classes of children on water safety and swimming techniques

● Planned and adjusted class schedules to tailor the teaching experience to suit each child’s individual needs

● Supervised the children and ensured they stayed safe while taking classes by adhering to all safety protocols

High School Boys Varsity Swim - Team Captain Nov 2019-Feb 2020

● Assisted coaches to streamline practices and swim meets

● Supervised fellow teammates to ensure they maintained good sportsmanship and high morale at swim meets

SUNY Buffalo Autonomous Vehicles Project - Intern Jul 2019-Aug 2019

● Programmed animations in Unity to be used in simulations

● Participated in team meetings to discuss the roadmap of the project LANGUAGES

Computer Languages: Java, C, C++

Spoken Languages: English, Chinese

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