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Process Engineer Safety

Los Gatos, CA
January 02, 2022

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Patricia R. Martin

Environmental Health and Safety Engineer Consultant

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Department of Energy, Department of Defense

**** ** *******

•Lawrence Livermore National Labs

•SRI International, Inc.


•Two Pore Guys Biotechnology


•Svagos Technik

Practices and Key Responsibilities

•Redefining MSDS Protocol, Redefining and Rewriting Standard Operating Procedures, Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials and Waste Disposal, Conduct Random Safety Audits, and recommend alternative solutions as per OSHA and County Codes.

•Ensure compliance with regulatory agency requirements and develop/implement/administer regulatory programs such as Injury and Illness Prevention Program, Personal Protective Equipment, electrical safety, and hazard communication.

•Perform incident investigations and implement corrective actions.

•Conduct job hazard analysis and recommend preventative/corrective action where EH&S hazards exist.

•Gap/Risk Assessment

•Interact with all departments to assist with EH&S issues.

•Interact with regulatory agencies.

•Perform workplace ergonomics evaluations, safety audits/inspections, PPE analysis, etc.

•Coordinate annual industrial hygiene testing to monitor employee workplace exposure to hazardous materials and implement necessary corrective action/control measures.

•Perform safety engineering reviews on existing equipment and new equipment/processes.

•Train employees on EH&S programs.

•Accurately maintain EH&S records.

•Experience in Chemical Safety and Emergency Search and Rescue.

•Developing and implementing programs and systems for new and changing EHS regulations

•Chemical safety in the workplace


•CA Environmental Health and Safety Search and Rescue

•Levels 1-4 (Current)

•CA Site EHS Issues

•SAF001544 (Current)

•Hazcom Introduction, CA

•SAF001545 (Current)

•Hazardous Energy Level 1, CA.

•CTM004798 (Current)

•ERT Medic First AID/CPR

•ERT000575 (Current)

•Ergo Your Workplace-Factory, CA.

•SAF001561 (Current)

•ISO 1401 Current)

•HAZWOPER 24 HR. Certification (Current)

•OSHA 30-HR Training (Current)

•Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Training Certificate (Current)

•Focus on Time Management, CA.

•GEN000503 (Current)

•Effective Meetings, CA.

•ORI000491 (Current)

•P852 Defect and Yield

•CTM004587 (Current)

•Vacuum Components, CA.

•CME003230 (Current)

Professional Experience

R&D Process Engineer, C/MS – Chemist in the Custom Engineering Division

Lawrence Livermore National Labs - Livermore, CA

March 2010 to May 2010

•Provided technical support and developed advanced semiconductor fabrication for customers and the Department of Energy.

•Interacted with project leaders, technicians, scientists, and fellow engineers on multiple projects.

•Developed Cooling Arms for the largest laser to produce Fusion (Project "NIF" (National Ignition Facility)

•Established guidelines for deposition of thin films, multi-layer sputter deposition, deep dry ion silicon etching.

•Developed techniques to process optical and mask substrates for each specific project and customer. Gathered and analyzed complex data associated with testing surface quality, and the properties of film substrates.

•In-depth knowledge of Chemistry and Class 100 cleanroom procedures coupled with the combination of experience is demonstrated in the ability to organize work, handle conflicting tasks, present test results in meetings, interact effectively with team members, management and suppliers.

Technical Skills:

•Chatillon Precision Scales, Sartorius CPA Series 3245 Balances

•Instron 402 MVD Vickers and Knoop Testers, Micro-hardness Tester 10-gf- 2kgf

•Thin Film Multilayer Deposition Processes

•Vacuum Technology

•Operating knowledge of mechanical, turbo, cryo-pumps and vacuum measurement devices

•All wet processing of substrates

•Advanced experience in photolithography and dry etching

•Extensive characterization and transfer of solvent based chemistry to production and manufacturing

•Microfluidics and Electrophoresis

•Quality Control of Metrology Inspection Systems

•Knowledge of DOE and Capability of Basic Data Analysis

•Executing and Summarizing Engineering Experiments

•Monitoring and Improving Process Capability, Cycle Time, Yield Cost, and Quality

•Experience with Opto-electronic diagnostic instrumentation, IE. (oscilloscopes, interferometers, spectrometers)

•Chip Packaging

•Electroplating and polishing

•Wafer Dicing

•Design Fabrication of complex thin films and structures

•Using established guidelines, deposit thin films with semiconductor fabrication equipment such as multilayer sputter deposition systems, (magnetron and/or ion beam) and testing for thickness, uniformity, and resistivity.

