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Senior Java Developer

Sunnyvale, CA
September 28, 2021

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PH: 469-***-****


Java Programmer with 9+ years of experience in full life cycle development involving analysis, design (System/Database), development, deployment, testing, documentation, implementation & maintenance of application software in Web-based environment, Distributed n-tier architecture, and Client/Server architecture using Java/J2EE Technologies.

Specific Expertise:

• Experience in programming, integrating and testing software implementations collecting business specifications, user requirements, design confirmation, development and documenting the entire software development life cycle.

• Well experienced with Java Core concepts like Multi-threading, Collections, Generics, Exception Handling etc.

• Experience in developing applications using Core Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, XML, HTML and JMS.

• Extensive experience with Spring Core, Spring IOC, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Spring AOP, Spring Security, Spring Transaction, Spring JDBC, Spring MVC.

• Experience in open source frameworks like Struts and JSF.

• Experienced in java script libraries like React JS.

• Experience in using the Object Relational Mapping Tool Hibernate, strong in using XML mappings and Java Objects.

• Strong work experience in application integration using Web services such as JAXB, JAX-WS, SOAP, WSDL, JAX-RS, RESTFUL.

• Experience in using XML related technologies like XSL, XSLT, DTDs, XML Schemas, Namespaces as well as XML parsing APIs like DOM and SAX.

• Experienced in SQL, PL/SQL and proficient in creating Stored Procedures, Functions, Cursors and Triggers, views.

• Experienced in UNIX, Shell Scripting.

• Exposure to Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture.

• Experience in Relational Database Systems like Oracle.

• Understanding of Java design patterns like Singleton, MVC, Data Access Object, Session Facade, Business Delegate.

• Experienced in using Log4J for logging

• Experience in Test Driven Development techniques to provide reliable, working software early and often.

• Used JUnit for Unit testing.

• Experienced in using ANT and Maven to compile, package and deploy to the Application Servers.

• Involved in writing build scripts, deploy applications using Maven and Continuous integration tools like Jenkins.

• Hands on experience in NoSQL Data bases like Mango DB.

• Knowledge of using Cassandra.

• Experience in using Database IDE tools like TOAD, SQL Developer and SQuirreL SQL Client.

• Hands on experience with markup languages like HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

• Hands on experience with client-side scripting language like JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS.

• Strong working experience in distributed object-oriented component analysis and design according to industry leading J2EE framework on WebSphere, JBoss, WebLogic and Apache Servers

• Experience working in all phases of SDLC and Agile Methodology.

• Used Eclipse IDE, RAD (Rational Application Developer) and NetBeans IDE for Development.

• Have good analytical, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills with ability to interact with individuals at all levels and ability to work independently.

• Identify and analyze user requirements and recommend appropriate applications or modifications.


• Bachelors in Computer science from Nagarjuna University (India).

• Master of Computer Applications from Andhra University (India).


• Certified Developer (DEV 401).

• AWS Certified Developer - Associate (DVA-C01)

Technical skills

Languages Java/J2EE, Visual Basic, HTML, SQL, JavaScript


Cloud Spring, Hibernate, JSON, XML, Struts, JSF, JSP, Primefaces, jQuery, AJAX, DHTMLX, CSS, XSL/XSLT, Xpath, Servlets, ASP, JUnit, LDAP, JNDI, JSTL

Web Technologies

MiddleWare XML, JQuery, XSL, XSLT, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript


Servers EC2, Linux, Unix, Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere. .

DataBase Oracle, Cassandra, MySql

Source Control IBM Clear Case,CVS, SVN,Git,Bit Bucket




Methodologies Eclipse, Net Beans,STS TOAD, SQL Developer

Jenkins, Maven, Docker,Git, Bitbucket, Nexus, Nexus IQ, Fortify,Terraform, Jira,HP ALM,IBM Clear Quest

Cloud, Microservices, SOA, Web, Portal, N-Tier, Client-Server, MVC

Agile, Waterfall.

