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Saudi Aramco Co Ltd

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
September 02, 2021

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Proposed for position of: QA/QC Inspector (Instrumentation)

+91-620*******, +91-821*******


Holding Saudi Arabia driving license.


To be an accomplished management professional who is able to use all management skills to the best of my ability and intelligence and contribute to the growth of the organization. I have 12 Years of working experience as a QA/QC Inspector/Engineer, Inspection, testing, well aware of scope of work, code, standards and specification used in Oil and Gas, Refineries, LNG, Petro Chemical & Power Project.

Diploma in Electronics & Instrumentation engineering from the Board of Bihar (India) in the year of 2002.

Total Quality Management. (TQM) From Yanbu industrial Collage Yanbu al Bahar (Saudi Arabia)

Dynamic working skill in Microsoft Office which includes Microsoft Words, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Access and Photoshop etc. Internet, Emailing, Surfing and Browsing.


Project@ 1


Project1 : AL Zour Refinery Project (Kuwait)

Designation : QA/QC Inspector Instrumentation

Duration : 16th April 2019 to 15th December 2019.

Client : KIPIC (KNPC)

Project@ 2

Company Name : SEPCO (EPC-4)

Project1 : Jizan IGCC Power Generation Unit.

Designation : QC Instrumentation Inspector.

Duration : 27th October 2016 to 03rd January 2018

Client : Saudi Aramco

Previous Project@ 3


Project1 : SADARA Isocyanides Chemical Project.

Designation : QC Instrumentation Inspector.

Duration : 14th October 2014 to 17th October 2015.

Client : SADARA

Previous Project @4


Project2 : Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refinery.

Designation : QC Instrumentation Inspector.

Duration : 2nd September 2012 to 10thAugust 2014

Client : Saudi Aramco

Previous Project@ 5

Company Name : SK ENGEENRING & Construction (EI-1)

Project3 : Bab Gas Compression Project

Designation : E&I QC Engineer

Duration : 19th June, 2010 to 12th March, 2012.

Client : ADCO

Previous Project@ 6


Project4 : SAUDI KAYAN (K.S.A)

Designation : QC Inspector Instrument

Duration : 25th November,2008 to10th April, 2009

Client : SABIC

Previous Project@ 7


Project5 : NGL IN plant project petro Rabigh

Designation : QC Inspector Instrument

Duration : 12th May 2007 to 20th November, 2008.

Client : Saudi Aramco


Previous Project@ 8


Project6 : RCF Chembur, Mumbai India

Designation : QC Inspector Instrumentation

Duration : 10th August, 2004 to 28th January, 2007.

Client : RCF.

Previous Project@ 9

Company Name : Petron Engineering Construction Ltd.

Project7 : N T P C Bharuch Gujrat (India)

Designation : Jr Engineer Instrumentation

Duration : 14th MAY 2002 to 20th JULY, 2004.

Client : NTPC.

As a QC Instrumentation Inspector Having very good experience in the field of Oil &Gas Refinery, Petrochemical, Isocyanate and LNG in various role of the implementation of quality management system and compliance to ISO 9001:2008, applicable codes, standard and specification.

Attended pre-inspection meeting, installation inspection and selection of the materials equipment and facilities, using the standards which can comply with latest addition.

Understand various engineering procedure engineering standards material system specification forms and data sheet, test procedure industrial codes and standards related to Instrumentation and Electrical Projects like, NEC (NFPA-72), NEMA, BS,NETA, UL ISA,SAES,SAUDI ARAMCO, SAES,SATIP,SAIC,SATR, SAMSS (J, P) Etc.

Conduct inspections relevant to the Instrumentation Disciplines, including installation of duct banks, cable trays, cable, junction boxes/panels and instruments, terminations, loop checks, and functional testing.

Inspection of cable trench, cable pulling continuity and megger testing

Inspection of Skid Instrument like compress, Pump, Gas turbine, stim turbine, analyzer skid, heater, exchanger, Fin Fan, Lube oil skid and ETC.

Monitor relevant job operations to ensure that activities are performed in accordance with the applicable plans, procedures and practices.

Monitor associated Discipline work, Review/Approve Quality Reports and Records.

Assist in administrating Quality Control Program.

Issue Nonconformance Reports when there is a deficiency and ensure their timely close out.

Maintain and/or assure Quality Records of specific work in the assigned discipline.

Ensure adherence to Code Requirements and ensure that all associated Documentation and Quality Records are maintained.

Coordinate Quality activities with Discipline Supervisors.

Conversant with most modern method and instrument like transmitter smart and convention pneumatics and electrical of most of the famous manufactures like, Rosemount, Honeywell, Foxboro, Yokogawa, and others,

Familiar with quality management information system (QMIS) familiar with Saudi Aramco standard and procedure

Consult and coordinate with client personnel to ensure work execution in safe and accordance with their requirement using best standards.

Reporting to supervisor & QA/QC manager for all the aspects of instrument activities of the site ongoing.

