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Engineering Consultant Sales Engineer

Richardson, TX
January 18, 2022

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Thomas M. Hanes

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A Research, Design, Test & Measurement, or Sales Engineering position in Optical/Wireless/Data Communications within the DFW area. I have a very high degree of technical competence in Fiber Optics, Wireless, Radar, Network Security, LAN/WAN, IP routing, Ethernet switching, primarily in Telecom & Datacenter environments, and with a variety of verticals such as Service Providers, Carriers, Fortune 500, DoD, Defense Contractors, Energy, Primary & Secondary Education, Medical, and SMBs.

Technical Competencies

Optical Telecommunications – In depth project, design, and instructional knowledge of theoretical, and practical Optical Telecommunications. In the course of working for several optical telecommunications manufacturers, I have designed and engineered large scale projects for a variety of customers, including long haul carriers, wireless backhaul, links between colocation facilities and Data Centers. Design considerations included many long haul fiber DWDM lambdas with signals from G.709, OTN, SONET, SDH, legacy ATM, Ethernet, FibreChannel, from 100Mb/s, to 100Gg/s OTU4, and OTU-C2 (200G) using OADM, ROADM, WSS, OAs (Booster PreAmp, In-Line, EDFA, RAMAN) modulation schemes: BPSK, QPSK, DP-QPSK, PAM, 16-256 QAM, knowledge of Fiber Types and Dispersion: G.655, DSF, NZ-DSF, Chromatic dispersion, PMD, FWM, DC modules, FEC G.975, SD-FEC, OSNR, CWDM 1270nm -1590nm for short haul black & white coarse wave 1310nm/1550nm, C & L band DWDM 25/50/100Ghz bandwidth channels, Flex-grid, SFP+, QSFP+, QSFP28, QSFP56, QSFP-DD, CFP2-ACO, CFP2-DCO, wireless backhaul over fiber. Detailed knowledge of Ciena 6500 T-Series NG ROADM, 6500 S-Series, PTS, CoreDirector, CN-4200, Cisco 4000/2000 series Switch & Photonic CDC ROADM, Calix & Adtran NGPON2 OLTs, familiar with OTDR test analysis and fiber characterization.

Wireless Telecommunications - Comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of RF, wireless telecommunications, and radar, including modulation schemes, oscillator, transceiver/antenna design concepts. like phased array transceivers, beamforming antenna arrays, Mobile- circuit switched transition to packet switched 2G, 3G to 5G R.15, LTE, LTE Advanced, MSC/MTSO, 5G: Beam Forming, uLLC, Modulation Techniques: OFDM, SC-OFDMA, QAM, FFT/iFFT, mesh, spectral efficiency, pt-to-pt wireless backhaul, fiber backhaul. Bluetooth- 802.15.1, FHSS, Pairing & Bonding, NFC. RSRC, C-V2X, Metro Edge Computing, Familiar with wireless spectral analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu, VIAVI. NB-IoT, LPWA, LTE-M, LTE Control Plane S#, and X# signaling, LTE Data Plane UE gNodeB SGW PGW PDN, 5G N# signaling 3GPP thru R16, knowledge of R17, OBSAI, CPRI, eCPRI,, for mMTC, uRLLC, eMBB, eCPRI, IEEE1914, AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) and its use in vehicle communication with Digital Communications Module with CAN Bus, Telematics, Camera/RADAR/LiDAR sensors & Multimedia apps. Also, heavy involvement with Tier 1 Carrier’s negotiation with the auto industry. Wi-Fi- all 802.11to ad WiFi 6, 802.11p autoSU/MU MIMO, controller based APs, WLAN security from WEP to WPA2, DSSS MCS schemes.

Network Security & Management– Comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of various forms of encryption, authentication, and hardware devices used in communications. I have held DoD Top Secret Security Clearance, and engineered numerous highly secure network environments for DoD (US Army, Air Force, Navy, & Defense Contractors), primary & secondary education, medical Higher Education, financial, Kerberos, Active Directory, RSA, TLS, SSL, SSH, Pre-shared keys, WLAN security algorithms, active Intrusion Detection/Prevention devices and host based algorithms, ACLs, NFSv4, Firewalls, WebSense, Proxy Servers, WLAN, NIST Cyber Security Framework Identify Protect Detect Respond Recover, DDoS abrogation, monlist NTP hack, memcacheD exploit, DNS exploits, Stuxnet, various EMS, NMS, from a variety of vendors, Solarwinds, SNMP, CMIP, XML, IDS/WAF OWASP Top 10, F5 Bip IP AFM (IPS).

