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Care Giver Case Manager

North East, AB, T3J 3N9, Canada
November 01, 2021

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Kassoum Sow

***** *** ***, ********, **, T0M1W0

Key Qualifications and Strengths

•Highly skilled in providing companionship, personal care and assist in adjusting to new lifestyles.

•Learn and acknowledge the company cores values and work accordingly.

•Able to react quickly in emergency situations with sound judgement.

•Proven record of treating clients, coworkers and the public with courtesy and respect.

•Demonstrated ability to maintain a safe working environment for clients and myself.

•Proven ability to work without supervision.

•Experience working with patients suffering from dementia.

•Expert in light housekeeping duties.

•Thorough and full understanding of health and safety practices.

•Compassionate, tolerant, and caring in nature.

•Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

•Ability to learn and apply new skills in accordance with the company policy and procedure.

•Promote client privacy and preferences.

•Taking care of details, be gentle in the care you provide.

•Supervise for safety

•Tidy safety

•Respite Care

•Giving a centred care


Current CBI Home Health Care

•Has worked at many homes care settings and sites utilized skills effectively in all of them.

•1 year experience in medication (MAR Reading, Documenting and Reporting)

•Following the company policy and procedure, reporting to the case manager or the supervisor and the LPN (Refusing to give PRN to resident as a care giver).

•Manage time between tasks by prioritising them.

•Following hand hygiene protocols (washing hands before and after every task) to the client and myself against infections.

•Adapts consistently to new Care plans and implements them effectively.

•Experience with client with SCI (Spinal cord Injury), light cooking, feeding, bathing, transferring, repositioning, assisting with wheel chair, assisting with dressing and Respite care(TV, alexa, google, sound bar…) in some assisting clients ADLS.

•Assisting with stocking care(on/off) wash and dry.

•Lotion applies, remove wrinkles from the bed sheet to support the client pain.

•Repositioning the patient every 2 hours. support back and legs with pillows to promote comfort and to facilitate blood circulation.

•Experience with Catheter Care (make the dressing around the wound) change the day to night using the alcohol swab and the glove before inserting the two ends them. Always recall to close the catheter and clean reusable catheter with vinegar.

•Experience with ostomy care remove and install

•Protect the client against the cold by covering him with the bet sheet if needed.

•Provides support to Care teams and quickly adapt to their needs.

•Giving care to specific client (follow his care, ask him about his preferences, treat him with lot of respect and consideration)

2018 Prince of Peace Manor Calgary, AB

Health Care Aide

•Consistently demonstrated an above average ability in care delivery.

•Effective interpersonal skills with patients, families, visitors, and team members.

•Extensive experience working on a unit specializing in Dementia.

•Demonstrated an ability to cope with frequent interruptions and to work in a stressful environment.

•Help with transportation, give shower, dress, change clients pad if needed, assist with food and medication, positioning and repositioning the client every 2hrs if needed, clean the client room and bathroom, make his bed and put everything in the right place in order to maintain a safe work and living environment, check for all unsafe items to remove them.

2018 Intercare Southwood Calgary, AB

Health Care Aide

•Well prepared, organized, able to excel at prioritization and demonstrate excellent team skills.

•Demonstrated leadership and detailed accuracy.

•Learned to excel at prioritizing.

•Ability to work as a member of a team and to request and accept direction as required.

2018 Sister’s Care Home Calgary, AB

Health Care Aide

•Learned to provide sufficient attention to detail and time prioritization.

•Ability to clean, vacuum, dust furniture, mop floors and dispose of garbage in a timely and thorough manner.

Interest Member of Alberta health care Aid Directory


2018 ABES Health Care Aide Certificate Calgary, AB

2018 ABES Medication Administration Certificate Calgary, AB

2018 ABES Hospice and Palliative Care Certificate Calgary, AB

2018 ABES Diabetes and Foot Care Certificate Calgary, AB

2018 ABES Supportive Pathways Certificate Calgary, AB

2018 ABES Food Safe Certificate Calgary, AB

2018 ABES WHMIS Certificate Calgary, AB

2018 ABES CPR and First Aid Certificate – HCP Level Calgary, AB

2018 ABES Credit Counseling & Money Management Calgary, AB

2018 ABES Oral Care Certificate Calgary, AB

2018 Alzheimer Society Introduction to Dementia Care Calgary, AB

2018 Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Course Calgary, AB

2019 Microsoft Word Calgary, AB

2019 Microsoft Excel Calgary, AB

2019 Network+ Guide to Network Calgary, AB

2019 A+ Guide to IT Technical Support Calgary, AB

2019 TMA1 Calgary, AB

2019 TMA2 Calgary, AB

2019 Becoming a Master Calgary, AB

2019 Windows 10 Calgary, AB

2019 Windows 7,8 Calgary, AB

2019 Windows Server 2016 Calgary, AB


Karen Taylor Classroom Instruction Health Care Aide Program ABES


Brenda Humphries Clinical Supervisor and Instructor ABES


Rhodalyn HCA II, Practicum Preceptor Prince of Peace Manor


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