The all activities inspected and witnessed instrument Duct bank, Cable pulling, RGS Conduit, stanchion of instrument, marshalling panel, junction boxes, Mounting of instrument devices such as (Pressure level, flow and temperature) transmitters RTD and thermocouple switches and control valves,

Having good knowledge and experience of fabrication inspection of frames, brackets, supports as per the dimension of equipment and standard specification as per drawing/ Hook-up and client requirement. Well familiar with regards to installation of all kinds of instrument, Transmitter, switches, gauges, controllers, indicators, valves, I/P converter, Detectors, Analyzers, recorders, JBs Panels, PLC cabinets, Marshalling Cabinets, Consoles, Monitors etc.

knowledge with regards to tray activities, Power trays, control trays, signal trays etc., their safe installation as per NEMA VE1 & VE 2

Responsible and well familiar with regards to wiring of all kinds of instruments, JB’s Panels, consoles, PLC Cabinet, Marshalling Cabinet,

Having good knowledge of pressure Testing of Impulse tubing, airline as per standard specs and client requirement.

Having good calibration knowledge of calibration of different kinds of electronics instrument, Transmitter, gauges, valves, indicators, RTD’S, Thermocouple, using Smart communicator 375, 475 & bemax equipment

Good Knowledge of different kinds of loop-checking (local and remote) based on PLC, DCS, open and close loops, their checking based on said microprocessor system from field to control station

Preparing and Updating of Quality Control Procedures (QCP) and Inspection Test Plan (ITP) for Instrument, according to the Project standard specification.

Preparing weekly & monthly inspection reports in order to achieve the forecast date of the project specification strictly implement, site safety program proceeds with efficient, project leadership Qualities by establishing a Program & system that ensure implementation of site safety requirements. QA/QC values targeted miles stone.

Work closely with construction team to assist as necessary in the resolution of quality issues.

To coordinate in Audit schedule for all Test and Inspection conducted & has to see to it that all files documents such as latest QCP/ITP & update drawings, layout, cable schedule, equipment schedule, Instrument index, hook up, Isometrics drawing, calibration reports, test reports, loop folders, NCR, OSID, QC dossier are in hand and available and updated.

Attending weekly Meetings with Sub-Contractor and Company for Progress monitoring and issues related to Quality Control.

Conduct test for all instruments during loop check; review the loop packages for approval, surveillance and inspection of construction activities for all instruments as per standard, procedures as well as project requirements specification including IFC drawings.

Co-ordination with client’s project inspection unit or project inspection & stage wise activities for witness/hold points.

Familiar with latest calibration certificate, all test &measuring instrument are in operational &calibration, condition which will be utilized in functional checks.

Calibration loop checking works, also training of personnel &guiding subcontractors.

Responsible for checking verifying, reviewing the construction drawing covering specification data sheet, IFC, ILD, P&ID and others attachment prior to installation and during inspection. Execution of installation inspection and test plan for each phase of instrumentation activities

Arranging inspection with client for final acceptance. Effectively coordination with other related discipline performed installation inspection, testing and commissioning job for the following field instrument installation cable meggering & continuity check, DCS system, loop check, from field instrument to main console monitoring system.

Involved in FAT (factory acceptance test) &SAT (SITE ACCEPTANCE TEST)activities.

Prepared punch list for the activities carried out by construction group. Inspection of instrument calibrations shop.

Inspection & Witnessing according to Project Specification and QCP & ITP

Field Instrument Installation inspection, Pneumatic Leak Test of Air Line Tubing /Impulse line tubing, Insulation Resistance test and Continuity Check for Instrument Cables.

I have executed witnessing of insulation resistance test of cables both in warehouse and field.

Review method statement, calibration procedure, and loop check procedure and loop package prior to submit for approval.

Records and documents any and all deviations from the project quality program and the company integrated management system.

Monitor relevant job operations to ensure that activities are performed in accordance with the applicable plans, procedures and practices.

Monitor associated Discipline work, Review/Approve Quality Reports and Records.

Issue Nonconformance Reports when there is a deficiency and ensure their timely close out.

Maintain and/or assure Quality Records of specific work in the assigned discipline.

Ensure adherence to Code Requirements and ensure that all associated Documentation and Quality Records are maintained.

I have some SAFETY awareness against personal safety as well as plant safety, housekeeping, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), confined spaces and area classification.

Cable tray& conduit layout

Instrument Cable schedule

Instrumentation layout drawings.

Piping & instrumentation (P&ID) drawing.

Instrument installation or mounting details

Instrument loop diagrams.

Electrical & instrument interconnecting drawing etc.

Instrument hook-up drawing.

Instrument Block diagram.

Data sheet.


Father’s Name : Abdul Majeed

Date of Birth : 2nd January 1981

Place of Birth : Jamui

Marital Status : Married

Languages Known : English, Hindi, & Urdu, Arabic

Religion : Islam

Nationality : Indian

Permanent Address: Mohammad Faisal C/O Abdul Halim, Millat Colony Wassypur, Dhanbad, Jharkhand (India)

Passport No : K7362106

Date of Issue : 18/05/2014

Date of Expiry : 17/05/2024

Place of Issue : JEDDAH

I hereby declared that the above given information is true and correct of best of my knowledge.











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