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Teaching Biology ONLY in a Boarding school

North Bethesda, MD, 20817
$60000/ per year
May 11, 2022

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Name : Gursherinder Singh Paul

Father’s Name : Sh. Joginder Singh Paul

Date of Birth : 12th June, 1938

Marital Status : Married

Contact No. : 617-***-****

6900 Millwood Road Bethesda MD 20817

contacting on email is preferred Address : #60 KSB Royal Homes,

E-mail :


1. M. Phil. Zoology Punjabi Univ. Patiala. India 1989 A Grade 2. M. Ed. Panjab Univ. Chandigarh. India 1972 2nd Div. 3. Certificate Course in French -do- 1970 1st Div. 4. Refresher Course in Teaching -do- 1968 -

Modern Biology

5. Training Program in University of Delhi, Delhi 1967 - Physiology of Reproduction & Endocrinology

6. M. Sc. (Hons.) Biochem. Panjab University, Chandigarh. 1967 2nd Div. 7. M. Sc. (Hons.) Zoology -do- 1965 2nd Div.

8. Two Research Publications and Four Research Theses. - ADMINISTRATIVE & TEACHING EXPERIENCE:

1. Principal and Educational Advisor/Director

Swarna Public Schools in India (Residential) 1995-97 C.B.S.E

2. Principal Sat Guru Partap Singh Academy 1994-95 Sri Bhaini Sahib, Ludhiana, Pb. India

3. Principal Army School, Bathinda Cantt. 1991-92 (on leave) Pb. India

4. Sr. P.G.T. Biology Yadavindra Public School, 1984-94 Patiala. Pb. India

5. Sr. P.G.T. Biology Indian School, Tehran, Iran 1982-83 6. Principal Sri Dasmesh Public school, 1981-82

(Founder) Kotla Sultan Singh, Dist, Amritsar, Pb. India 7. P.G.T. Biol. & Chem. ‘O’ level Cambridge Univ., classes with Head of Sc. Dept. The Ministry of Education, 1972-81 Govt. of Zambia, Lusaka. Zambia

8. Lecturer in Zoology Govt. College, Chandigarh, India. 1969-72 9. Lecturer in Zoology D.A.V. College, Chandigarh, India 1967-69 10. Lecturer in Zoology D.A.V. College, Ambala City, India 1965-67 CO-CURRICULAR INVOLVEMENTS:

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1. Lawn Tennis Coach Yadvindra Public School, 1984-94 Patiala,

and different Schools in Zambia 1972-84

I have done a Certificate Course in Coaching Lawn Tennis from National Institute of Sports, Bangalore, India.

2. Head of Science Department

3. House Master Shaka House

4. Chairman Prize Giving Committee In Zambia

5. Vice-Chairman Production Unit- SUPW 1972-84

6. Advisor JETS Club

7. Member Curriculum, Discipline and

Timetable Committees

8. Organizer and Guide Educational Tours, in Zambia and India 9. President Biological Society, 1969-72

Govt. College, Chandigarh

10. President Bose Biological Association, 1967-68

(Founder) D.A.V. College, Chandigarh

11. Secretary Tutorial Group, as student 1958-59

Govt. College, Ludhiana

During my own academic career, in school, college and university, I have been very keenly indulging in different co-curricular activities, like debates, paper presentations, science exhibitions, dramatics; and sports like hockey, badminton, lawn tennis and swimming. I was awarded many distinctive prizes and certificates in all these activities. In the course of my professional career, I have always been identifying, stimulating and training similar potentials among my students, who also won many honours and brought laurels for their respective institutions.

Travelling, video-photography and reading are my hobbies. I would like to mention here that I have not become an Educationist by chance, it is by choice, I wanted to be a teacher, and I am proud that I am a teacher. My works speak louder than words, and my involvements ascertain the zeal for profession.

“Teaching is my passion and pleasure” not a pressure or a posture. I am in the profession because I enjoy teaching and derive satisfaction. I want to disseminate more than I derived. An adequate support and encouragement to blend this passion and commitment with the profession in a good institution can be the best pay back reward. I deduce a great satisfaction by giving more than what I received. I always try to dedicate my deeds and performance to the employer, and firmly trust that my just reward and due compensation will be taken care of. This is my mantra for avoiding discontentment, discussion, and tension. Hence, I have been enjoying the profession steadily. I accept challenges; find innovative solutions, thus bringing around professional growth. I look forward to being a part of an upcoming organization that is committed to the cause of excellence, a work culture where productivity is enhanced and nascent ideas are encouraged to take shape.

I aspire to accept a placement challenging enough to draw the best potential in me i.e., creativity, analytical ability, and diligence.

I always try to get along relatively well with all concerned and develop strong long-lasting relationships. I have often failed to strike a compromise on time, punctuality, professional decency, and quality of work.

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I believe education eradicates ignorance, pessimism and cynicism thus enabling the taught and ennobling the teacher.

Lately I have been involved in Hotel Business, taking care of Front Desk - reception and reservation, supervising Housekeeping, General Maintenance, Swimming pool, Dining Room, Stores; and Purchase of articles required for maintenance and for Kitchen. It has been a great professional change and a real exciting challenge. My seniors in this field were very impressed and appreciated my full-time indulgence. All the workers found me very cooperative and have been keen to work with me. One of them very fondly remarked that I made the best team with them. I consider my colleagues’ wonderful compliments really the best testimonial.

I love what I do, and I do what I love.

My academic and professional discourses and present golden age blend well with each other, and believe me, both of these are my best tools to accomplish the given job in any placement.

I may be considered as a God sent person.

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