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Staff Writer Copy Editor

Barangay 120, Caloocan, 1405, Philippines
November 28, 2021

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*** *** ******* **. ****. 19, Caloocan City, Metro Manila 1400 PH


I intend to venture and recalculate bigger groundwork where I can extoll highly significant service calling; and a job position in which I can expend my accumulated skills in creative and technical content writing as well as in tri-media production, public relations, information management and dissemination. EDUCATION

Master of Arts in English (Thesis Writing)


Catanduanes State University

Diploma in Language and Literacy Education (Admitted) 2017-2018

University of the Philippines Open University

Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English


Catanduanes State University

Graduate – High School Diploma (Salutatorian)


Dororian National High School

Graduate – Elementary Diploma


Dororian Elementary School



RA 1080 Eligibility

Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)

81.40% General Weighted Average

Eligibility Registration: 3 June 2016

License No. 1452865



Hagubuhob (The Official Newsletter of Schools Division of Catanduanes) February 2017-February 2021

Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Gather factsheets, interviews, and other data as references for assigned articles; 2) Write news, feature and sports stories and other articles as assigned by the Editor-in-Chief related to the Schools Division’s programs, activities, accomplishments and relevant undertakings; 3) Review and edit submitted news items and articles by the contributors; 4) Manage the initial and final editing and proofreading of articles and the draft of the newsletter such as but not limited to the grammar, appropriate journalism lingo, appropriate headlines, word counts, paragraph length, and conformity of thoughts and ideas to fairness and balanced journalism ethics; 5) Endorse to the Editor-in-Chief and the Publication Consultant the corrections found in the copy of articles and the draft of the newsletter;

6) Photograph possible cuts/shots and write its caption for the assigned articles or secure photos from other individuals and their permission to use these photos in the newsletter; 7) Join the pool of writers and official documentation team of the division for its major activities and programs;

8) Assist in the layouting of the newsletter as assigned or requested by the Editor-in-Chief; and 9) Perform other usual editorial functions


Milaviga Integrated School, DepED-Catanduanes

June 2017-September 2019

Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Prepare policy/project proposals on the work flow plan and schedules relevant to the duties attached to the designation, viz: Annual information dissemination and communication plan and monitoring scheme; Reports/Updates of such when so requested at conferences; 2) Act as the focal person of the school on the matters relating to school-community affairs and the maintenance of good relationship for such;

3) Liaise between the school and the external entities, individuals and stakeholders and coordinate with other offices and its officials on mutual agreements;

4) Produce information, education, and development/communication (IED/IEC) materials for public dissemination including broadcast scripts for community announcements and social media pages; 5) Maintain a quarterly or annual school publication/newsletter and social media; 6) Take responsibility on the drafting of official letters/communications of the school from time to time; 7) Serve as the minute secretary/documenter of all school’s stakeholders’ engagement, meetings and conferences and keep file readily available whenever needed for revisiting and review by anyone; 8) Prepare drafts of messages and other related documents as requested by the school head; 9) Oversee and moderate as the assigned school paper adviser the release of information and views relating to the school image, reputation and undertakings through the school publication; 10) Document crisis situations in the school such as but not limited to natural and man-made calamities, accidents and student-disciplinary actions and guidance activities. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER IV (PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER II) Catanduanes State University

July 2016-November 2016

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for electronic and traditional media engagements, communication and issues management by utilizing social media network/cyberspace, local and national print and broadcast media, including government information arms for dissemination of University programs, projects and activities; 2. Develop other communication materials, both written, electronic and graphics, and handle projects that implement the strategic communication plan, such as the University development information publication, annual report packaging, University brochure and other print media collaterals, and assist in communicating the University Five-Year Development Plan and Annual Action Plan; 3. Document institutional activities and write press releases, statements, feature articles, photo release captions, briefers, text for information graphics and other reports/articles for public awareness and media consumption;

4. Web administration management of a comprehensive agency website including content writing, editing, updating, and compliance to Good Governance conditions of respective service delivery units for publication to Transparency Seal section;

5. Conceptualize the University branding mechanism and ensures adherence to branding guidelines; and 6. Draft talking points/messages as needed for the public engagements of the University President. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER I (PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER I) Catanduanes State University