Professional Experience

Client: Equifax, Alpharetta GA March 2020 -till now

Role: Sr. Java Developer

Equifax Inc. is a consumer credit reporting agency. Provides consumers, ability to view their current Equifax Credit report and Score (One-Bureau and Three-Bureau) based on the type of product which users are enrolled. Users are provided with offers based on their eligibility, offers including personal loan, new Auto loan, Refinance Auto loan and Credit cards. Equifax rely on LendingTree to fetch these offers. Alerts will be delivered to customer based on the preferences set by consumers; this includes Fraud alerts; score change alerts and real time monitoring alerts. User can enroll or cancel to Equifax account via call center, desktop or Mobile. Equifax also allowing users to lock, freeze and unlock their accounts.

Project Name: LeadGen


• Implemented Micro service from the scratch using Spring Boot and Spring.

• Extensively worked on Rest API for communicating with Lending Tree service

• Feign client and Rest Template for API Calls.

• Streamline build process with Jenkins.

• Used Spring Data JPA for backend communication and Used Oracle and Postgress SQL for persistence

• Secured service endpoints with basic authentication and OAUTH2.

• Deploy application in AWS beanstalk

• Used CloudWatch logs, Kibana and Grafana for trouble shooting issues.

• Developed Mountebank simulations for service dependencies

• Angular 2 for developing front end.

• Experience in writing junits, integration tests and automation test cases.

• Worked on Fortify to remediate vulnerabilities

• Experiences in writing deploy scripts and creating pipelines for Jenkins job.

• Built CICD pipelines with Jenkins, Nexus, Fortify

• Involved in Agile Methodology process and Test-Driven Development.

• pre-production and production releases support activities

• Worked on Soap Ui,Postman and CURL for testing Rest api’s.

• Jira for bug tracking

• Confluence pages for documentation

• Creating Change requests and helped team in tracking Change requests for supporting internal-prod and prod using ServiceNow application

Project Name: Knowledge Based Authentication and Legacy Application Support

• KBA implementation for the Credit Karma customer through Spring-boot Micro-service for the questionnaire module.

• Experience in developing and consuming REST webservices while working in a micro-service environment.

• Developed Terraform scripts to provision AWS resources.

• Experience on AWS services like (EC2, S3, ECR, Cloudwatch, IAM, NLB, ECS cluster, Auto Scaling Group, DynamoDB).

• Secured service endpoints with API Gateway, Cognito.

• Developed Mountebank simulations for service dependencies

• Involved in Primefaces upgrade from 3.3 to 6.2 versions for Identity and Fraud platform for USA/UK/CA countries.

• Experiences in writing deploy scripts and creating pipelines for Jenkins job.

• Secured the data through tokenization using third party service (Protegrity).

• Built CICD pipelines with Jenkins, Nexus, Fortify

• Wrote service documentation / runbooks in Confluence

• Legacy application security fixes and enhancements

• Masking and removing the logs (Log & Exception Scrubbing) for removing PII data globally.

Technical environment: Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring, AWS, Maven Swagger, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySql,Redis, Docker, Tomcat, Jenkins, Git, Bitbucket, Nexus, Fortify, CloudWatch, Kibana, Grafana, junit, Cucumber, Confluence

SCUBI – Georgia Department of Labor Position: Sr. Java Developer June’16 – April 2018

Location: Atlanta Ga

The Unemployment Insurance program was designed for workers who have a strong attachment to the workforce, meaning that they have a long work history and plan to continue to work. Unemployment insurance helps these workers maintain an attachment to the labor force and provides them with benefits while they look for a new job. Unemployment Insurance is a unique program in that the system is a federal-state joint venture, financed by both federal and state unemployment taxes. There are provision in the Social Security Act for federal oversight and conformance to certain federal provisions. However, each State administers a separate unemployment insurance program within guidelines established by Federal Law. The law allows states wide latitude to develop their own taxing and benefit laws. Each state has a common program with wide variance in the manner in which State laws have evolved since the 1930’s.

Unemployment Insurance has three primary purposes:

• Provide short term economic relief for eligible workers from a fund financed by employers.

