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Gulfport Support Assistant

Gulfport, MS
November 16, 2021

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Gulfport, Mississippi *****



Cellular Phone: 228-***-****


Multi-skilled, versatile, dependable professional with comprehensive experience, training,

knowledge, skills, and abilities in Medical Administration. Nursing and Healthcare Services,

Medical Coding, Medical Records Management, Medical Office Administration, Office

Automation, Secretarial and Clerical Support Services, Patient and Family Education, Patient Relations, and Customer Service. In-depth knowledge and understanding of: medical

procedures, medical records, medical coding, and medical terminology; missions, organizations, programs and requirements of health care delivery systems; interrelationships and

interdependencies among various medical and administrative services and programs; of health

services management, managed care, consolidation and system integration, third party

reimbursement, computer resources, and information management. Proficient using

computerized data entry and information processing systems to perform a wide variety of record

keeping, correspondence, and tracking operations; input, delete, retrieve, manipulate, and correct

information in databases or automated records; and design and produce reports. Ability to deal

effectively with individuals and/or groups representing widely divergent backgrounds, interests,

and points of view. Skilled in planning, organizing, and coordinating the work of others.

Thorough knowledge and understanding of coding principles, guidelines, and regulatory

compliance to ensure optimum allowable reimbursement. Maintain current knowledge of

regulatory changes affecting coded information required by the Centers for Medicare and

Medicaid Services (CMS).


Program Support Assistant (QA), GS-0303-05, 40-hours/week 10-2007 to Present

VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System. Biloxi. MS

Demonstrate total attention-to-detail and precision administrative skills in performing a variety of

medical support assistant duties in support of the care and treatment given to patients. Provide

precision administrative, clerical, and computer support for Nursing Service. Schedule patient

appointments to ensure smooth and efficient operation of this clinic. Notify patients

telephonically or by mail of their upcoming appointments. Effectively resolve patient scheduling

complaints and concerns. Communicate with patients in a manner, which is appropriate to

cognitive, emotional and chronological maturation needs of the adult and/or geriatric patient.

Maintain a positive public image when dealing with or in view of the patient and their family members, and other veterans and the patient care team. Establish initial contact with patients and

their families assigned to the various clinics and explain the concept of the patient care team.

Educate the patient as to who their staff team member(s). Ensure all data involved with

admission, and outpatient visits including encounter forms is accurate.

Joan S. Collins, xxx-xx-7137 Page2

Review and analyze technical, administrative and legislative directives, regulations, policies,

procedures and law to assist in the recommendations of actions needed to execute transfer requirements

or establish authorization to pay. Gather and compile veterans' pertinent and confidential demographic

information. Make the detem1ination regarding the veterans' legal entitlement and eligibility criteria

for payment approval for non-VA hospital care and advise facility management, UR, etc., of the status.

Serve as a conduit of information for outside or other VA hospital cases between Fee, Consult Management, physician staff/UR staff, COS, DoD facilities, etc., on all emergent hospital transfer. Act as a liaison to coordinate information between the referring Medical Doctor, the receiving facility. the patient, family, medical, and other services within the VAGCVHCS to access, promote and ensure maximum continuity of care.

Call Center, GS-0303-07, 40 hours/week: 09-2013 to 10-2014

Professionally served as an Advanced Medical Support Assistant, responsible scheduling, canceling, re-scheduling patient's appointments and/or consults with the patient's input to avoid no-shows and

missed opportunities. Entered no-show information; printed the "no-show report and "open

encounters" report at the end-of-the clinic day and delivered them to the responsible provider. Monitored the electronic wait list; prepared for clinic visits; monitored both inpatient and outpatient appointments for areas of responsibility, Ensured encounter forms were completed in order to obtain appropriate workload credit. Verified and updated demographics and insurance information; processed

all emergency and non-emergency transfers to other VA facilities or private hospitals. Performed basic eligibility, co-pays and pre-authorization requirements for specific coverage. Independently and prudently managed position responsibilities with minimal supervision as well as followed set priorities

and deadlines, and thoroughly followed the flow and sequencing of the work to meet team and patient needs. Performed work in the Primary Care Clinics, Specialty Care Clinics, on a specialty care team and on the inpatient wards to help the Medical Administration Service meet its mission and for the purpose of improving skills and understanding of clinic and inpatient ward operations.

