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Mechanical Engineer

Richmond, VA
November 21, 2021

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Arthur Thompson Johnson 207-***-**** 1124 West Grace St, Richmond, VA 23220


Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 2023

GPA 3.16

2 Years of Industrial Design courses


R&D engineer February 2021 – Present [Steven Day]

ECMO, an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation device fitted with a super permeable nano pore membrane.

-Used first principal engineering to design an improved syringe pump for hemolysis research in SolidWorks, engineered with paper calculations/excel, machined the parts, wrote a stepper library and UI in C++ for operation of the syringe pump.

-Designed enclosures in SolidWorks and improved flow dynamics of the physical ECMO devices, achieved a reduced hemolytic potential.

Dragonheart, a Bi Ventricular Assist device “heart pump”.

-Led the research, design and development of a magnetic bearing levitation scheme, for the centrifugal side of this pump.

-Ran analytical and computational simulations in ANSYS which were then experimentally verified.

-Currently manufacturing components and building a control law in LabVIEW/Simulink for the device.

CNC Retrofitter / Machinist June 2017 – August 2017 [Tom LaMontagne]

Retrofitting of customer’s production CNC milling machine with Element’s control.

-Reverse engineering a 50+ year old machine, mapping wires and functions, rerouting wires, replacing servos, testing core functions of the machine, reprogrammed components to interface with new control boards, and wrote electrical schematics/manuals.

Carpenter Summers 2015-2020 [Heather Thompson]

Performed various labor tasks.

-Setting concrete forms, rough construction framing, roofing, hardwood flooring, siding, painting, finish carpentry, metal fab, house leveling, and lots of demo.


-Design for manufacturing, first principles engineering, research and development, machinist/fabricator, metrology, discrete electronics, microcontrollers, automation.

-SolidWorks, Matlab, Arduino C++, Python, LabVIEW/Simulink, MS Office, PLC, Adobe products.


-System Dynamics, Differential Equations, Strength of Materials, Programming for Engineers, Material Science, Computer Science 1, Thermodynamics, Imaging Science, Fluid Mechanics, Circuits.


-Designed and built 16ft ocean worthy boat.

-Created an economical easily manufactured 3D printer design.

-Various musical instrument & synthesizer repair.

-Mill and lathe scraping, Burke #4, atlas lathe.

-16” Camelback dovetail straightedge for use in scraping.

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