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Facility Manager Security

Arlington, VA
August 26, 2021

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Demelash Abebe

**** ******* ***


- I got from stanford health care employee the month certificat, I would like to actively working my duty and to show my work performance to my supervisor. Especially I am honest and good communication my co worker


From 11/04/12 to 11/24/2012 = Illegal Strike Activities Controlling and observing blocking store entrances or impeding traffic to the store


From January 19, 2013 up to September 2015

• Examine gates, doors and windows to determine the security.

• Prepare reports and routine.

• Daily patrolling on foot or on vehicle to assure the security of assigned area.

• Provided escort services to visitors and customers.

• Keep an eye and report irregularities like leaking water pipes, security doors left unlocked, presence of unauthorized persons etc

• School trafficking and make the line when student parent come in the school guide the pickup students.



November 20/2015 -12/2017

Valet Attendant and parking cashier

• Perform valet duties and park vehicles in open spots.

• Take tickets from waiting patrons and park or retrieve vehicles.

• Manipulate vehicles to take advantage of all spaces.

• Collect fees from patrons wishing to park in garage.

• Hold up signs advertising parking lot fees.

• Call tow trucks if person is parked illegally.

• Issue tags to customers to put up in their windshields for display.

• Clean up debris from parking lot.

• Use hand signals and lights to direct patrons into open spots.

• Check vehicles for damage.

• Ensure cameras are working properly in case an accident happens.

• Position or remove barricades to prevent parking in certain spots.

• Open doors and greet customers.

• Dispense change if person pays fee to park.

• Help customers locate their vehicles.

• Resolve parking lot disputes that occur between customers.

• Escort customers to their vehicles if needed.

• Help customers jump-start vehicles that have died.

• Call for cabs or tow trucks per clients' request.

• Green-light motorists coming into garage after checking identification.

• Fill or change flat tires and replace batteries.

• Help patrons exit parking garage safely.

• Give directions to nearest highway or destination.



From 01/2018--- 03/2020

• Direct incoming customers to available parking spaces.

• Count Vehicles on location throughout shift, as needed.

• Write and issue violation warnings to tenants and visitors that violate garage policies.

• Patrol transient and reserved parking levels on foot or in customized motor carts, if applicable.

• Provide assistance to customers that have forgotten where they parked their vehicle.

• Responsible for being at work every scheduled day, on time and in uniform.

• courteously assist Customers by answering any questions they may have. If necessary, direct the Customer to the Facility Manager for further assistance.

• Control traffic at entrances and exits as needed.

Skills Used

I have a good driver and good customers approaches and good communication with

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