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Program Analyst Special Assistant

Fort Washington, MD
December 27, 2021

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Ft. Washington, MD 2074

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MANAGEMENT ANALYST, 10/2008 to 07/2019

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)

Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information Division

Washington, DC


•Performs Law Enforcement research and administrative duties for the Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information Division, in the Violent Crime Intelligence Systems Branch October 2015.

•As Management Analyst and researcher, accesses various law enforcement security databases, to query criminal suspects and activity, for example TECS, NCIS-OPENFOX, ACCURINT and N-Force.

•Querying data for high profile criminal suspects involved in violent crime, Firearms Trafficking, Stolen property along with monitoring Wanted persons cases for dissemination to Field Offices and other Federal Law Enforcement affiliates, and Special Agents, for example; Department of Homeland Security(DHS), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Customs and Border Control, Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA), US Secret Service.

•As a Management Analyst possesses the ability for analytical reasoning and applies those skills for qualitative and quantitative analysis in research, the identification of criminal activity analyses, to conceptualize problems for investigation and resolution.

•Completed detail assignment with the Office of Public and Government Affairs (PGA) January 2015, as Program Analyst performing duties as Writer/Editor & Congressional Specialist using Intranet Quorum (IQ).

•Completed Detail Assignment with the Office of Public and Government Affairs as Program Analyst November 2014 managing Intranet Quorum IQ database for Congressional documents and Legislative Affairs responses and correspondence for the Director.

•Responsible for retrieving, responding, and tracking Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA) inquiries to the Bureau (ATF), until resolution and closure using Intranet Quorum.

•Write and edit memoranda, Congressional responses, and Official letters according to Agency Directives and Orders.

•As division’s liaison, manage agency’s historical records and data that show cases ATF’s continuous mission, determination and achievements to combat crime and provide a safer environment for US citizens. And Event Worker for major event May 14, 2013 and 2014 as docent and support personnel for the 17th Annual ATF Memorial Ceremony and the 20th Anniversary Memorial Observance of Waco, Texas.

•Completed Detail Assignment with Asset Forfeiture Division as Program Analyst from May 2012 to September 2012 managing Abandoned and Unclaimed property program data using the Department of Justice Consolidated Asset Tracking System (CATS) and NForce.

•Completed Forfeited Asset training from June 20 – 22, 2012 conducted by the Forfeited

Asset Support Team (FAST). Assigned and monitored all Forfeiture case management file disposition based on legal court rulings for final disposition and disposal Title 21 regulations.


From 01/2011- 08/2015

•As Staff Assistant serves as the focal point and first line assistant to four Deputy

Assistant Directors (DAD) in the Field Operations Division at ATF.

Utilize analytical skills in reviewing materials submitted to the Deputy Assistant

Director’s office, a for policy compliance and perform a variety of complex studies

within management, the intelligence program, & National Response Teams (NRT), along with other

administrative project assignments, such as processing, tracking, monitoring suspense dates to ensure timely follow up on action items for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

•Analyze Congressional request, Interagency Agreements (IAAs), Task Orders,

Agency Rulings, Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) for dissemination to other Division Directorates.

•Performs as Program Administrator and Records Training Manager in the development, design and production of Learn ATF e-learning classes geared towards agency’s personnel Industry Operations Investigators (IOI), and Director of Investigator Operations (DIO) to bridge skill gaps and the strategic mission between ATF Agents and Industry Investigators. Formal training received 6/2013

•Represent, and act as advisor, communicate and brief the Assistant Director and Deputy Assistant Directors of related interest and preferences on Bureau Programs and strategies to top level management and designated officials.

Provide analytical and administrative support to AD and DAD in strategic planning, developing and researching Financial Trends and management planning, Funds Control Management, processing travel vouchers utilizing the Unified Financial Management System (UFMS), work force personnel, along with WebTA (time & attendance) manager, and other administrative activities assigned.

