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Admin office support and HR functions

Sonora, CA
18.00 per hour
January 01, 2022

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Professional Summary

Providing direct contact customer service and solutions with emphasis towards exceeding expectations

Processed payroll and all related employee relations, including new hire information in accordance with labor law and agency policies.

Performed daily procurement/purchasing orders taking into account cost, delivery and needs of the company to best serve clients, customers and/or patients.

Performed all types accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and reconciliation.

Administrative support services for reporting to agencies pertaining the operations of the business.

Maintained Calendar and coordinated events for special meetings, travel and presentations.

Developed and implemented procedures for company collection standards, customer service and all types of related correspondence.

Provided procurement methods for cost controls and value for all types of purchasing needs.

Prepared and procured competitive bids as requested or deemed appropriate for compliance.

Established professional business contacts and rapport with vendors and affiliates,

Set up methods meeting compliance standards for all types of reporting applicable cities and counties.

Used problem solving solutions in all types of situations and made corrections for future preventive resolutions.

Provided specialized accounts receivable billing, medical/dental billing with standards for accuracy and timeliness.

Coordinated and determined all types of property maintenance. Through property inspections and the experience to recognize the need for regular ongoing maintenance. Procured competitive bids, and proper communication with owners and/or companies in order to support the decision process.

Core Competencies

Able to communicate clearly in both clerical and technical business terminology in all types of office occupations.

Provide support in all tasks small or large with accuracy, timely completions and professional attitude.

Applies experience in analytical problem solving in many areas of the professional and small business office. Using a variety of programs offered by individual business and implementing their directives.

Attention to detail for accuracy and efficiency in all areas of communications and reporting.

Adheres to professional reporting standards set forth by the companies goals and objectives.

Experience in project management, with attention to detail, step by step directives to meet deadlines and clients expectations.

Extensive problem solving skills using background and experience to create expected results.

Able to objectively work for and or with different social and cultural backgrounds in our community.

Most recent experience in Human Resources Recruiting and Administration support functions.

Work History and Key Achievements

Director of Recruiting & Staffing and Admin Assistant to HR Director and Tribal Counsel.

Beginning May 2016 through March 2020 I provided Admin Assistant to the HR Director and Tribal Legal Counsel for the Tuolumne Me-Wuk Tribal Council (TMTC). In that capacity I assisted in all areas of Human Resources, from recruiting, organizing, scheduling meetings, files and correspondence and many tasks requiring communication with outside agencies to obtain information and build relationships for future tasks and support. In March of 2020 I worked for TMTC in their Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in communications in support of the COVID 19 Pandemic FEMA operations for TMTC.

I performed those duties through May of 2020, when I took the position of Director of Recruiting & Staffing for TMTC and all entities of the Tribe which had consolidated Human Resources to cover all entities of the Tribe.

Administrative Consultant and Bookkeeping Services (5 years)

Oversee all office operations, work flow, communications and make recommendations based upon company goals and professional standards. Set up billing and collections procedures.

Established daily accounting procedures for billing and collections. Prepared daily bank reconciliation and accounts payable schedules. Contacted all agencies and obtained legitimate agreements for business operations as authorized by all applicable cities and counties.

Set up method of communication with drivers for daily driver documentation to be in compliance

Set up monthly budgeting procedures in order for accounts payable and accounts receivable could meet monthly obligations and goals, in conjunction with all procurement related requirements to meet the needs of operations.

Processed payroll and initiated new hire information and ongoing correspondence with employees.

Provided professional bids for new contract clients and larger construction projects. Nurtured vendor relations for ongoing business relationships. Set up standards for fleet maintenance and prevention methods.

Prepared all outgoing correspondence to customers and clients. Reviewed insurance requirements and lowered costs in new premiums for coverage and compliance.

MACT Health Board, Inc. – 4+ years

Procurement/Inventory Control

A variety of skills were in brought to this position. Cost savings implementation for competitive pricing in all areas of purchasing supplies. Supplies for eleven (11) different locations were required. All types of supplies were purchased, from standard office supplies, medical supplies, dental supplies and large equipment.

Procurement of medications included triplicate medications, confirmation of Doctors licensing and clinical

disciplines under clinic identifications.

New location setup, starting from the beginning to grand opening of clinic locations. Extensive cost savings through competitive bid and comparative services were implemented. Traveled to various locations for annual inventory control reporting.

Fleet Management

Implement policies and procedures regarding the use of company vehicles. Coordinate maintenance and repairs for all vehicles. Renew annual contracts with GSA for new vehicles and trade exchanges.

Maintenance Coordination

Set up contracts for servicing all office copiers, medical equipment and dental equipment in all locations as required; using competitive pricing and leverage to receive best value.

Medical billing

Process effective billing and coding for daily requirements set forth by Finance Supervisor. Using compliance standards set forth.

Efficiency Plus Medical Billing Service-3+ years

Process daily onsite medical billing claims per established procedures. Payment posting and claim resolution consistently and effectively. Oversee workflow and daily office operations. Meet goals for accounts receivable and loss prevention.

Education and Professional Development

Graduate of Lompoc Senior High School

Attended Cal Poly San Luis Obsipo 2 years Business Major

AA Business Administration online through AIU

Extensive background in professional office services.

Technical use of Quick books, Quick books Enterprise, Excel, Microsoft and Next Gen billing software.

The following is a list of computer software that I have used and am familiar with; Quick Books Pro, Quick books Enterprise, Word 2007, WordPerfect, Excel, Windows 2007, Cougar Fund Accounting Software, and Next Gen Medical Billing Software. I have comprehensive technical computer skills as well as a thorough knowledge of office occupations, procedures and equipment. Strong accounting and bookkeeping experience. 10 key by touch. Excellent English and grammar skills. Organized, objective and expect the best from myself and others.


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