Program Support Assistant (OA), GS-0303-05, 40-hours/week 10-2007 to 09-2013

VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System, Biloxi, MS

Demonstrated total attention-to-detail and precision administrative skills in performing a variety of medical support assistant duties in support of the care and treatment given to patients. Provided precision administrative, clerical, and computer support for Nursing Service. Scheduled patient appointments to ensure smooth and efficient operation of this clinic. Notified patients telephonically or by mail of their upcoming appointments. Effectively resolved patient scheduling complaints and concerns. Communicated with patients in a manner, which was appropriate to cognitive, emotional and chronological maturation needs of the adult and/or geriatric patient. Maintained a positive public

image when dealing with or in view of the patient and their family members, and other veterans and the patient care team. Established initial contact with patients and their families assigned to the various clinics and explained the concept of the patient care team. Educated the patient as to who are their

staff team member(s). Ensured all data involved with admission, and outpatient visits including encounter forms is accurate. Professionally received telephone calls, greeted visitors, and ascertained the nature of the calls or

visits. Maintained supervisor's calendar, coordinated meeting arrangements, and scheduled meetings and/or conferences. Scheduled appointments and meetings in accordance with supervisor's policies and priorities, and coordinated with the supervisor as necessary.

Printed out all workload reports in Microsoft Outlook, collated by dates and maintained in folders for each month for the Chief of Staff. Responsible for inpatient consult request alerts. Monitored the chiefs calendar and appointments. ·Promptly responded to email. Assisted in the preparation of the agenda and took minutes for psychiatry staff meeting and for the mental health advisory team. Maintained competency folders and physician folders.

Joan S. Collins, xn-xx-7137 Page3

Provided medical documents for physician to assist in patient care via Vista Image/CPRS. Utilized CPRS to review and verify service connection and demographic. Searched Network for other VA hospitalization and medical documentation.

Used multiple office automation software (MS Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) to create, format, modify, edit, and print a variety of letters, reports, memos, and other textual documents. Reviewed correspondence thoroughly to ensure correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Transmitted and received documents and messages electronically using personal computers or workstations that were networked or linked to other computers or workstations. Responded to urgent or emergent written (faxed) requests for medical information from hospitals and/or doctors; and obtained medical records from non-VA providers as requested. Developed and managed a patient registry system to support the team members providing health care. Utilized various VHA databases to extract, categorize, and collate specific patient/provider metrics. Developed and maintained specific reports used by the team to monitor, track, and trend care delivery. Requested and

retrieved medical records and x-rays, ensure their availability and arrival for clinic. Reviewed medical records ensuring all medical profiles, overprinted encounter forms and procedure packets were accounted for and in proper format.

Unit Secretary & Patient Care Technician, 24-hours/week

Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, Gulfport, MS 39501

Lydia Cook, 228-***-****

Unit Secretary, 06-2002 to 10-2007: 03-2001 to 10-2007

Provided a full range of precision administrative support duties that facilitate the work of physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nursing assistants, and other members of the medical facility who provide patient care. Demonstrated sound knowledge of the medical facility's organization and services, basic

rules and regulations governing visitors and patient treatment, and a solid working knowledge of the standard procedures, medical records, and medical terminology. Determined patients' eligibility for treatment. Communicated face-to-face and via telephone and email with personal contacts such as representatives from insurance companies, private physicians, other care providers, and individuals from other agencies and organizations to acquire, clarify, give facts and/or exchange general and medical information directly related to my position; to initiate and follow through on work efforts and/or to resolve operating or technical problems related to the treatment of patients and/or the maintenance of patient records. Used computerized data entry and information processing systems in

performing data entry of patient information, generating patient schedules, scheduling appointments, retrieving data, etc. Assembled patient records according to prescribed formats; inserted additional forms and charts as necessary, and stamped them with correct patient identification. Reviewed patients' charts and recorded a variety of medical data. Recorded physicians' orders for patients on a variety of records. Coded information from schedules, questionnaires, reports, documents, and other written source material according to codes involving numerical and alphabetical symbols. Selected, completed, and routed requests for patient activities and treatment procedures. Maintained good working knowledge

of the following guidelines used as a unit secretary: Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act of 1974; Medicare, Medicaid, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and American College of Surgeons standards and/or directives; Medical records classification systems and references such as International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Diagnostic Related Groups (DRG), Current Procedure

Terminology(CPT)Physician's Desk Reference (PDR), medical dictionaries, manuals, textbooks, and glossaries, pamphlets, letters, and brochures from other agencies and programs such as private insurers, social welfare agencies, Department of Veterans Affairs, Medicare and Medicaid.