June 1-30, 2016

Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Develops the University’s overall branding for external and internal consumption purposes that serve as gateway and window of the institution and the current administration to carry out its vision, mission, and direction leading to a competitive university;

2) Assists the University President in the conceptualization and implementation of strategic platforms to project the institution’s public relations such as the different government agencies, nongovernment organizations, clients, and various sectoral representations that directly and indirectly work and or interact with the University; and

3) Communicates the University’s achievements, programs, advocacies, and general administrative roadmaps that complement social and societal relevance through multimedia platforms paved by innovative information dissemination strategies, refreshed print and electronic publications, and strengthened information highway presence transcending the grassroots and least involved to participate in the institutional and communal activities.

ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE III (PUBLIC RELATIONS ASSISTANT) Information Unit, Provincial Government of Catanduanes May 16 2015-September 2015

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Assist in answering particular correspondence and letter inquiry on provincial programs and operates a complaint and information system under the supervision of the Executive Assistant III within the Provincial Government;

2. Collaborate in the answering of queries on provincial policy re: provincial operation and may prepare press releases on events under the supervision of Executive Assistant III and the approval from the Provincial Governor;

3. Assist in the drafting of periodic reports on the progress and problems involved in the provincial public relations programs and make suggestions and recommendations for improvement; 4. Facilitate the arrangement through correspondence or direct communication and details of such tours, time schedule and meeting of various officials, and preparation of itineraries for distinguished provincial visitors from Manila and abroad, including briefing and arrangement for onsite observation of particular projects and programs; and

5. Cooperate in the management of the Governor’s Office – Information Unit and does related work as directed.




The CSU Statesman, Official Student Publication of Catanduanes State University EDITOR-IN-CHIEF


Daliwawa, Official Student Publication of Catanduanes State University-College of Education PATNUGOT SA KULTURA AT LATHALAIN


The CSU Statesman, Official Student Publication of Catanduanes State University NEWS EDITOR


Daliwawa, Official Student Publication of Catanduanes State University-College of Education SENIOR STAFF WRITER


The CSU Statesman, Official Student Publication of Catanduanes State University JUNIOR STAFF WRITER


Daliwawa, Official Student Publication of Catanduanes State University-College of Education JUNIOR STAFF WRITER


The CSU Statesman, Official Student Publication of Catanduanes State University EXPERTISE SHARING AND CONSULTANCIES

RESOURCE SPEAKER – News Writing Workshop

Sponsoring Agency: DepED-Catanduanes

September 27-28, 2019; October 11-12, 18-19, 25-26, 2019 RESOURCE SPEAKER & JUDGE – News Writing

Sponsoring Agency: DepED-Catanduanes

September 14, 2019

WRITER – Instructional Materials/Modules for Journalism Training Sponsoring Agency: DepED Region V Office

February 4-8, 2020

JUDGE – Position Paper Writing Contest

Sponsoring Agency: University of the Philippines

January 7, 2016

RESOURCE SPEAKER – News Writing Workshop

Sponsoring Agency: Catanduanes State University

December 10, 2016

RESOURCE SPEAKER – News Writing Workshop

Sponsoring Agency: The CSU Statesman, Catanduanes State University August 8, 2015

RESOURCE SPEAKER & JUDGE – School Newspaper Contest, News Writing & Collaborative Desktop Publishing Sponsoring Agency: DepED-Catanduanes

October 16, 2018

CONSULTANT – Consultation on Island’s Agenda on Climate Change Solution Sponsoring Agency: Catanduanes State University & DOST-PAGASA July 15, 2016



Journalistic articles; Speeches and Messages; Year-end & Annual Accomplishment Reports; Project Proposal; Web Content Writing; Annual Communication Plan; Annual Action Plan; Feasibility Studies; Action Research Writing; Policy Paper; Position Paper; Fiction and Nonfiction Compositions COPYEDITING & PROOFREADING; PUBLICATION MANAGEMENT; PUBLIC RELATIONS GRAPHIC & PAGE DESIGNING/ ADOBE PHOTOSHOP AND INDESIGN TRAINING AND SEMINAR FACILITATING; MULTI-TASKING AND PARETO PRINCIPLE TASKING

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