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Geotechnical Mining Engineer

Lusaka, Zambia
November 03, 2021

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Name: Henry Lange

Address: Plot No. 2030 Pamodzi, Ndola, Zambia

Phone No.: +260********* or +260********

Email Address:

Nationality: Zambian

NRC No.: 441679/67/1

Date of Birth: 19.11.1990

Passport No.: ZN 452721

Marital Status: Married

Children: 4

Religion: Christian (Seventh day Adventist)


I am efficient, self-motivated, focused and highly talented with good decision making skills in tight deadlines Mining Geotechnical Engineer with 4 years’ experience in Open pit mines, 2 years’ experience in underground mines and 2 years’ hydro power dam rehabilitation project (Plunge pool reshaping and Cofferdam construction). I seek to utilize every opportunity to add value to my engineering career with a view of enhancing contribution towards achieving the objectives of my employer/company. Ultimately, my efforts are currently directed towards continuous career development and high quality of work done.


• Super user of SAP- (PM: Plant Maintenance, MM: Material master) Modules.

• Phase 2 Software, Unwedge, Examine 2D, Dips and Surpac, AutoCAD, Microsoft Project, Microsoft word, Excel, Power Point and Publisher

• General awareness in Occupational Health and Safety and equipment management.

• Mining engineering activities (explosives management, drilling and blasting, worker’s management).

• Performing Geotechnical analyses (Rock and Soil tests for foundation and ground support). Seismic vibration monitoring.

• Design and evaluations of tunnels (excavation), support and blasts patterns.

• Open pit slope designs, rock mass characterization, core logging.

• Great project management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize. Knowledge in preparing and reviewing of engineering design drawings, reports, budgets and recommendations.

• Development of work scopes, subsurface exploration oversight, management of site investigation.

• Field assignments associated with investigation activities and in support of foundation and earthwork construction activities.


2019 to 2021: Geotechnical Engineer/ Resident Blasting Engineer Supervisor- Stucky SA, Kariba Dam Rehabilitation Project.


• Review designs involving excavation and support and instruct the contractor regarding type of support recommended.

• Responsible for geological mapping, geotechnical characterization of rock. Assess the general and local stability of the plunge pool excavation.

• Supervise excavation works.

• Evaluate request for change regarding excavation methods and recommend to the Technical manager and Chief Resident Engineer.

• Choosing right support for different geological formations.

• Supervise field and laboratory geotechnical tests and instruct contractor. Identify geological hazard risks such as landslides, seepage and piping (suffusion) and foundation instability.

• Review designs involving blasting and excavation works.

• Recommend blast procedures in line with Dam Safety requirements.

• Review blasting activities report.

• Manage installation of independent blasting monitoring system and analyse instrument Readings.

• Approve blasting materials storages and Geotechnical tests on bedrock.

• Review designs of the bench slopes and report to technical manager and chief resident engineer.

• Attending weekly operation and monthly meetings. 2018 to 2019: Project Planner - Zinpro Engineering Zambia Limited - Mopani Copper Mine. Responsibilities:

• Project Management.

• Planning and Scheduling of work.

• Monitoring and Risk assessment/Management of the project schedules.

• Conducting Shaft Maintenance and checking on stability of the Shaft steel.

• Analysis of Strata surrounding the shaft.

• Preparing of daily/weekly/monthly reports and interpreting planned working targets for the project.

• Frequently checking on projects sites and ensuring that all tasks are completed on time and in a cost- effective manner.

• Calculating the costs implications of materials used and alternatives, in terms of both time and money.

• Maintaining of budget limits.

2014 to 2017: Geotechnical Mining Engineer/ Explosives Magazine Master at Dangote Industries Zambia Limited Quarry, Ndola.

Geotechnical Engineering responsibilities:

• Performing Geotechnical (Rock and Soil mechanics) analyses in relation to designing of Open Pit Stable Slopes.

• Core logging and updating database.

• Monitoring ground movement and underground water flow.

• Analysing geotechnical data from exploration and core drilling samples.

• Rock mass characterization and design of support system and maintaining slope stability. Explosives Magazine Master responsibilities:

• Making of purchase requests for explosives in line with the budget.

• Receiving and storing explosives according to Explosives Regulations and issuing out explosives and recording stock.

• Ensure legal compliance concerning the handling, transportation, and safe use of explosives and all explosive accessories.

• Preparing weekly and monthly explosives management report. Drilling and Blasting responsibilities:

• Assist blasters in designing of drilling and blasting patterns.

