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Public School Research Assistant

Seattle, WA
September 07, 2021

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Amanda Zabrowski, M.A., CCC-SLP

***** **** *** ** 206-***-****

Seattle, WA 98125

Skills/Work Experience


May 2011- Present

● Collection of information- Perform evidence based evaluations to assess patients’ current levels of performance related to communication abilities- speech, language and social skills.

● Prepare Investigative reports on a patient’s profile: carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to document and list patient facts and case history reports to establish a diagnosis and therapy services.

● Analysis of information- Plan individualized therapy interventions based on investigative case history, results of evaluations, multidisciplinary team input, clinical judgement and patient skills.

● Implementation of services: Provide therapy services for a variety of clinical topics/diagnoses including but not limited to speech sound disorders, mixed receptive-expressive language delay, augmentative and alternative communication, autism spectrum disorder, muscular dystrophy and various learning disabilities.

● Documentation/Writing Skills: Use computer databases, electronic spreadsheets, word processing and specialized software applications to document, analyze and present confidential data and electronic medical records. This information included patient health information, progress, data, treatment notes and assessment reports for informational and billing purposes.

● Documentation/Writing Skills: Write individualized education programs

(IEPs) and evaluations on a variety of computer databases and programs.

● Documentation/Writing Skills: Design and continuously update a personal tracking system for IEP and assessment dates, create scheduling system for booking treatments, provide individual, small group and classroom treatment.

● Speaking/Oral Skills: Provide education to a multidisciplinary team on cultural considerations, multilingualism, and functional impact of disorders resulting in better understanding and appropriate accommodations for patients and their individual needs.

● Problem Solving Skills: Work collaboratively with other multidisciplinary team members to problem solve and address complications and challenges that come up with patients, to enhance cohesion and overall quality of services and documentation

Amanda Zabrowski Resume 1

SELF EMPLOYED- Contract Speech Language Pathologist for WA State Speech Language Pathologist, MA CCC-SLP March 2020 - present Variable Contracted Hours/As Needed $75/Hour

SHORELINE PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT, Seattle, Washington Speech Language Pathologist, MA CCC-SLP August 2019- November 2019 23 Hours/Week $58,777/Year

SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT, Seattle, Washington Speech Language Pathologist, MA CCC-SLP August 2016- August 2019 35 Hours/Week $90,974/Year


Speech Language Pathologist, MA CCC-SLP August 2012- June 2016 35 Hours/Week $74,604/Year


Speech Language Pathologist-Clinical Fellowship, September 2011-June 2012 35 Hours/Week $41/Hour

SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT, Seattle, Washington Speech Language Pathologist Assistant-AT TEAM August 2008 - August 2009 35 Hours/Week

● Plan and implement speech-language therapy interventions with a focus on patients ages 4 to 21 years old who were minimally verbal or non verbal

● Train students aged 4-21 years old on how to navigate and use their Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) devices to functionally communicate in a variety of settings

● Collect data, analyze data and document students’ progress

● Program AAC devices and on call to fix technical problems

CASA GRANDE UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT, Casa Grande, Arizona Speech Language Technician, September 2007-May 2008 35 Hours/Week $52,000/Year

BROUWERS CAFE Seattle, Washington

Server March 2006- August 2010

OLYMPIC ATHLETIC CLUB DAYCARE, Seattle, Washington Daycare Employee, July 2000-August 2007

● Care for children aged 3 months-12 years old

● Handle billing and scheduling electronically

Relevant Skills:

-10 years experience preparing and reviewing psychological/ speech-language investigative reports

-10 years experience publishing investigative results of evaluations into reports

-10 years experience using analytical software and hardware to catalog and analyze legal due dates, diagnoses, and therapy minutes provided for each patient

Amanda Zabrowski Resume 2


-10 years experience briefing, educating and training school administrators, staff and campus security on children with behavior issues, psychological and emotional disturbances and speech and language disorders


September 2003- June 2007

Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences- Communication Disorders

Obtained 25 supervised clinical observation hours & 45 supervised audiology practicum hours


