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Criminal Investigator Special Agent

Neabsco, VA, 22191
September 17, 2021

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Luigi Alberto Agostini

**** ********* *** **********, ** 22191

Mobile: 703-***-**** or Home: 703-***-****

TS/SCI Clearance with Full Scope Poly


Mr. Agostini’s career is highlighted by his service in the United States Army as a Criminal Investigator / Special Agent. Mr. Agostini has worked on criminal cases directed linked the safety of our Nation’s security and recent history. Ranging from being directly involved in the on ground mission(s) to training and mentoring the next wave of Investigators / Special Agents and Intelligence Analysts. CACI International

Security Administrator-Senior(Case Review P3) 07-2020-Present The performance of Security prescreen for new hires candidates to include, Personnel security clearance packages Electronic application systems (eQIP) and Standard Form 86 processing. Polygraph appointment scheduling Client/IC badge and indoctrination requests Business and personal UFT requests. Adverse reporting in compliance with government requirements and corporate guidelines Compliance with personnel security records and security database system management (CAST, eCPRL, CCIL, JPAS, DISS). Clearance certification, visit requests, visit authorization, badging, and access control Security briefings, debriefings, out-processing, and security awareness training. Processing incoming and outgoing classified documents and materials Demonstrated expertise utilizing JPAS and Scattered Castes. Prepare and submit Initial, Reinstatements, Crossovers, Nomination Letters, and maintain eCPRLs electronically. Ensure all SF862 (word document or e-QIP) are reviewed for accuracy prior to submission Provide guidance to employees and subcontractors regarding matters of program security to include classification determination and marking guidance. Provide security indoctrinations, debriefings, and annual refresher trainings. Provide onsite security support activities in the areas of Program, Personnel, Physical, COMSEC and Information Security

CACI International

Armed Mid-Level Counter Intelligence (CI) Specialist 07/201*-**-**** Coordinates and synchronizes a broad range of CI Operations activities to include analysis of those operations. Reviews, evaluates, and provides insightful analysis into CI Operations plans and activities in support of Services, Combatant Commands, Agencies, and other special customers. Contributes to the development, execution and evaluation comprehensive operational plans. Conducts special collection activities using specialized equipment and techniques. Executes effective CI collections and field operations to counter threats to sensitive US technologies, programs, activities and facilities. Plans and executes discrete physical observation; conducts counter- surveillance and detection operations; provides unique, cutting-edge biometric collection capability. May represent the CI Operational capabilities at Joint, Intelligence Community and Inter-Agency meetings as required. Independently develops initiatives to enhance the analysis and analytical support provided to CI Operational capabilities Prepares and deliver briefings to senior leadership regarding CI Operational plans and activities. Provides client with a greater understanding of CI Operations policies and methodologies. May liaise with the IA and the intelligence and law enforcement community. Conducted PCASS examinations, Media Exploitation, and Technical Analysis. Knowledge in Palantir, BI2R, TCOP, and other data bases. Signature Federal Systems

Transportation Specialist 02/2017-07/2019

Provides secure transportation for and high value personnel for Government Agencies. Responsible for transporting passengers by car, van, shuttle, or charter bus to various government and commercial buildings and agencies throughout the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Operates private Agency bus charters beyond the metropolitan area as needed, and perform administrative functions that include preparing accident and/or incident reports, and completing accurate arrival and departure time logs. CDL qualified for A, tractor trailers, B straight trucks, and P, passenger buses.

Dynamics Information Technology

Case Coverage Analyst 05/2016-08/2016

Analysis newly scheduled background investigations to determine if scheduled work requested meets case coverage criteria. Coordinate item coverage through internal processes when necessary. Analysis items scheduled during investigative process to ensure items meet case coverage criteria.

OmniSec International Investigations

Background Investigator 04/2015-04/2016

Conduct federal background investigations and prepare reports of investigations in compliance with ICD 704 standards, all laws, and other required federal agency regulations. Work cases thought the geographic area of responsibility and travel to various places of employment, residence and education institutions. BAE

Case Inventory Technician/Latent Print Technician 02/2014 - 07/2014 Performed and maintained inventory of Latent Prints and other forensics collected by Technicians assigned to process and examine evidence recovered by U.S. Government agencies to further their mission of promoting and ensuring homeland security in a unique state of the art forensic laboratory. A-1 CDL School Manassas, VA

Head Instructor 12/2012 - 06/2013

Performed classroom instruction and on the road training in the use of “Class A” Tractor Trailer Trucks, Class B straight trucks and Class B Passenger Buses. Prepared students for their Virginia Motor Vehicle road test. Unemployed 08/2012 - 12/2012