Ethernet Switching, IP Routing, NFV/SDN/SD-WAN, Telephony- The majority of my 30 years network engineering career has been predicated upon my understanding of IP routing and switching, and the integration of the legacy voice, circuit switched network into a packet switched network, based upon the 7 layer OSI model. VLAN, CTI, VOIP, ARP, G.7xx, PCM, DNS, BIND, DHCP, IPv4, IPv6, BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, NAT RFC1918, Carrier Ethernet various Microsoft Client/Server OS, MacOS, Red Hat Linux, OpenBSD, Android, IOS, legacy Cisco IOS, WireShark.

DataCenter Network Infrastructure– I have engineered several network projects for several Datacenters and Colocation facilities by Digital Realty Trust, Equinix, CyrusOne, ColoforDallas, ViaWest, Stream, DataBank, Raging Wire, SoftLayer and many, many others at 1950 Stemmons, 2323 Bryan, 3180 Irving Blvd, and other locations. Some of these projects have included DWDM connectivity between DataCenters, Clos Spine/Leaf Architecture, Juniper VCF, HP IRF, ECMP, L2-L3 hardware and routing & switching protocols MPLS, eBGP/iBGP, OSPFv2/v3, IS-IS,, Seimens DCIM Clarity LC, PUE, and the use of PFCC at substations, Security FW, IPS, DDos mitigation, Cisco ASA, Server Load Balancing F5 LTM/GTM/APM/SGW, or VMWare, NFV, SDN, Multihoming, PDUs, SANs, PCIe 1.x to PCIe5.x (32 GT/s), DDR2-DDR6.


12/2020 – Present

Toyota Motor Division NA Connected Services Wireless Dev Engineer – I directly work with Mobile Service Providers in the design of the Digital Control Module for a myriad of applications running in the vehicle that communicate with networks providing CANBus, Telematics, IoT, CV2-X, RADAR/LiDAR/Camera sensors, Multimedia Entertainment data to the DCM. Many of these apps use Automotive Grade Linux AGL as an operating system to communicate with the DCM.

Cisco Optical 6/2020 – 6/2021

Customer Experience Support Engineer - Direct customer technical support and testing of Verizon account for their deployment of Cisco NCS2000, NCS4000, NCS560, EPNM v4.0-v5.2. Testing of new software releases, bug fixes, software service packs, and writing of MOPs within Verizon’s lab in North Texas. Verizon’s network of these platforms are integrated into their UT project, and is the largest deployment of these platforms in the world. I routinely monitored upgrade maintenance windows from Verizon personnel and their subcontractors during maintenance windows. Routinely used direct console TL1, Cisco Transport Controller CTC, and EPNM sessions in performing these upgrades.

Comcast Communications 6/2019 – 6/2020

Sr. Transport Engineer – Supporting Comcast’s Central Division Transport engineering deploying Ciena 6500S and T series transport platforms. And Nokia/Alcatel NFM-T managed transport platforms. Expert knowledge and experience with MCP, OneControl NMS, and SiteManager EMS. 100% remote position, designing, deploying, and troubleshooting of build-out of vCMTS, CRAN, DaaS, rPHY Commercial & Residential transport network initiatives. Performed power audit of existing Ciena infrastructure, decommissioned older 10G Transport technology, replacing with 100G/200G OTU4, OTUc2 circuits.

Verizon, Plano, TX 4/2018 – 8/2019

Network Transport Engineer, Planning – Capacity planning for Core Transport Network/Universal Transport/1Fiber-1Network/intelligent Edge network. Designed and configured Next Generation ROADMs (Ciena T-series, Cisco 2000 series), NGPON2 (Calix, Adtran), & Satellite (Ciena PTS, Cisco 4000) equipment to support Verizon Business and Verizon Wireless 5G objectives. Closely coordinated with ULH and VzW teams to provide access for MTSO/MSC, and VBI/LCI/FBI/SAP initiatives. Coordinated activities to migrate from and decommissioning of legacy SONET, ATM, TDM, and other protocols onto packet based, OTN network using CTN. Used several Verizon applications CoFEE, CCP, Venue, DRT, FIMs, FiberSpace, FUZE, ICON, Nautilus, CLLINet, SCIS, VzW CLLI/Address Search, and TCOMs in the performance of daily tasks. Created presentations and detailed network engineering drawings. Subject Matter Expert for CDC-ROADM, NGPON2. Solicit budgeting and approve funding for all of the above projects.