• Lighten the burden of unemployment upon the worker and the worker’s family while seeking employment.

• Help the local community maintain a stable workforce and economy while providing a readily accessible and trained workforce.


• Designed and developed a web-based client using JSP, Tag Libraries, Java Script, JQuery,s

• HTML and XML using Spring MVC Framework.

• Developed micro services architecture using Rest APIs, spring boot.

• Used Hibernate as the ORM tool to communicate with the database

• Involved in coding for the presentation layer using Apache Tiles Framework, AJAX, XML, XSLT and JavaScript.

• Published SOAP Web Services and Created Clients for 3rd party SOAP Web Services.

• Worked on AngularJS directives, Controllers, MVC, data Binding, Filters, Bindings, and Services.

• Used Spring Security for Authentication and authorization.

• Used react-bootstrap for styling and responsive web design.

• Navigated with react-router.

• Worked with MongoDB and integrated with Spring Data.

• Wrote client-side validations using JavaScript which checks for the valid values for the different events that are being logged.

• Involved in writing queries, stored procedures, and modifications to existing database structure as required per addition of new features.

• Used ECM (Enterprise content management) to store and manage documents.

• Experience working with HP Fortify (Static source code analysis).

• Involved in writing MAVEN Scripts for building the web application.

• Used Jenkins as Continuous Integration tool.

• Used SVN as version management tool to control on the code and configuration files.

• Used Spring Tool Suit (STS) for Development.

• The entire Application is deployed in WebLogic Application Server.

• Possess agile mindset.

• Following scrum development methodology.

• Used HP ALM and Jira for the defect tracking.

• Log4j was used to log the events in the application.

• Used JUNIT for unit testing.

• Using Spring Tool Suite(STS) to develop different J2EE components like Client jars, Web Modules and Application EAR modules.

• Coded application components using a test-driven approach.

Environment: JDK 1.7, Spring 4.1, HIbernate 4.3, Tiles 3.0, SOAP, REST Web Services, ORACLE, MongoDb,SVN, Spring Suite IDE, JUnit, Log4j, PL/SQL, Jquery, AngularJS,Weblogic server, react-bootstrap, mockito 1.9,spring security 3.2, Windows 7 and UNIX, HP ALM,JIRA.

ASPEN – EDBC, State of NM Role: Sr. Java Developer September’14 – May’16

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Automated System program and Eligibility Network (ASPEN) is an integrated eligibility system use to determine eligibility for services and issues benefits to low income New Mexicans with various programs including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Cash Assistance (Tanf, General Assistance, Energy Assistance), Medical Assistance and Medicare Savings Programs (MSP)

EDBC: Stands for Eligibility Determination and benefit calculation will calculate benefits based on eligibility of the group/applicant being applied for particular program. When calculating benefits it will consider Income, Assets, Financial, Non-Financial and verification details of applicant/group.


• Participation in work request and change request discussions with team and carefully studied the existing functionality and implementations.

• Developing the enhancements and fixing the bugs in the project which is developed using Java, Fast4j, Ejb.

• Integrated spring with Hibernate and Used Hibernate for persistence layer and also used HQL for query purpose.

• Produced and consumed web services including SOAP using SOAP UI, JAXB, and JAXWS.

• Responsible for creating and maintaining architecture for Restful API using Spring Boot.

• Implemented rules with Corticon and native rules Engine.

• Worked with Corticon rules sheets (.ERS), Rule Flow (.ERF), Vocabulary (.Ecore) and EDS files.

• Created new Corticon rule sheets, adding required fields to Ecore, adding rule sheets to rule flow (.Erf) and Generating EDS file as per requirement.

• Mapping Corticon entities with java objects.

• Generating Decision tables (DT’s) for corticon.

• Developed user interface using Jsp, html,Css, javascript and Jquery.

• Involved in code reviews and mentoring the team members.

• Assist QA and end-users with verifying application functionality and that application functionality adhere to requirements.

• Ensure that coding standards are maintained throughout the development process.