DA, Criminal Investigation Division,

Criminal Investigation Task Force (CITF) FT Belvoir, VA US Criminal Investigator, 1811 Grade Level: GS 13 02/2010 - 08/2012 Managed and Directed CITF teams’ day-to-day tactical workload and strategic organizational mission work. Teams consisted of: Criminal Investigators, Special Agents, Intelligence Analysts and Contractors. Oversaw the evidence chain for evidence collected and catalogued by the teams. Evidence was used for and while processing and managing of criminal information pertaining to detainees for evidential use by the Office of Military Commissions, as well as the Department of Justice. Conducted liaison with Federal Law Enforcement agencies, National Intelligence Agencies, Foreign National Law Enforcement agencies, the Joint Task Force Guantanamo, as well as Military and Federal Prosecutorial Authorities. Coordinated efforts across multi-agency, joint services, Department of Defense Criminal Investigation Task Force (CITF) in direct mission support of: Operation Enduring Freedom; Operation Iraqi Freedom; and the Global War on Terrorism. Managed investigations of multiple terrorism cases. Authored written reports; developed and coordinated criminal information on detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Reviewed associated documentation to identify unexploited leads and coordinated at all levels of the national law enforcement and intelligence infrastructure for completion of outstanding leads. Facilitated and prepared case presentations before the Annual Review and Major Case Review Board. Provided training and mentoring to all members of the team and other members of the Task Force as needed. Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) Arlington, VA

Operation Cell Specialist 12/2008 – 02/2010

Provided analysis and support to Law Enforcement Officials responding to notifications of encounters with individuals known or suspected to have been involved with terrorism. Provided current, accurate, and thorough information and intelligence to law enforcement personnel as contained in various secure databases. Reviewed, modified, and/or corrected information/intelligence pertaining to watch listed persons and delivered responses to requests incoming from originating agencies. Conducted research consistent with criteria set forth by the Department of Justice. Provided a final disposition on all findings and evaluation of all relevant information ensuring that appropriate derogatory and or other material are contained in the report/record. Liaised with multiple points of contact (POC) in government agencies who were part of the Terrorist Screening Community who conducted extensive database queries and conducted quality assurance (QA) Skill in intelligence research and analysis, including experience in accessing various intelligence and law enforcement community product databases. Applied standards to analyze and interpret information to determine if standards were met. Followed standard operating procedures (SOP) and maintained accurate, detailed and timely administrative records. Effectively communicated clear, concise, and accurate written and verbal presentations. Experienced in representing an organization's positions and maintaining daily liaison with officials inside and outside the organization. Knowledge of the intelligence and law enforcement entities which use the services provided within the organization.

US Army Criminal Investigation Division, Protective Service US Battalion (CID) FT Belvoir, VA

Detachment Sergeant/ Senior Special Agent 01/2007 - 12/2008 Performed all duties as the Detachment Sergeant and Senior Supervisory Special Agent for the largest executive protection unit in the Department of Defense. Responsible for the world-wide mission of full time, executive level protection for the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), Deputy SECDEF and all visiting foreign counterparts. Planned directed and executed security operations in a manner ensuring the safety from physical harm or embarrassment of senior DOD High Risk Personnel (HRP). Responsible for the world-wide mission of full time, executive level protection for the SECDEF and his Deputy and all visiting foreign counterparts. Planned directed and executed security operations in a manner ensuring the safety from physical arm or embarrassment of senior DOD High risk Personnel (HRP). Coordinated with operations with U.S. Secret Service, Department of State, Homeland Security, FBI, U.S. Capitol Police and various other state, federal and internationalsecurity/intelligence agencies on missions involving the President (POTUS), Vice President (VPOTUS) and U.S. Cabinet level officials. Responsible for the morale, welfare and professional development of 65 Enlisted and 14 Warrant Officer CID Special Agents. Coordinated liaison activities with Air Force of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and Naval Criminal Investigative Service

(NCIS) for inter-service operational tasking supporting the security mission for the SECDEF and Deputy SECDEF. Managed unit personnel structure to the effectively support the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). Supervised daily scheduling by subordinate leader/managers with OSD staff. Ensured missions were planned considering available organic and support personnel, funding, risk management, Operational Security (OPSEC) and Force Protection. Solutions US Army Criminal Investigation Division, Hawaii Field Office Schofield Barracks, Hawaii US

Operations Sergeant/Senior Enlisted Advisor 08/2005 to 01/2007 Provided staff supervision for Hawaii Field Office (CID) Criminal Intelligence section, and ensured quality criminal intelligence products affecting on-going and future investigations were shared with subordinate MP (CID) Battalions, subordinate field investigative offices throughout the AOR, and other law enforcement/intelligence agencies as needed. Provided program management oversight for investigative sub- programs of investigative contingency funds and drug suppression. Responsible for the welfare and professional development of 22 Enlisted and Warrant Officers CID Special Agents. Responsible for over $1M of investigative and operational equipment.

Criminal Investigation Division, Criminal Investigation Task Force (CITF) FT Belvoir, Virginia US

Operations Officer/ Special Agent 12/2005 - 12/2006 Provided staff supervision for the Criminal Investigation Task Force (CITF) forward operations Camp Slayer, Baghdad, Iraq. Managed the quality criminal intelligence reports (products) affecting on-going and future investigations to be shared with Judge Advocate Office (JAG), Camp Victory, Baghdad and other law enforcement/intelligence agencies as needed.

