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School Nurse, Clinical instructor

Dunedin, FL
September 25, 2021

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Lynne Henderson RN,B.S.N., C.N.A.


*/****-******* ******** ******* Academy Clearwater, FL

● Demonstrates knowledge of and follows all applicable federal and state compliance requirements and regulations including those prescribed by the Department of Education

● Supervision of Extern PCT/NA students on the designated clinical site including a skilled nursing facility and hospital setting.

● Keep accurate attendance records ensuring required hours are met.

● Provides students with an understanding of how they will use classroom materials with in a work environment

● Ensure Florida Board of Nursing standards a upheld by students

● Teach proper technique and ensure students demonstrate the necessary skills to be a successful Nursing Assistant.

● Require that all students abide by OSHA, HIPAA, school code of conduct and facility policies and procedures.

● Attends required school meetings including but not limited to in-service faculty trainings.

● Complete administrative tasks and duties as required and conducts workshop or tutorials as needed.


7/10 -7/13

Pinellas County Schools Pinellas County, FL

As a School Nurse I supervised medical tasks performed by nursing assistants, LPN'S and unlicensed personnel. Oversight of clinic functions, first aid, sick care, health care procedures such as GT feedings, urinary catheterizations, management of diabetes, vision and hearing screenings and health care problems and procedures. Trained teachers and CNA's on how to handle emergencies such as anaphylactic shock, what to do in case someone has a seizure, how to care for a student with a head injury

● Taught medication administration to certified nursing assistants and faculty

which included how to give an Epi-Pen, asthma inhalers, seizure medication, daily and PRN medications.

● Cared for sick students in the clinic

● Administered first aid to students and staff

● Reviewed student records and ensured compliance of immunizations. Prepared the school for an audit by the Florida Dept of Health and followed up on students who didn't have the required physical exams or immunizations for school entry

● Supervised and participated in vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings for several schools. Collaborated with the BUCS Vision Van, Glazer Foundation and Essilor Foundation to provide needy students with eye exams and glasses.

● Taught dental care classes to the first and 4th grades classes. Provided free toothbrushes and dental floss. Collaborated with the 5th grade teachers on growth and development instruction and provided supplies. Pediatric Health Choice Clearwater, FL

Charge nurse for medical day care. Managed a staff of licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants and patient care technicians. Worked with physical, occupational and speech therapists in ensuring the plan of care for the pediatric patients.

● Care of medically complex, technology -dependent and behaviorally challenged children

● Educated caregivers such as parents, grandparents, guardians or foster parents in various medical procedures. These procedures included teaching trach. care and suctioning, oxygen administration, pulse oximetry, nebulizer treatments, GT and JT feedings, wound care, bottle feeding, diaper changes, weight and height, and giving medications. I also participated in presenting educational inservices for the staff and promoted staff professional development.

● Reviewed and audited patients' charts, medical history and summary. Reviewed medication and treatment sheets to ensure accuracy of patient care. Developed the patient plan of care with achievable goals for the patient and provided for parent involvement in the plan of care.

● Collaborated with doctors offices and received medication and or treatment orders for the patients. Cared for children that had seizures, head injuries and other emergencies. Helped the administrator plan for discharge and updated staff of any changes in patients' treatments and orders. 11/09- 7/10




Maxim Home Health Care Clearwater, FL

Care of medically fragile pediatric and adult patients in their home. Gave patients medications, GT feedings, Vent and trach care, injections, nebulizer treatments, oxygen emergency meds. Such as injectable Valium for a patient having a seizure. Notified their doctor and received orders. Notified patient caregivers of any changes and updated the office of any changes in the patients condition or new orders. Transcribed doctor's orders and charted accurate progress.

The Washington Home and Community Hospices Washington D.C. Travel nurse for the facility for a 13 week assignment in the home care environment, the inpatient unit, and the skilled nursing home. Admission, assessments, vital signs, case management of hospice and home care patients in the acute and chronic health care settings. I worked closely with a team of physicians, nurses, social workers, counselors and chaplains. The patient and family were involved in the treatment plan.

● Pain and symptom management, palliative care, end of life care

● Bereavement care and family education and support

● Electronic documentation

● Attended meetings, certifications and recerts.

● Collaborated with the hospice team on quality care for the patient. Educated the patient and family on end of life care.

● Visited the skilled nursing homes to provide care

● Collaborated with the hospice team and the family

● Ensured the patients were receiving their medications and their effectiveness.

● I did wound care and taught the patient and family the procedure

● Made sure that the patient received their durable medical equipment and supplies. Reported any equipment that needed repair or replaced Tampa Bay Heart Institute

Outpatient Cardiac Catheterization Lab Tampa, FL

● Per Diem staff nurse

● Reviewed patient history, lab findings, and reports from doctors' offices

● Prepared patients for their procedures such as cardiac catheterizations

● Started IV's, prepped the patients, did their vital signs, pre and post op teaching.

● Documented their pre-operative assessments and communicated with the doctors and cath. lab. regarding the patient's condition. Informed doctors of any abnormal findings or changes in condition during recovery time. Gulfside Regional Hospice New Port Richey, FL

I was an RN for a team that did skilled nursing home visits. I supervised an LPN and the CNA's on my team. I did daily visits on our patients checking their status, appetites, skin condition, medication administration by the nursing home staff and collaborated with the patient and the team. I did chart review and ensured that the patients were receiving their pain meds as ordered and evaluated their pain 7/07-7/08

management. I did their vitals and assessments and communicated their progress to the team. I communicated daily with the LPN's and CNA'S daily to make sure our patients were receiving quality care. I also did the required recertifications and did inservices for the staff. Education of family and staff was ongoing. Morton Plant Hospital Clearwater, FL

Staff and charge nurse for a very busy oncology, medical surgical floor. Started and maintained IV's, gave meds, documented, did vital signs, worked with PCT's and CNA's to make sure they were doing the baths, bed changes, vital signs, and feeding patients as ordered. Pain and symptom management were also an important part of this job as well. I worked with the hospice staff and helped to coordinate their admission and provided any updates or concerns. Attended inservices and completed required courses at the hospital and online. EDUCATION




Andrews University Berrien Springs, MI

Bachelors of Science Degree In Nursing

Received a local nursing scholarship

Hocking College Nelsonville, Ohio

Associate Of Science in Nursing

LPN Diploma







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