Joan S. Collins, xxx-xx-7137 Page4

Patient Care Technician, 03-2001 to 06-2002:

Performed a variety of nursing duties consisting of minor and complex treatments to patients on an oncology unit. Followed Hospital policies and procedures in the provision of quality nursing services. Performed standardized therapeutic patient care and related nursing care, which contributed to the completion of the patient's treatment plan. Provided for range of motion exercises along with activities of daily living. Measured and recorded vital signs and other body measurements. Performed complex

treatments such as: bladder catheterizations/irrigations. Maintained positive relationships with patients, visitors, and personnel. Responsible for protecting printed and electronic files containing sensitive patient data from unauthorized release and from loss, alteration, or unauthorized deletion, which must be protected under the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974 and other applicable laws, federal regulations, Hospital statutes and administration policy. Applied nursing knowledge and skills in observing patients' response to their respective plan of care and communicating with members of

the treatment team. Demonstrated in-depth knowledge and skill in the use of equipment, materials, and supplies in a large variety of diagnostic and treatment procedures that support nursing care of critically ill patients. Used in-depth knowledge and skill in the use of terminology for physical and emotional reactions, nursing care, types of therapeutic procedures and supporting duties for the purpose of patient charting and patient teaching. Planned and carried out patient care independently in accordance with patient care

plans, charts and instructions from team members. Presented a detail report on patient care to the registered nurse upon completion of my tour of duty. Conducted hourly rounds; escorted patients to appointments; conducted morning leisure activities; provide manual arts therapy; assist patients with breakfast, lunch and dinner; ambulated patients; distributed nourishments; weighed patients; made beds; in ventured new patient belongings. Maintained positive relationships with patients, family members, and members of the treatment team consisting of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nursing assistants, physicians, social workers, and unit clerks. Maintained a safe and secure

environment for patients.

09-1997 to 10-2007

Unit Secretary/Medical Coder, Reuse Technician, Patient Care Technician, 40-hours/week

South Mississippi Kidney Center, I 1531 Old Hwy. 49, Gulfport, MS 39503

Marline Thompson, 228-***-**** Unit Secretary/Medical Coder, 10-1998 to Present:

Performed a variety of administrative duties that facilitated the work of physicians, nurses, and other members of the medical team who provide patient care. Used computerized data entry and information processing systems in the performance of office automation duties. Compiled and maintained medical records of both the in-center and home patients in the dialysis facility. Prepared hemodialysis records for the following day's activity. Charted, posted, and filed appropriate information. Prepared Jab slips

and tubes for routine and non-routine blood work; centrifuged the blood or refrigerated according to laboratory specifications after the draw was completed. Entered result labs in Proton as needed. Assisted in the collection of Patient Statistical Profile and Continuous Quality Improvement Data. Assisted with end-of-month reporting requirements, such as Epogen data collection and Proton generated reports, as needed. Maintained accurate records of hospitalization, patient travel, etc. to facilitate coordination of patient scheduling, ancillary testing etc. Assisted in auditing records for ongoing compliance with medical records statements. Assisted patients with transportation

arrangements. Coordinated transient patient paperwork.

Medical Coder: Provided coding expertise in all aspects of the outpatient clinical coding function that supported the

center. Translated descriptions of medical diagnoses and procedures into codes that record health care data. Completed quantitative/qualitative analysis of records to ensure all components of record were present and complied with JCAHO requirements. Ensured all documentation was present in appropriate format and sequence. Read and analyzed medical records to identify all diagnosis, operations and procedures relevant to the current episode of patient care.

Joan S. Collins, xxx-xx-7137 Pages 5

Coded diagnosis, operations and procedures based on knowledge of coding systems, including ICD-9 and CPT. Ensured that coding conformed to accepted facility, JCAHO, [CD coding conventions, and guidelines for optimal reimbursement. Performed a comprehensive review of patient records to abstract medical, surgical, ancillary, demographic, social, and admin data. Assisted facility staff with documentation requirements to correctly and accurately reflect the patient care provided. Maintained an accuracy rate of 95% based on reviews and/or spot checks. Demonstrated a sound working knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and legal requirements of the medical record. Effective in clarifying inconsistent, ambiguous and/or non-specific information in a medical record by consulting with the responsible medical practitioner. Conducted quality assessment of work to ensure

continuous improvement in ICD-9 coding and collection of quality health data. Assessed medical record content and highlighted inadequacies to management. Maintained strict confidentiality of all records and documents regarding patients.