Criminal Investigation Division, FT Carson Regional Agency (RA) Colorado Springs, Colorado US

Detachment Sergeant/ Senior Special Agent 04/2002 - 08/2005 Senior Supervisory Criminal Investigator for the 6th Group Military Police (CID). Provided oversight and quality control for Army interest felony criminal investigations throughout Colorado and parts of New Mexico. Provided morale, welfare and professional development training to 10 Enlisted and four Warrant Officer CID Special Agents, regarding areas or programs identified as deficient or needing improvement during the everyday working of the office.

Criminal Investigation Division, New England Branch Office FT Devens, Massachusetts US

Assistant Special Agent in Charge 04/2001 - 04/2003 Responsible for conducting all felony criminal investigations affecting the U.S. Army throughout all of New England which include the states of Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Conducted criminal liaison activities with all six key stakeholder: States Prosecutors, Medical Examiners Offices, State and Local Law Enforcement to ensure successful prosecutions of identified criminal subjects.

Criminal Investigation Division, 10th Mountain Infantry Division FT Drum, New York US

Personal Security Officer/ Special Agent 11/2001 - 05/2002 c

Criminal Investigation Division, Protective Service Battalion Ft Belvoir, Virginia US

Special Agent 04/1997 – 04/2001

Responsible for the staffing, planning, and coordination of protective services operations for the SECDEF, Deputy SECDEF, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Vice Chairman, JCS, Secretary of the Army, and all foreign counter parts. Planned, directed and executed security operations in a manner ensuring the safety from harm or embarrassment of senior DOD HRP. Coordinated operations with U.S. Secret Service, Department of State, FBI, U.S. Capitol Police and various other State, Federal and international security/intelligence agencies on missions involving POTUS, VPOTUS and U.S. Cabinet officials.

Criminal Investigation Division, FT Campbell (RA)

Clarksville, TN US

Special Agent 05/1994 – 04/1997

CID Special Agent/Criminal Investigator responsible for the successful resolution of serious felony investigations involving such crimes as rape, robbery, murder, trafficking of illicit drugs and various frauds against the U.S. Government. Conducted over 200 felony investigations resulting in 95% solve rate and successful prosecutions of violent criminals, and administrative remedies (recovery of funds) in various fraud-related investigations. Conducted crime prevention surveys identifying crime conducive conditions and lapses in loss prevention management in Army retail outlets, logistical facilities and other organizations. Testified in Court Martial, Article 32, courts, boards and other proceedings.

US Army 25th Infantry Division Light Schofield Barracks, HI US Infantry Man/ Squad Leader/ Platoon Sgt 04/1992 – 04/1994 Responsible for the morale, health, and training of a 30 man Rifle Platoon; responsible for the maintenance, accountability, and effective utilization of all platoon-assigned weapons, night observation devices, communications equipment, and individual equipment worth over $500,000; counsels, disciplines, and develops soldiers and NCOs into competent leaders; maintains the highest state of combat readiness regardless of conditions and personnel changes.

Fairfield County Sheriff's Department Danbury, CT US Deputy Sheriff 01/1989 – 01/1991

Responsible for order and safety of state judges during their performance of their duties. Coordinated with local Police agencies in the transport and processing of county prisoners to and from the court house and the county jail. Responsible for safety and security of 100 inmates in a housing unit at a time, ensuring 100 percent accountability. Investigates all incidents within assigned housing unit, and writes in-depth detailed reports to submit to supervisors. Conducts security rounds twice an hour in accordance with the Department of Corrections regulations. Conducts thorough searches and sweeps of housing unit for contraband or any unauthorized items and weapons. Ashmore Enterprises Brookfield, CT US

Tactical Assault and Rescue Instructor 03/1985 – 01/1989 Responsible for instructing and performing Tactical Assaults and Rescue to civilian Police and Fire Departments around the continental US. Main instruction in the use of special weapons, breaching equipment, rescue and rappelling gear, and underwater recovery systems.

Newtown Police Department Newtown, CT US

Police Officer 10/1980 – 03/1985

Responsible for the safety and investigations for the second largest town in the State of Connecticut (60 square miles). Charged with the apprehension of criminals and the prevention and detection of crime, protection and assistance of the general public, and the maintenance of public order.

US Army Ft Gordon, GA US

Military Policeman 01/1976 – 02/1979

Responsible for the safety and security of the military base, conducted simple investigations, to include traffic accidents, simple assaults, larcenies, and speeding enforcement. Charged with the apprehension of criminals and the prevention and detection of crime, protection and assistance of the general public, and the maintenance of public order.

Job Related Training




PCASS Certified (2019)

Evidence Collection and Processing (2006)

Advanced Crime Scene Course (2006)

Unit Anti-Terrorism Advisors course (2003)

Child Abuse Prevention and Investigative Techniques (2001) FBI Anti-Terrorist Driving Techniques (1999)

H&K International Training Division (1999)

Columbia State University (1998)

Hostage Negotiation Course (1997)

Anti-Terrorist Evasive Driving Course (1997)

United States Army Protective Services Training (1996) United States Army Criminal Investigation School (CID) (1995) 25th Infantry Division Air Assault School (1992)

United States Army Infantry School (1991)

Open Water Scuba Instructor PADI (1986)

Connecticut Police Academy (1981)

United States Army Military Police School (1976)



French- Limited



Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) – Life Member

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