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Manufacturing Corporation Mill Operator

Carcar, Cebu, Philippines
October 06, 2021

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A position in a company in which I can perform the knowledge I have obtained in my chosen profession and to develop my skills acquired based on my experienced.


Possesses a more than 9-year well-developed experience in the most aspect of Manufacturing (Steel Manufacturing), Rolling Mill Industry and Steel Processing, where Rebars is mainly produced.

Knows the measurement concepts and use of measuring equipments and gauges.

Have strong leadership skills, fast learner and eager to apply the knowledge acquired for greater potential, hardworking, trustworthy and has good communication skills.

Can work under pressure especially when related to time management.

Possess strong technical training and able to perform multi-tasking and has aptitude for learning during OJT time.


Date of Birth: September 30, 1991 Citizenship: Filipino

Place of Birth: Carcar City, Cebu Religion: Catholic

Age: 30 Height: 1.70cm

Gender: Male Weight: 72 kgs

Civil Status: Single SSS No: 06-2899588-5



Steel Asia Manufacturing Corporation

Km 36 Perrelos, Carcar City,

Cebu, Philippines 6019

ROLLING MILL OPERATOR (Finishing Mill Adjuster)



Sets up mill rolls & tackles during size changes and pass changes in accordance with the Mill Set-up Sheet for the section being rolled.

Makes sure the stands are set to the correct pass and that new roll passes are set correctly by putting burners through the mill and adjusting the roll parting and guide settings.

Conducts a final visual inspection of the rolling line, clears out the inter-stand tables, and then gives out the signal for the Rolling Mill Operator to start the stand motors.

Regularly checks bar sizes and pass fills while rolling and adjusts the mill where necessary.

Regularly inspects samples taken at the finishing end by the Sampler, as well as the bars at the cooling bed for correctness and possible defects.

Provides feedback to the Rolling Mill Operator on changes made to the roll stands and/or delays at the roll stands.

Regularly checks for wear and misalignment of mill rolls and tackles and does the necessary adjustment or replacement.

Regularly checks the condition of the roll stands and auxiliary equipment (e.g., shears and pinch rollers).

Reacts quickly to mill problems by immediately relaying information to Production and Maintenance groups on the particular operational or control system problem associated with mill equipment/machinery.

Removes cobbled bars at the line and repairs any damage caused by the cobble.




Set up and operates the controls needed in altering mechanical properties in accordance with the target grade as per production plan.

Make sure all machines (e. g. Tempcore Box, valves, cooling water system, and sensory equipment) are functional before beginning a Temocore run. Checking of mass variance is include.

Monitors and controls the different process parameters during Tempcore runs, including the set up of the tempcore box and the tempcore control system.

Records and analyzes Tempcore settings such as tempering temperature, bullet temperature, water flow rate and pressure, linear speed, range and nozzle opening on every file number, with corresponding Billet ID number and heat number.

Regularly checks the actual readings on tempcore parameters at the pulpit and furnace, and crosscheck it with the actual mechanical test results from the QA laboratory.

Adjust water flow, nozzle opening and water pressure to ensure getting the target grade.

Advise desired billet temperature to the furnace to ensure getting the target grade.

Advise appropriate line speed to PULPIT to ensure getting the target grade.

In charge of over-all pacing and proper gap at the line during tempcore campaigns.

Collects data from QA laboratory such as Yield Strength (YS), Tensile Strength (TS), TS/YS ratio, and elongation and prepares the report.

Relieves PULPIT operator when needed.


Crane Operation

Forklift Operation

Lathe and Milling Machine Operation

Pulpit Operation (Automated and Manually-Operated Machine)

Computer Literate, work using MS Office Applications

Basic Welding and Acetylene cutting

Basis ACAD works


Collegiate Mechanical Technology, 2008-2011

CITE, Technical Institute

Bo. San Jose, Cebu City

Intermediary Carcar Academy Technical School

Carcar City, Cebu

Elementary Carcar Central School

Carcar City, Cebu


SteelAsia Manufacturing Corporation Trainings

Overhead Crane Operations

5S Concept and Application

Safety Management and Fire Fighting

Rolling Mill Theory

Basic Life Support and First Aid Training

Pulpit Operation


Jaylord Montifalcon

Production Assistant Manager

SteelAsia Manufacturing Corporation

Contact No.:091********

Daryl Asuncion

Senior Process Engineer

SteelAsia Manufacturing Corporation

Contact No. :091********

Jason Cabrera

Production Supervisor

Steel Asia Manufacturing Corporation

Contact No. :091********

Mark Paul Otom

Home Address: Liburon, Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines 6019

Mobille Phone: 099*-***-****


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