Wylie High School-Wylie ISD, Wylie Tx 5/2016 – 4/2018

CTE Instructor – CTE Instructor for Advanced Telecommunications, Advanced Computer Programming, Computer Networking, Network Security & Troubleshooting Courses. These advanced courses were taught to junior and senior level High School age students where the primary focus was to provide industry certifications (CompTIA & Cisco), advanced placement, or college credit for the successful completion of these classes. Wylie High School has been rated as one of the best high schools in the Nation by US News & World Reports specifically for students test scores regarding Advanced Placement, CTE and STEM scores of the student body.

EdgeTek Communications LLC, Dallas, TX 9/2013 – 5/2016

Telecomm Engineering Consultant – Telecommunications engineering consultant to Enterprise Data Center providers, Data Center REITs, and their clients. Providing design and engineering consulting to Data Center operators, and their clients, Including conducting hands-on learning classes for Data Center personnel, concerning Fiber Connectivity between Data Centers, NAS, SANs, Optical design for SaaS, IaaS, Cloud Computing, Service Providers, and Enterprise clients concerning determination of service provider/vendor/technology. RFI, RFP creation & evaluation, solutions considered many factors including TCO, vendor’s viability, adoption of emerging technologies like SDN-NFV, CDC ROADM, D/C-WDM, wireless backhaul, Control Plane, Service/Network/Element Management from L1-L7, sophistication of vendor design/implementation tools.

ECI Telecom, Tel Aviv, Israel 11/2011 – 9/2013

Senior Optical Sales Engineer, Western US – Designed telecommunications solutions for a variety of service providers, utilities, and between large datacenter complexes. Conducted training/Designs included the use of new packet/OTN/SONET/SDH optical switch with multi-degree ROADM and DWDM lambdas, other solutions included wireless backhaul utilizing MPLS-TP Carrier Ethernet, G.8032 and point to point microwave radio links. Provided integral sales support with technical customer presentations, detailed optical and wireless design packages utilizing sophisticated design tools with complex drawings and BoM. Responded to many RFI, RFQ, RFPs.

Fiberlight Communications Alpharetta, GA 11/2009 – 11/2011

Senior Sales Engineer, Carrier Sales – Designing complex (lit and dark fiber) solutions using multi-vendor optical telecommunications equipment for the Carrier team. Solutions included large metro multi-site wireless backhaul deployments of 4G, Wi-Max, LTE, along with legacy TDMA/CDMA 2.5G & 3G cellular nodes. Other solutions designed were for Utility and Carrier customers included with single lambdas (50-100Ghz) up to 40Gb/s, multi-channel DWDM/CWDM, ROADM and amplified optical networks utilizing Carrier and Metro Ethernet E-Line, E-LAN, SONET/SDH, G.709 (OTN), L2/L3, IP/MPLS, MPLS-TP, PBB-TE Storage Extension, Direct Internet Access, Video transport (HD-SDI, etc.), Management using NMS/EMS with ASON/WSON, RFP, RFQ, RFI response.

Ciena Communications, Linthicum, MD 3/2008 – 8/2009

Senior Sales Engineer, Enterprise South Central US - Designing custom packet, OTN, and SONET solutions. RFP, RFQ, RFI response. Solutions included a wide range of network topologies including Metro Ethernet, DWDM, CWDM, ROADM, WSS-DWR, VMux Storage Extension SAN, and Network Management. Successful opportunities included sales to the State of Texas, and University of Texas higher education system. Provided training to UT and SoT personnel tasked with maintaining, configuring, and monitoring installed Ciena equipment.

MRV Communications, Chatsworth, CA 3/2006 – 3/2008

Senior Sales Engineer, South Central US - Designing custom telecommunications solutions for a wide variety of service provider, Utility, Oil & Gas, educational, governmental, and enterprise clients. RFP, RFQ, RFI response. Solutions included a wide range of network topologies including Metro Ethernet, CWDM, DWDM, ROADM, Digital (Optical/Copper) L1 Cross-connect, Free Space Optics, SCADA, wireless backhaul, Network Management, and OOBN. Successful opportunities included a metro 5 city multi-wave 10G DWDM, Carrier-Ethernet with a wide variety of MRV products. Lead Engineer in Blue Springs MO ISD E-Rate project, and the statewide, University of Missouri longhaul ROADM DWDM fiber connectivity project, linking 12 schools within the UofM higher education system.

MCI Richardson, TX 3/2004 – 3/2005

Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, Advanced Customer Engineering - Designing and integrating custom network solutions for large multi-national clients. Solutions include a wide range of network topologies and product offerings such as MPLS Private IP, Internet access, EVDO, WiMax, VSAT, Private Line Ethernet (Ethernet over SONET), CPA, DR, HA, VoIP, VPN, monitoring & management, network security, and wireless networks. Clients include tier 2 ISPs and carriers, network integrators, oil & gas, airlines, utilities, and mining & manufacturing. Solutions include RFI/RFP/RFQ response.