• Perform Unit, Integration and System testing.

• Used IBM Clear Case as version control system for the source code and project documents.

• Used IBM Clear Quest for tracking the bugs.

• Used Eclipse IDE for Development.

• Used Corticon Studio for developing RuleSheets.

• Used Find Bugs for finding bugs in Eclipse IDE.

• Provided Technical support for production environments resolving the issues, analyzing the defects, providing and implementing the solution defects. Resolved more priority defects as per the schedule.

Technical Environment:

Java, J2EE, EJB2.0, Spring 3.0,Web Services(SOAP), Corticon Rules Engine, Native rules Engine, Oracle 11g, Java Script, JQuery, IBM WebSphere,IBM Clear Case, IBM Clear Quest, Ant, Eclipse IDE

DDC ( Role: Java Developer Apr'09 - Aug'10

Location: Hyderabad, India

Document Depository Corporation (DDC) provides secure, lightweight applications that help you better manage your important documents. DDC frees you from the drudgery of storing your documents in assorted email folders, non-searchable and inaccessible filing cabinets, and other poorly formatted methods, while providing you with intelligently designed applications to better manage your workflow.


• Involved in Design, Development and Support phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

• Developed front end modules using JSF,JavaScript,Ajax4Jsf.

• Coded the request processing layer (controllers) using the Java and Spring.

• Created project base configuration with JSF, Spring, Hibernate.

• Integrated the application with spring framework for implementing Dependency injection and provide abstraction between presentation layer and persistence layer.

• Used Spring 2.0 Framework for Dependency injection and integrated with Hibernate.

• Extensively used different Spring framework features including Spring Data Access Layer includes ORM, JMS.

• Used MySql as the backend database

• Involved in design of the database schema and development of Stored Procedures.

• Used JSF Framework in the presentation tier of the application which is based on the MVC design pattern

• Used JavaScript and Ajax4Jsf for client side validation.

• Used Spring Web flow to manage complex page flows.

• Coded Ant build scripts to build and deploy the application on JBoss.

• Used JUnit framework for unit testing of application and Log4j 1.2 to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions.

• Used SVN for version control.

• Supported Testing Teams and involved in defect meetings.

Technical Environment:

Java, JSF1.2, JSP, Spring, Hibernate 3.1, Ajax Framework (Ajax4jfs), JBoss, MySQL, Ant, SVN

Aklero ( Role: Programmer/Analyst Oct’07- Mar’09

Location: Hyderabad, India

Aklero is implementing outsourced service functionality to mortgage lenders. This service will require Aklero to scan and extract information from large volumes of paper documents. The extracted data and the documents themselves will be stored in a DMS that will function as the official document repository. The application will be able to extract documents, create documents, and insert new versions of documents as necessary.


• Developed UI Pages for view layer of the application using JSP, CSS, DWR, JSTL and Java Script.

• Developed client side validations using JavaScript, AJAX and custom tags

• Coded the request processing layer (controllers) using the Java and Spring.

• Implemented Spring MVC, which includes writing Controller classes for handling requests, processing form submissions and performed validations using Commons validator.

• Integrated the application with spring framework for implementing Dependency injection and provide abstraction between presentation layer and persistence layer.

• Extensively used different Spring framework features including Spring MVC, Spring AOP and Spring Data Access Layer includes ORM, JMS.

• Worked with CSS for look and feel of the webpage.

• Involved in developing common utility methods for business logic.

• Involved in discussions for improving the performance of the functionalities

• Developed SQL queries, stored procedures and triggers based on the requirements and fixed the bugs.

• Defect Fixing in Mozilla, Safari, IE.

• Used Eclipse as IDE and JBoss Application server for developing application.

• Used Hibernate framework for persistence.

• Used SVN for version control system.

• Involved in development ANT build scripts for building and deploying the application.

• Involved in production support and maintenance of the application.

Technical Environment:

Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate 3.1, DWR, Java Script, Jasper Reports, JBoss5.0, My SQL, SVN, Ant

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