•Developed proposal to implement new criteria for measuring and evaluating program accomplishments approved by Field Operations Chief of Staff to automate 90% of correspondence using Intranet Quorum (IQ) database within the Field Division and sub-divisions for tracking and security along with managing DAD’s calendars, travel, time & attendance, and disseminate materials to appropriate offices for action and response.


From 10/08 to 01/2011

As Management Analyst in the Office of Management Administrative Programs Division, Contracts and Simplified Acquisition Policy & Safety Branch, I accessed and implemented strategic objectives, program and project design, and methodology used to determine the accomplished and established objectives. For example; contracts awarded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), referred to as the Stimulus and Recovery Act.

•Conducted a variety of analytical studies, problem/needs analyses, perform random contract audits of projects related to management improvement, productivity improvement, management controls, and collaboratively exchanged information ideas for long and short-term planning on division-wide development principles and practices . Assisted with the development of contract documentation, research and examining agreements for management staff to identify the type of organization and analysis for the improvement of work to be provided along with the processes and resources to be required.


•Provided assistance and served as an advisor to the Branch Chief to disseminate to Executive office Managers in the development of internal policies, to facilitate solutions or alternatives to resolving conflicts and discrepancies in the Branch and the Office of Management (OM) operations.

•Served as the primary point of contact (POC) for policy inquiries, along with performing as proxy for accessing HR Connect and entering personnel related data, for example; professional Elements.

•Wrote Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), wrote, edited, and performed as a key contributor to the weekly Significant Activity Report (SAR) for the Logistics & Acquisition Division (LAD).

•As Team Leader I set overall strategy and program priorities, performed contract audits, and forecast program’s estimated requirements for Information Technology programs and Financial Trends, Budget Execution & made recommendations for allocating critical resources according to program priorities.

•Provided leadership and expert advice and assistance to stake holders in defining Socio-Economic analysis issues, conducted analysis studies of programs, formulated policy and strategy, made project recommendations, conceptualizing new programs budget requirements, or in redesigning ongoing programs to ensure that they address current and pressing issues for possible resolution. Example, fostering relationship with Small Business & Women Owned Business.

•Processed over 5000 contractor requisition data records into the Financial Resources Desktop Unified Financial Management System (UFMS) provided status information to customer inquiries.

•Produced various acquisition and budget reports, using Business Objects, and served as Systems Administrator to create employee accounts and passwords to grant access for contract officers and specialists for the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS).

•Managed the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting (CPARS) database created and maintained by the US Coast Guard, for customer –Contractor Relations Management (CRM) to retrieve current contract performance.

•Accessed/queried and utilized the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation (FPDS-NG) to execute various reports that generate financial and contract award actions to comply with the current Administration’s Transparency Act requirements .

•Accessed ORACLE data base systems, for example; the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database to extract sensitive contractor data to transfer into the Unified Financial Management System (UFMS).

•Processed Acquisition Report (PBC) prior to awarding of contracts by the agency’s Contracting Officer.

•Assisted with contract close out, planning, evaluation, development, interpretation of methodology, and coordination of Bureau Acquisition and contract warrant procedures as listed in the Directives.

•Wrote policies and safety procedures in accordance to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) that incorporated the agency’s Directives rules and regulations.

•Monitored, tracked, controlled report activities, and distributed recurring and special reports for various data calls relating to contract activity. Applied qualitative and quantitative methods to assess and improve Acquisition program effectiveness.

•Acted as custodial specialist for property using the Sunflower Asset management database.

•Wrote monthly narrative report reflecting the compliance of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of (2006) for the Acquisition Branch that was reported to the Department of Justice.



National Library Service for The Blind and Physically Handicapped

Library of Congress

Washington, DC

06/02 to 10/08


•Served as Special Assistant to the Department Head in the Braille Development Section.