Valor Telecom, Irving TX 1/2003 – 3/2004

Network Engineer Design/Security Consultant - Designing, configuring, integrating, and installing network solutions for Internet access, and LAN/WLAN/WAN/WWAN networks. Clients include ISPs, WISPs, local governments, school districts, utilities, and other commercial businesses. Solutions include integration of newly acquired ISPs, WISPs, into Valor’s corporate network. Integrating user database, configuring/maintaining network security, devising wireless solutions, VPN, Firewall configuration, integration of voice & data, GigE, 10 Gig, VOIP, BGP4 configuration, RFP response, configuring, and maintaining NM platforms (SolarWinds, CiscoWorks), requesting and maintaining IP address space and reporting reallocations to ARIN. Project lead and principal engineer in E-Rate projects for several telecommunications projects including 17 school Carlsbad NM ISD, Dumas TX ISD, and several others.

Foundry Networks, San Jose CA 1/2002 - 1/2003

Senior Sales Engineer US Federal – Designed/installed L1-L7 solutions using Foundry products for Federal customer base. Customers included many extremely large/complex DoD, DoD medical, and Defense contractor facilities. Solutions included using 10/100 and 10 Gig Ethernet, PoS, and ATM. Individually paired with Account Manager responsible for $6 Million sales. Primary responsibilities included configuration, installation, troubleshooting assistance to system integrators and DoD clients, establishing and maintaining technical contacts within client organizations, product/technical presentations, provide technical training to client/integrator engineering staff, network design, network drawings, define network requirements, Security, RFI/RFQ/RFP response, Network Management, and generating quotes. Provided competitive analysis of Cisco, Extreme, Enterasys and others.

Alcatel USA, Plano TX 4/2000 – 6/2001

Senior System Engineer Carrier Sales: Primary responsibilities included making technical contacts within client organizations, network design, network drawings, define network requirements, Security, RFI/RFQ/RFP response, giving technical presentations to engineering personnel. Devised complex network solutions implementing end-to-end, Core, Access, Edge, NM. Solutions included DWDM/OC-192, Lambda switching, Core IP, GbE, ATM, SONET, DXC, DSL aggregation and DSLAMs, microwave radio, IP sec and VPN, NM, MPLS, Video over DSL, IP PBX and IN products including SCP, HLR/VLR, and Location based services products for Wireless companies.

Williams Communications Solutions, Dallas Texas 1/1998 – 4/2000

Senior Network Integration Engineer - Strategic consultant to a wide variety of enterprise clients, focusing on designing, managing, and implementing long-term scalable solutions. Responsible for identifying and solving complex networking issues in diverse enterprise environments. Duties included pre/post sales engineering, IP security, PM, RFP response, SOW creation, equipment list, services quotation, technician training, and on-site troubleshooting. Designs utilized convergent technologies including VOIP, L3 switching, LAN, CTI, with 10Meg-Gig Ethernet, SONET, DS-3, and DSL topologies. Lead engineer in designing, configuring, implementing, and installing Tulsa Public Schools E-Rate telecommunications program involving Internet access, security, Web Sense, IP routing, and switching, for the entire 67 school system.

IBM, Roanoke TX 6/1995 – 1/1998

Network Engineering Project Lead - Design & Engineering, configuration, implementation, IP Security, managing, and troubleshooting of networking solutions for a wide variety of clients. Duties included both pre and post sales engineering. Designs utilized multi-vendor LAN/WAN products in predominantly IBM (SNA), and Microsoft NT environments. Solutions included very large- scale deployment of Cisco, Bay Networks, IBM, and other networking products. Became a specialist on IBM’s School Vista K-12 comprehensive reporting/scheduling program, conducting training sessions of school personnel.


Dallas Baptist University, Management Information Systems, Graduated summa cum laude, 1993

University of Texas at Arlington, Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, 1990


Certifications: CCDA, CCNA, CCDP, CCNP, CSPFF (PIX)


Certification: FNCNE


Certifications: Router Specialist, Switching Specialist


Completed training on many Enterprise routing/switching, ATM, DSL, and DXC products


Certifications: MCSE, NT Server 4.0, NT Workstation 4.0, WIN95


Certification/Courses: Lotus Notes configuration, 6611 Router Boot Camp, 2210

REFERENCES (provided upon request)

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