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Antibody Manager

Milpitas, CA, 95035
November 29, 2021

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Gregory J. Chen, Ph.D. 415-***-**** Milpitas, CA

Biotech R&D and Business Development Professional

An experienced and accomplished manager in the biopharmaceutical industry who is strategy-focused with demonstrated success in driving the discovery and pre-clinical development of therapeutic antibodies from target validation to clinical candidate selection. With in-depth experience in creating and leading top- performing teams to deliver results, I’m experienced in leveraging analytic-based knowledge for problem solving, cross-functional collaboration with diverse culture/personalities, and positively affecting change. CORE SKILLS

Leadership & Management • Antibody Discovery • Project Management • Process Improvement • Team Building & Motivation • Data Strategy & Analytics • Business Development • Operational Excellence PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

CURIA, San Carlos, CA June. 2021– Present

A global end-to-end CDMO that provides chemicals and biologics to the pharma and biotech companies Scientific Manager III

• Management of client-driven antibody discovery services through hybridoma, phage display, yeast display, and single B cell platforms

• Application of HTS by ELISA, FACS, SPR, BLI, and NGS platforms

• Partner effectively to ensure internal cooperation between R&D, BD, QA and finance

• Scout new clients, new technology, and new innovations to improve the discovery process for the company’s competitive position

SHANGHAI CELL THERAPY GROUP, Shanghai, China Mar. 2019 – Mar. 2020 A leader in CAR-T cell immunotherapy that develops and commercializes therapeutics for cancer treatment Director, Antibody Collaboration & Business Development

• Management of 6 project teams totaling 35 scientists on the research of VHH single domain antibodies derived from alpacas to support next-generation CAR-T development

• Collaboration with physicians and clinicians for the clinical application of novel CAR-T immunotherapies

• Drafted and wrote patent applications for VHH antibody’s application in universal CAR-T platform

• Extensive internal partnership/collaboration with DMPK, BD, QA, and Finance for objectives alignment

• Initiated, built, and nurtured external partnerships with both domestic and international biotech/pharma companies to gain global insights into cell and immunotherapies

• Fostered alliance with industry KOLs to advocate for company vision and mile-stone achievements CHEMPARTNER, Shanghai, China Jan. 2018 – Jan. 2019 A global full-service life science CRO/CDMO in providing biologics discovery and development services Director, Biologics Discovery

• Provided leadership and oversight to 4 project teams totaling 25 scientists to deliver client-driven antibody therapeutics for pre-clinical development

• Oversaw the process of monoclonal antibody discovery by hybridoma, phage display, and humanized mice platforms; participated in the implementation and development of functional assays for the characterization of therapeutic antibodies

• Analyzed existing and potential clients to identify and secure 20 business development opportunities; prepared quarterly revenue analysis for domestic and international clients

• Executed team-driven process improvements for operational efficiency to increase project delivery timeline and overall profitability in excess of $25 million USD annually Gregory J. Chen

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• Championed junior scientists’ recruitment and career development through campus recruitment, mentoring, coaching, and facilitating weekly scientific progress presentations DEVELOPMENT CENTER FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY, Taipei, Taiwan 2014 – 2017 An innovative research institute focusing on the preclinical development of biologics and pharmaceutics Principal Investigator, Institute of Biologics

• Headed and empowered a team of 6 scientists in therapeutic mAb engineering, bi-specific antibodies, and protein-based biologics for preclinical testing with focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology

• Drove identification of new I/O targets for drug development based on product safety, efficacy, commercial value, IP claims, and competitor landscape analyses

• Led effective collaboration with industrial companies, academic and research institutions through antibody-based drug discovery projects; built strong relationships through clear communications

• Authored journal publications, secured funding approval for grants, and designed business plans PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE

GENENTECH, South San Francisco, CA 1997 - 1998

A leading biotech company with annual revenue of $18+ billion and over 13,000 employees Senior Biochemical Technician, Department of Cell Culture Productions BAXTER BIOTECHNOLOGY, Hayward, CA 1994 - 1996

A leader in recombinant and plasma-based protein replacement therapies to treat hemophilia and others Quality Control Analyst A, Department of Immunology EDUCATION

B.S. in Biochemistry University of California at Santa Barbara, CA M.S. in Microbiology Washington State University, WA Ph.D. in Biochemistry Texas A&M University, TX


NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY

Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan


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7. Liu L, Kugler MC, Loomis CA, Samdani R, Zhao Z, Chen GJ, Brandt JP, Brownell I, Joyner AL, Rom WN, Munger JS. Hedgehog signaling in neonatal and adult lung. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2013; 48(6): 703-710. 8. Lu CY, Chen GJ, Tai PH, Yang YC, Hsu YS, Chang M, Hsu CL. Tetravalent anti-CD20/CD3 bispecific antibody for the treatment of B cell lymphoma. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2016; (473): 808-813. Gregory J. Chen

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Chien CL, Chen GJ, Hsu CL, Yu JW, Sheu SS and Wu CC (2019). Peptides derived from Kininogen-1 for protein drugs in vivo half-life extensions. U.S. Patent Application Publication, US 20190330376A CV and REFERENCES available upon request

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