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Software Engineer

Fair Oaks, VA, 22033
October 05, 2021

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Kenneth L. Reed

Phone: 410-***-****

Currently live in Fairfax, VA


Professional IT experience in management, development, needs assessment, implementation, testing and maintenance of both Client and Server, web applications both public and private sectors.

My current passions include current trends in WWW, Database Engineering, APIs, input methodologies, Process Improvement by use of AI.


All Major SQL Compliant Relational Databases (SQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle, Etc.),

All Major Programming Languages (Python, C#, VB, VBA, .NET, HTML, etc.) and platforms,

Microsoft Office Suite (Access, Excel, VBA, Etc.)

Smartphone and WWW development (HTML5, .net, WordPress, APIs, other)

Cyber Security and monitoring.

Windows and Linux


Team Developer – Engility (SAIC)

Mainly was too enhance and fix issues with existing Access Database and .NET program. Also required on site visits to new Navy ships (Air Craft Carriers, Submarines, Battle ships, etc.). Job required a Clearance.

Lead Developer – NTIA

On a contract with ITT and IBM I was responsible for updates to a program called EL-CID (Equipment Location Certification Information Database) used to allocate the Electromagnetic spectrum for government agencies. I participated in meetings with the NTIA, DOD (all branches) IBM and ITT for development reviews and discussions of PCRs. I managed the development team environment certified as CMM Level 5. I then migrated the development server from LINUX to Windows.

Systems Developer - University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMS)

Created budget system for a 1/2 billion dollar budget compiled for 250+ cost centers. The system produced financials for revenue, expense comparisons and deviations on demand through migration with the medical centers accounting system.

- Gathered requirements for the compilation of budgets.

- Procured hardware and software needs.

- Created database structure(s).

- Created user interface that enveloped all aspects CRM.

- Extracted information from accounting system(s) to compare budget projections to actuals.

- Produced a dynamic reporting system for monthly financials and budget variance reporting.

Created T.E.M.S. (Temporary Employment Management System) used for managing supplemental staffing. This system utilizes MS Access and web based systems for the front end and a myriad of data sources. The systems purpose was to help match medical patient needs with employee pools using sophisticated algorithms (AI). The program is networked to about 200+ workstations and includes, need request, reporting and integrates with the hospitals accounting and patient system(s).

- Gathered requirements from HR for temporary staffing needs.

- Developed data sources consisting of internal and external data sources.

- Modified/Enhanced over a 5 year span.

- Developed API interface to the hospitals accounting system for payroll and GL comparisons.

- Created search logic to match client with employee to fulfill client orders.

Systems Architect - Gemcraft Homes

Created 50+ modules to automate internal and external businesse processes. Some are directly connected to other systems (Accounting, Payroll, etc.)

-All system were designed to automate processes and/or provide information dynamically from other legacy systems

-Created elaborate reporting and CRM systems for all layers of management.

Developer - Verizon Wireless

Responsible for the information system used to manage about 3,000 cell towers being built in DC, MD,

VA and PA. System Enhancements included an increase in speed by a factor of 10. Integrated legacy

Databases with ad-hoc databases to pool information. Implemented an Ad-hoc reporting system allowing all employees from administrative through upper management to build reports using self-derived wizards via GUI interface to translate user queries to complex data retrieval.

Owner Operator - Business Systems Process Enhancement Corporation (BSPEC)

BSPEC was contracted to automate and enhance business processes. By utilizing the IT infrastructure to streamline the way companies accomplished their tasks. Accomplished helping over 100 small to medium size entities with their IT needs.

API Developer - Rockwell Collins

ARNI is a division tasked with airport security technologies. My Task was to implement passenger

Biometric recognition (iris scanning, face recognition, etc.) to enhance the existing airport security

Systems. We utilized integration of hardware via hardware APIs. The system integration required

Development in an environment utilizing an Agile/Scrum collaboration.

Y2K Technical Lead - SAIC

1 of 3 member team tasked to audit the status of the Y2K switch of major HMO companies like Kaiser Permanente and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Job function was to audit all the computer systems that could impact providing services to The Social Security Administrations member clients. The audit included status of assuring transparency of switch, testing methodologies, and contingency plans for system failures.


Education B.S in Finance/Economics University of Maryland - College Park, MD

Business Leadership Institute

Presidents National Small Business Award

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity

Boy Scouts of America.

Little League Soccer Coach

Other. . . .

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