•Develop improved deposition processes and novel multilayer material structures and systems. Modify equipment as needed for new requirements, such as improved sputter sources or substrate fixturing

•Develop techniques to process optical and mask substrates including cleaning, spin coating, dip

coating, and applying appropriate testing procedures at each step in the process.

Maintain and repair deposition and metrology equipment.

Gather and analyze data associated with process development. Prepare charts, graphs, and reports as well as maintain project data and records of experiments.

Control tests and monitor experiments and processes using computers.

Perform all assignments in accordance with ESH&Q, Security, and business practice requirements' and policies.

MEMS Process Engineer & Hazardous Chemical Safety Engineer


June 2007 to October 2009

•Developed viable and proven processes in one of the world's premier independent Research and Development organizations that conduct Client-Supported Research and Development for Government Agencies. These include The Department of Defense, Commercial Businesses, and Non-Profit Foundations. This position required extensive experience and knowledge within the Micro Systems Innovation Center Cleanroom and all equipment associated with running the processes.

•Responsible for "all" Hazardous Chemicals, Waste, Safety requirements and protocols within the organization. This includes all buildings and laboratories. Current on district and county codes within the County of Santa Clara and the city of Menlo Park California.

Process Micro-Fabrication Engineer


July 1999 to June 2002

•Duties consist of transferring innovative Pilot Lab practices to a manufacturable solid process while managing a cross-functional technical team.

•Design and manufacture Micro fluidic glass to glass substrates within a research and development Class 1000 clean room.

•Write all documentation and SOPs that define manufacturable solid processes, while managing a cross-functional technical team.

•Designed and manufactured Micro fluidic glass to glass substrates within a research and development Class 1000 clean room.

•Performed research practices including sequencing and genotyping of DNA as well as operating/ process procedures.

•Performed research practices including sequencing and genotyping of DNA as well as clinical and validation trials for the prevention/cure search of such diseases as diabetes, asthma, and breast/colon cancer.

•Provided scientific support for manufacturing, testing, validations, product transfers, and development.

•Expertise in implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system.

•Provided technical expertise for the Hematology Reagents Product line.

•Ensured product availability through resolution of in-process troubleshooting, evaluation, and application of experimental design with proper remedial reactions.

•Participated in the design and execution of validation activities related to product/process improvements, product transfers, specification changes, raw material qualifications and product launches.

•Knowledge of regulations and standards affecting IVDs and Biologics. Laboratory practices include Elisa, GMP, Protein purification, and Blood to DNA development.

•Solid Experience and knowledge in the field of Micro-Fluidics


•IC Wafer Fabrication


•DNA Sequencing


•Technical Documentation Writing

•Validation Studies-Clinical Trials

•Facility-Production Startups

•Purification, DNA/RNA Extraction

•Real Time PCR Amplification


•Laser Fluorescence

•Surface Chemistry

•Quality Metrology Inspection Systems, and QC/QA Reliability

•Prepare and write all SOPs for a 6-member cross-functional engineering team charged with designing, developing, implementing, and transferring processes to a production development lab within a 30-day time restraint.

Retail Management and Environmental Health Representative

Acting General Manager-Assistant Store Manager

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. - Los Gatos, CA

November 2018 to January 2020

•Support and manage the store and a team of 40 associates. Provide exceptional service in all aspects of the business.

•As the direct counterpart, liaison and representative of Williams-Sonoma I work with the County of Santa Clara "Department of Environmental Health" and "Consumer Protection Division" in all matters that affect the physical state of the store. This includes:

•Major and Minor Risk Factors and Interventions Violations

•Good Retail Practices Violations

•Performance Based Inspections

•Measured Observations


Associates of Science : Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

De Anza College - Cupertino, CA

Associates of Science : Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

Foothill College - Cupertino, CA

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