• Ensure required fragmented blasted rock to load and haul operations. Mine Supervision responsibilities:

• Supervising crew in Shift, ensuring safety of workers and good housekeeping in accordance with Mines and Explosives Regulations, identifying effects/risks of the pit activities to the surrounding environment and recommending on ways of overcoming risks.

• Ensuring availability and standard utilization of mining equipment and ensuring operations standards is observed.

Plan, organize and control mine activities.

• Ensuring daily production tonnage target is achieved.

• Report all unsafe acts and conditions as well as injuries, accidents, equipment damage, and near misses in a timely manner.

2013: Student Geotechnical Mining Engineer at Konkola Copper Mine (KCM), Chililabombwe. Responsibilities:

• Collecting geotechnical data from the field, analysing it and reporting to the senior geotechnical mining engineer and Head of Department.

• Assisting in designing of supported and unsupported stopes.

• Rock fall investigation and recommendation on support. 2012: Student Mining Explosives Engineer at African Explosives Limited (AEL) - Lumwana Mine. Responsibilities

• Reporting to the Senior Explosives Engineer.

• Assisting in designing of the blast pattern and conducting blasting.

• Ensuring the usage right explosives for blasting and constantly carrying out cap densities analysis. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE:

2013-2014: Designing Stable stope spans supported and Unsupported in the weak hangingwall areas Below 1000mL - Konkola Copper Mine, Chililabombwe.

• Project involved weak hangingwall stability assessment and recommending on stable support and unsupported span design of the stopes below 1000mL to help reduce dilution and increase recovery of copper in a cost-effective manner.


Period: Institution: Qualification:

2009-2013: The Copperbelt University. Bachelor’s Degree in Mining Engineering. Geotechnical (Rock/

Soil Mechanics).

Courses studied (2009-2013):

2013 – 5th year:

Project, Advanced Rock Mechanics, Numerical Methods in Geo Mechanics, Ground Control Instrumentation, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Computer applications in Rock Mechanics and Rock Excavation Engineering.

2012 – 4th year:

Engineering Mathematics III, Principles of Rock Mechanics, Engineering Geology, Computing and Statistical Methods, Mine Environment, Mineral Economics and management, Mine Geostatistics, Operations Research and Mineral Production Control. 2011 – 3rd year:

Engineering Mathematics II, Mining Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Thermodynamics, Mine Survey, Mining and Economic Geology and Principles of Mining Engineering.

2010 – 2nd year:

Engineering Mathematics I, Principles of surveying, Mine Draughting, Introduction to geology, Introduction to Mining, Introduction to extractive metallurgy and Engineering Mechanics. 2009 – 1st year:

Mathematics, Physics, Introduction to Computing, Chemistry, Communication skills and Eng. Drawing. Period: Institution: Qualification:

2008-2009: NECO. Computer studies.

2005-2007: David Kaunda National Nat. Grade 12 Certificate. Technical High School.


• Managed to design and blast for production in a massive water challenged quarry at Dangote Industries Zambia Limited.

• Managed to design the stable stope span supported and unsupported for Konkola Copper Mine on a project involving the weak hangingwall stability in the stopes below 1000mL area.

• Managed to control seismic vibrations from underwater blasting from affecting surrounding structures and also construction of cofferdam at Kariba Dam Rehabilitation Project (Stucky, SA).

• Managed to maintain costs within budget and completion of projects in tight deadlines at Zinpro Engineering Ltd. (Mopani Copper Mine).


• To encourage profitability and cost efficiency measures.

• Always working to achieve and maintain mission statement of the company.

• To ensure that the corporate image of the employer is adhered to by keeping company rules and regulations and also working neatly and maintaining the work place.

• To ensure that all targets as set by management for production development purposes and activities are met exceedingly.

• To become a problem solver within a stipulated time to achieve goals.

• To be a socially useful citizen and actively participate in making the company reach the maximum target.

• To bring lasting benefits to my employer and execute duties accordingly. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP/LICENSE:

• Engineering Institute of Zambia (Professional Engineer): EIZ 220************.

• A certified All Mining Operations Blasting License Holder: MSD 00007099.

• A certified First Aid Certificate Holder: MUF 2021/148.

• Medical Examination number (Silicosis): MB 492144.

• Driver’s License holder: 50105143


• Playing Football, Chess and Learning about new technologies. REFEREES:

Mr. Predrag Vojsic

Technical manager

Stucky SA, Kariba Dam Rehabilitation Project.

Cell #: +260*********

Mr. Gama Musa,

Senior Mining Engineer,

Konkola Copper Mine,

Cell #: +260*********

Mr. Eric Mumba,

Snr Mine Engineer, Cell

#: +260*********.

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