Reuse Technician & Patient Care Technician, 09-1997 to 10-1998:

Operated facility R.O. system, vacuum pump, air compressor, and air purifier. Troubleshot any mechanical problems in reuse room and related equipment. Maintained the reuse equipment and area in a sanitary condition free of debris. Observed quality controls following recommended guidelines and documented adherence to these standards. Maintained all daily and monthly records pertinent to the reuse program in a legible and organized manner. Followed recommended procedure for processing of dialyzers and bloodlines to be reused. Wore personal protective equipment. Maintained inventory control of the reuse dialyzers and bloodlines, dispensing the designated dialyzers to the dialysis unit. Assured that all dialyzers and bloodlines were properly labeled before they were delivered to the dialysis unit. Adhered to infection control/cross contamination policies as they applied

to the reuse program.

Unit Clerk/Nurse's Aide, 40-hours/week 09-1994 to 05-1997

Gulf Coast Medical Center, 180 Debuys Road, Biloxi, MS

Carlin Necaise, 228-388-671

Perfo1med a variety of patient related support functions such as establishing and maintaining medical charts, completing forms and transcribing physician's orders such as medications, diet, laboratory, x-ray, and activity. Coordinated arrangement for patient activities such as therapy, clinic and medical test appointments. Served as an essential link between the assigned health care unit and various services and staff. Coded, stored, and retrieved information concerning patients medical record both manually and via automated computer information system. Scheduled appointments and consultations for patients. Responded to routine questions from patients and their families, visitors and medical staff. Prepared documents such as diet sheets, birth certificates, medication cards, letters, etc.

Nursing Assistant, 40-hours/week 09-1993 to 08-1994

Garden Park Hospital, 1520 Broad Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39501

Joyce Patton, 228-***-****

Strictly followed defined Medical Center policies and procedures in the provision of quality nursing services in providing for the patient activities of daily living, including personal hygiene. Provided for range of motion exercises. Measured and recorded vital signs and other body measurements. Assisted patients with feeding, bathing, shaving, leisure activities, etc. Maintained positive relationships with patients, family members, and members of the nursing team.

Direct Care Worker/Supervisor, 40-hours/week 01-1985 to 01-1992

South Mississippi Retardation Center, 1170 West Railroad, Long Beach, MS 39560

John Lipscomb, 228-***-****

Assisted individual consumers in acquiring and maintaining self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills

necessary to reside successfully in home and community-based settings.

Joan S. Collins, xxx-xx-7137 Page 6

Effectively integrated and utilized consumer's history, family dynamics, and treatment goals in developing and implementing each treatment plan. Promoted a safe and healthy living environment and increased the capabilities of the individual consumer within the policies and procedures of the organization. Transported consumers to appointments and outings. Served as Direct Care Supervisor in the incumbent's absence with responsibility for Assigning Direct Care workers based on their ability and personality characteristics to establish and maintain a therapeutic and professional relationship with their respective consumers. Provided for supervision, assistance and training of staff and individuals. Demonstrated a solid understanding of each client's history, family dynamics, and treatment goals. Conducted and coordinated assessments, interdisciplinary team meetings, and involvement with other agencies. Assisted in coordinating and monitoring physical, clinical and direct care operation of residential services. Compiled reports and

performed various administrative functions. Provided as-needed crisis intervention counseling for staff and consumers. Provided assessment, supervision, assistance and training to improve the ability of consumers to live as independently as possible in their home and community. Provided services on a one-to-one basis and included training in self-care, medication management, task completion, communication and interpersonal skills, behavior management, problem solving, money and household management.


• High School Diploma, Gulfport High School, Gulfport, MS; 05/78

• Diploma, Mississippi Board of Nursing Aide, 09/89


• Community Education, Insurance Coding ICD-9, 09/02

• Bio-Medical Applications of Gulfport, The Reuse Technician Training Program, 08/98

• Bio-Medical Applications of Gulfport, Hemodialysis Therapist Training Program, 08/98

• Community Education, Hospital Unit Secretary, 02/99

• Community Education, Medical Terminology, 02/99

• Crisis Intervention Training


• American Heart Association, Basic Life Support Certified; expires 03/2022


• Knowledge of computers using Microsoft Word, Excel, and various standard and specialized

software applications.

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