August 2009-May 2011

Master of Arts Degree in Speech Language Pathology- Communication Disorders

● Obtained 400+ hours of advanced clinical, school and medical SLP training

● Successfully researched, completed and presented oral defense case studies to the WSU board of professors in order to obtain a Masters Degree

● Successfully passed the federal PRAXIS exam to obtain a Speech and Language Certificate of Clinical Competence





American Speech and Hearing Association-Certificate of Clinical Competence

Educational Staff Associate License for Washington State SWEDISH MEDICAL HOSPITAL, Seattle, Washington

Speech Language Pathologist Intern, January 2011 – May 2011 ST. LUKES REHABILITATION INSTITUTE, Spokane, Washington Speech Language Pathologist Intern, September 2010 – December 2010 HEARING ORAL PROGRAM OF EXCELLENCE, Spokane, Washington Speech Language Pathologist Intern, May 2010-July 2010 SPOKANE PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT, Spokane, Washington Speech Language Pathologist Intern, January 2010 – April 2010 UNIVERSITY PROGRAMS IN COMMUNICATION DISORDERS CLINIC, Spokane, Washington

Speech Language Pathologist Intern, August 2009-December 2009 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, Washington

Research Assistant for Dr. Patricia Kuhl, January 2007-March 2007 EDMONDS SCHOOL DISTRICT, Edmonds, Washington

Amanda Zabrowski Resume 3

Hearing Screener, September 2006- October 2006

INSTITUTE FOR LEARNING AND BRAIN SCIENCES, Seattle, Washington Research Assistant and Receptionist, September 2005- June 2006 References Michael Blysma- Special Education Program Administrator Seattle Public Schools

Anne Anderson- Special Education Teacher Seattle Public Schools

Lindsey Cooper- Speech Language Pathologist and Clinical Team Supervisor at Encompass NonProfit Agency 206-***-****

Wendy Farrell- Speech Language Pathologist Seattle Public Schools 206-***-****

Jody Rosenbaum- Speech Language Pathologist Seattle Public Schools 206-***-****

Lindsey Williams- Clinical Supervisor Washington State University/Pre-K clients 509-***-****

WSU Graduate


● SHS 501 Advanced Research Methods

● SHS 540 Pediatric Dysphagia

● SHS 542 Infant and Toddler Communication and Language

● SHS 543 School Age and Adolescent Language

● SHS 555 Bilingual and Cultural Issues

● SHS 556 Problems in Stuttering

● SHS 557 Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Disorders

● SHS 561 Advanced Clinical Practicum

● SHS 563 Dysphagia -Anatomy and Physiology of Swallowing

● SHS 565 Augmentative Communication

● SHS 566 Off-Campus Practicum Public School Setting

● SHS 570 Advanced Internship in Speech-Language

● SHS 574 Neuropathologies of Language

● SHS 575 Advanced Clinical Practice

● SHS 576 Voice and Resonance Disorders

● SHS 580 Advanced Diagnostics

● SHS 582 Clinical Perspectives

● SHS 587 Speech-Language Pathology in the Medical Setting

● SHS 588 Phonological Acquisition and Behavior

● SHS 590 SLPs & Audiologists in the Schools

● SHS 700 Master's Research, Thesis, and/or Examination Amanda Zabrowski Resume 4




● SPHSC 100: Voice and Articulation Improvement

● SPHSC 250: Human Communication and Its Disorders

● SPHSC 261: The Nature of Sound

● SPHSC 302: Phonetics

● SPHSC 303: Language Science

● SPHSC 304: Developmental Aspects of Communication

● SPHSC 305: Speech and Language Disorders

● SPHSC 308: Social-Cultural Aspects of Communication

● SPHSC 320: Anatomy and Physiology of Speech

● SPHSC 371: Hearing Disorders

● SPHSC 405: Diagnosis of Speech and Language Disorders

● SPHSC 406: Treatment of Speech and Language Disorders

● SPHSC 425: Speech, Language and the Brain

● SPHSC 461: Introduction to Hearing Science

● SPHSC 471: Basic Audiometry

● SPHSC 481: Management of Hearing Loss –Aural Rehabilitation

● SPHSC 499: Undergraduate Research

Amanda Zabrowski Resume 5

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