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Committee Member Executive Manager

Denver, CO
September 28, 2021

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A doctoral student with an MBA, an engineering background, and significant experience in

telecommunication technology and policy seeking an internship/full-time/part-time role in a rep- utable organization developing and testing 5G technologies. Work History

2016-2016 Director

Mobily, Riyadh

• Managed the company's spectrum resources and

helped reduce costs by 20 M SR annually (US dollar = 3.75 Saudi riyals)

• Managed strategic acquisition of new spectrum

bands, controlled and optimized existing spectrum


• Carefully reviewed international and national

technical regulations (including 3GPP, ETSI, ITU

standards), research, and commercial agreements

to ensure compliance with technical regulations.

• Defended the company position in spectrum

management and technical regulation with CITC

(Communications and Information Technology


• Worked closely with international organizations such as GSMA and Etisalat to prepare for the World

Radiocommunication Conference, 2015 (WRC-15)

• Defined the company's position regarding

International Telecom Union (ITU)/WRC-15 agenda


• Attended the ITU meeting to coordinate border

networks between GCC and Iran.

• Increased staff to effectively handle harmful

interference elimination requests.



Boulder, Colorado, 80303





Verbal and Written


Customer Service

Fast Learning

Critical Thinking and

Problem Solving

Grit and Perseverance



General Computer Skills


Doctoral Student - Interdisciplinary Telecommunication Research 2014-2016 Executive Manager

Mobily, Riyadh

• Managed the company's spectrum resources and

helped to reduce costs.

• Managed strategic acquisition of new spectrum

bands, controlled, and optimized existing spectrum resources.

• Helped the company to review its commercial

agreements to ensure regulation compliance.

• Defended the company position in spectrum

management and communicated it to CITC.

• Worked closely with international organizations such as GSMA and Etisalat group to prepare for WRC-15.

• Attended the ITU meeting held to coordinate the

border networks between GCC and IRAN.


CITC, Riyadh

• Member of the Saudi team that represented the

Saudi administration at the World

Telecommunication Development Conference


• Committee member of the unified license and

resale of telecommunications services project

• Committee member of Wireless Local Area Networks Regulations (WLAN or "Wi-Fi")

• Managed telecommunications operators' spectrum

issues and requirements

• Represented the country in many international

activities such as the International

Telecommunication Union (ITU) working study groups and telecommunications industry forums.

• Followed and attended the ITU working party

(WP5D), which was responsible for establishing the regulations and setting the recommendations and

requirements for IMT and IMT advanced systems.

• Participated in implementing the National

Frequency Plan (NFP)

• Assigned the frequency spectrum band to

commercial and government parties as per the ITU,

the ESTI, and FCC recommendations.




2006-2007 Senior Regulatory Engineer

Mobily, Riyadh

• Aligned the company's strategic decisions and plans with Saudi telecoms laws and regulations.

• Represented the company to international and

national regulatory bodies from the technical and

spectrum management perspective.

• Negotiated technical disputes with customers,

governmental organizations, and competitors from

the regulation perspective.

• Attended the international meeting held with

neighboring countries' regulators and operators

(companies) to avoid the overuse of their spectrum resources and any interferences between their

wireless networks.

• Supported the technical department with

international and local technical standards such as the ITU recommendations and the ETSI and CITC


2003- 2006 Radio Frequency Planning Team Leader

Saudi Telecom Company, STC, Riyadh

• Managed the Central Region Frequency Planning

Team, which was comprised of four international

experts and one Saudi engineer.

• Planned a vast number of new and existing sites

(Macro, Micro, and Pico cells) in the central region to achieve efficient band utilization.

• Used different frequency planning techniques (e.g., FLP, MRP, Free Plan, etc.) with different vendor

equipment (e.g., Lucent, Ericsson, and Siemens) to improve network performance.

• Applied different technical parameters in

cooperation with the Optimization Department to

solve interference problems and improve the quality of the network.

• Significantly improved the frequency plan for special events (e.g., the Aljandryah festival)

• Supported Saudi engineers in acquiring experience and taking the lead on challenging projects with the support and supervision of experts.


Saudi Telecom Company, STC, Riyadh

• Helped build highly enhanced mobile networks in

Saudi Arabia that replaced the government's old


• Planned coverage and capacity sites using different vendors' equipment (Ericsson or Lucent) during big projects (E4, E5, and E6) to achieve the company's strategic plan to increase STC market share in the national mobile market before market liberalization.

• Led a combined team of planning, implementation, and optimization professionals in conducting

multiple and extensive surveys to choose the best

candidates for new project sites (E5, E6, roads, and villages)

• Maintained an excellent relationship with the

members of the team and other departments




Ph.D.: Interdisciplinary Telecommunication Research University of Colorado At Boulder/College of

Engineering And Applied Science - Boulder, CO

• A Ph.D. candidate in the Technology,

Cybersecurity, and Policy (TCP) Program (formerly

known as the Interdisciplinary Telecom Program (ITP))

• Investigating telecom system issues through an inter- disciplinary approach involving engineering, policy or law, and economics.

• My dissertation examines how virtualization, slicing, and mmWave in the 5G RAN of the small cell case

would aid in the sharing and utilization of scarce re- sources in general, and spectrum resources in particu- lar.

• The Dissertation will also look at these technologies in the context of current public policy and economic


• The dissertation would then recommend policies to improve access to mmWave resources and facilitate

the deployment of 5G small cells.

2016-2018 Master of Science: Telecommunications

University of Colorado At Boulder - Boulder, CO

• Graduated with 3.85 GPA

2018 Fellowship: Internet Governance

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

(ICANN) - Puerto Rico

2009-2011 MBA: Business Administration and Management Prince Sultan University - Riyadh

• Graduated with 3.83 GPA

1996-2001 Bachelor of Science: Electrical

Engineering/Communication Track

King Saud University - Riyadh


2011 Understanding Modern Spectrum Management

2010 LTE Radio Access Network

2009 LTE RF Planning

2007 Spectrum Master Class

2007 WiMax RF Boot Camp

2007 WCDMA Air interface


2005 3G Radio Planning Specialists

2005 3G System Training

2005 WCDMA & UMTS air interface

2007 Project Management Professional

2005 The Benefits of project Management and PMO

2004 Advanced System Technique

2004 GSM Radio Network Tuning

2002 Introduction to GSM

2002 Network Planning

2003 Introduction to Antennas

2003 GSM System Surveys

2004 Cell Planning Principles

2004 GeoMedia User TM3005

2003 OSS Overview

2003 Determination and Analysis with Processing for Interference Signals

2007 Analytic Thinking

2015 Decision Quality


Listening to Podcasts, Learning New Things in Technology, Eco- nomics, Languages, and Philosophies. Also, I like Playing Soccer, Tennis Table, Swimming, and Traveling Around the World.


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