•Provided a wide range of research information and support, including financial expertise, development, program studies, designing, logistics, space planning, and distribution of training programs, deployment of Digital talking book equipment. for librarians, government agencies; other agencies for the blind and visually impaired.

•Developed and drafted concepts to provide briefings to management, administrative staff, patrons, students, teachers and network librarians. Gave presentations and training on the findings of controversial issues, problems with wide spread impact to program operations, and made recommendations for areas within the department for improvement.

•Prepared written reports on results of contract surveillance, samplings; inspection of work activities and make recommendations to resolve problems. Inspected deliverables, certify invoices for payments to vendors. Prepared Statement of Work (SOW) for Request for Proposal to produce Braille documents and services.

•Served as Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) for the Department. Performed contract monitoring and audits of all areas of contract operations to measure the compliance with approved written procedures, Service Level Agreement, and contractual requirements according to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Also assisting with implementing contractor resource website page.

•Wrote reports and interpreted findings of program analyses, to design and conduct studies for the discernment and estimation of future Human Capitol staff workload.

•Prepared technical assistance materials, information packets, briefing material reports, resource materials, special analyses, and other materials that aide with the process and support of program development efforts.

•Projected and assisted with methodologies and policy for analyzing programs geared towards individuals with disabilities utilizing statistical and demographical techniques of analysis reporting obtained for prevention of fraud & abuse.

•Assisted in preparing managed automated Electronic record files, and made proposal for the Digital talking book equipment.

•Supervised automation of over 20,0000 files in the Braille Division of certification records, collaborated in depth with Information Technology managers and compiled monthly statistical reports.

•Served as Team leader, liaison, and intermediary between senior management, department staff, patrons, instructors, and our Germany associate offices. in the areas of execution of work, revising priorities, workload, property management inventory, multi-tasked supervisory and administrative duties to meet deadlines, staff shortages and human capital requirements, attended management meetings, workshops, and conferences, Team Lead for auditing Braille training materials.

•Served as Floor Monitor Captain for Shelter-in-Place, emergency management, directed by Office of Public Safety & Homeland Security.

•Conducted cost analysis and studies as well as participated in and lead group discussions regarding proposals for new programmatic initiatives based on survey information and data analysis. Applied qualitative and quantitative methods to assess and improve program effectiveness.


•Developed, implemented and maintained an effective and efficient automated records management and inventory system for the section.

•Collected and analyzed budget related data and notified the Head of the Section when expenditures are nearing appropriated levels.

•Initiated budget projection and prepared the management reports, travel and training plans.


Ardent Communications Inc (formerly CAIS Internet Inc)

McLean, Virginia

11/99 to 06/02


•Managed the Quality Assurance Helpdesk, and directed supervision over the activities of technicians involved with the maintenance and repair of digital subscriber lines (DSL).

•Responsible for the overall accountability, management, and success of the quality assurance functions for the Technical Support operation for desktop and hardware logistics.

•Wrote and edited document reports and produced charts for executive management review and presentations Diagnosed and analyzed technician’s daily activity performed on the assigned trouble ticket task load.

•Conducted monthly training workshops using customer support manuals for technical staff

•Created and disseminated weekly customer surveys to assess customer satisfaction, areas of improvement, and evolving customer needs.

•Assured that group’s expert resolution and customer satisfaction was performed as agreed according to Service Level Agreement (SLA) on reported trouble calls.

•Developed training programs to enhance customer service skills and product knowledge for technical staff

Special Training:

Management & Program Analyst I

Management & Program Analyst II

TECS Law Enforcement Query Database

NCIC Law Enforcement Database

Congressional Writing Workshop

Forfeited Asset Training

LMS Training Records Manager

Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting (CPARS)

Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting (CPARS)

(CPARS) Focal Point

American Reinvestment Recovery Act (ARRA)

Unified Financial Management System(UFMS)

Clearance: Top Secret 2016


Business Administration 1976-78

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois

Jones Senior High School

Diploma 1970, Trenton North Carolina

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