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Flexo Lean Six

Izmir, Turkey
October 11, 2021

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Türkiye / İzmir / Karabağlar / Poligon

Six Sigma Certificated Black Belt

By using Lean Six Sigma methods to manage and control production processes with higher efficiency. To take role in the challange conditions as Production Leader or Project leader or Lean Leader.

To ensure business excellence. To improve the quality standards. PERSONAL INFORMATION

BIRTH DAY& PLACE :01/07/1981-Ankara

STATUS :Married

MILITARY SERVICE :Done (31/03/2005- Lieutenant)

DRIVING LICENCE :B Category (1999) & D Category (2007) EDUCATION

Celal Bayar University (1999-2003)

Science Faculty- Chemistry

İzmir Anatolian High School (1996-1999)


(05.10.2016 - cont.) Egem Packing (Manisa)

Production Manager

Direct responsibility and management of before printing, printing, lamination, slitting and shipment processes.

Printing tobacco boxes with rotogravure printing method (white board – metalized board)

Working with Bobst (Lemanic ) –Rotomec-Cerutti-Nordmecanica-Titan-Goebel and Revomac machines.

Project management of new machine installations.

Setup new Bobst Lemanic printing machine. Making project work for new machine and coordination off all activities.

Execution of the project related to machine installation and taking full responsibility.

Responsibility for Offset printing machines.

Working with +100 employees

Personnel training and personnel management.

Continuous improvement studies.

Color approvals management for all new customers.

Responsibility for technical R&D and business development activities.

Execution of the maintenance and repair activities and commissioning of TPM activities.

Cost reduction studies.

WCA audits are performed successfully.

Managing tobacco, gravure and offset inks.

Hygiene team leader at BRC audits.

(01.2015- 09.2016) Biriz Packing (Gaziantep)

Production Manager

To manage Biriz Flexible Gaziantep manufacturing budget, process investment plans.

Direct responsibility at production side.

Project management of new machine installation.

Setup new machines (rotogravure, lamination, slitting and engraving). Making project work for new machine and coordination off all activities.

Working with W&H (Heliostar) – Nordmecanica – Kampf machines.

Established a Quality Control Unit at the factory and working on quality management system

(BRC-OHSAS etc..)

Establishment of factory quality control unit

Planning of production and inventory control

Working with +100 employees.

Direct responsibility of BRC and ISO certifications.

Personnel training and personnel management.

Direct responsibility of BRC and ISO certifications.

Managing packing and logistic business.

Color approvals for all new customers.

Color management for rotogravure inks.

( 06.2009 – 01.2015) Pilenpak Packing (Manisa)

Production Team Leader

Management, improvement of all production process (Rotogravure& Flexo printing, laminating, slitting and packing).

Working with W&H (Heliostar - Miraflex ), Nordmecanica, Laem machines •

Setup new machines and making startup.(Windmöller & Hölscher rotogravure and flexo machine setup; also Nordmeccanica lamination and Laem slitting machine setup)

Developing production side with using the methods 5S/5WHY/Lean production.

Creating production KPI targets and make it performed.

Providing the use of resources according to target.

Managing projects and maintenance activities (TPM).

Personnel training and personnel management.100 employees

Cost management for production.

Color management between dispensing and production.

Managing ink types also residual inks.

Controlling the quality continuity.

Usage and improvement of Quality control steps

Adding new quality management systems.

Color management between dispensing and production. 09.2005-08.2008) Baran Packing (İzmir)

Quality Control Specialist

Controlling the quality control specifications.

At all production process making start up decision. Color approvals.

Making calibration of all quality control devices.

Personnel training and personnel management at shifts.

Working with Windmoller & Hölscher flexo printing machines. After a while working at production side (improve start up times and working on color management systems) ATTENDED COURSES CERTIFIED and SEMINARS

The Lean Six Sigma Copmany

& The Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certifications.

Stiza Consultancy

& KaiZen & Oee

& Performance Management

& HoShinKari

Yalın Management Education and Consultancy

& Lean Management Systems Training (certificated) 2018

& Management Goals and KPI’s (certificated) 2019

Spac Consultancy

&Lean 6 sigma Training (certificated) 2015

&5s Training (certificated) 2015

Karya Consultancy

&Training of trainer

& Internal auditors

Chemistry Association

& Ohsas 18001(certificated)

& İso 9001/2000 certificated)

& Responsible Manager (certificated)

M.E.B. Bilset Computer Course

& Computer Operating Program (certificated)


00649 STZ (SANTEZ) 2010-2 Article Synthesis of New Sequester and Comparison with existing Sequester Article and Investigation of the availability of detergents. Research Assistant


Minitab & Canias & Oracle Erp good level usage & Sap & Avr 2000 good level usage & Netsis good level usage & Windows 98 / Xp / 7 / 8 vb. good level usage also Ms Office good level usage. FOREIGN LANGUAGE


Reading: Very good Writing: Very good Speaking: Very good Where to learn: Anatolian High School


Boat fishing, basketball, basketball referee


I can write references if required.

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