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Senior Systems Analyst

Honolulu, HI
October 31, 2021

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Shirley Yee

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Honolulu, HI ****2

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To obtain a position as a Team Leader, Senior Systems Analyst, Systems Analyst or Business Analyst.


Over thirty years of analytical and coding experience in Financial, Insurance, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Health Care industries throughout the State of Hawaii, and Michigan. Successful conversions of complex applications. Motivated and trained entry-level developers.

Degree in Computer Science

IBM Mainframes and open systems, IMS/MVS, COBOL, Fortran, PL/1, Assembler, Easytrieve Plus, Cross-Tab, Hogan Application, QNXT application, SPS, CICS, VSAM, Librarian, Endeavor, TSO/ISPF, JCL, VISIO, MICROSOFT OFFICE (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Expediter, File-Aid, IBM Fault Analyzer, IBM Debug Tool, IBM File Manager, Sampler, Playback, QUIZ, CMS, FOCUS, QMF, DBEDIT, SQL, DB2, Oracle, SAS, JAVA, Visual Basic, XML, HTML, Informatica ETL, SQL, SSRS


. Successfully implemented the new Enrollment system. Successfully implemented the Membership and Billing system allowing subscribers and groups to be processed on QNXT in a more efficient manner with tremendous savings for HMSA.

. Implemented new CICS and COBOL Upgrade, which generated $36,000 per year in savings to First Insurance, and eliminated the need for dual liscencing fees.

. Successfully installed Pitney Bowes Installation with Stream Weaver, which resulted tremendous cost savings for First insurance and reduced manual handling of policies.

. Successfully Y2K certified the Time Deposit, Demand Deposit, and Preferred Client Services applications, allowing Bank of Hawaii to be operational beyond year 2000.

. Successfully implemented the Ebankoh Website in a timely and efficient manner, which generated 19,000 new accounts for Bank of Hawaii in two years.

. Converted First Federal accounts into Bank of Hawaii accounts, which resulted in cost savings for the Bank.

. Successfully implemented Bank of Hawaii’s New Era projects, which targeted to bring in new revenues for Bank of Hawaii.

. Submitted Big Idea to automate the change management software at Bank of Hawaii. Changeman software was implemented in 1998. Productivity increased and tremendous cost savings for Bank of Hawaii.

. Nominated for IQ Quality Award for delivering Ebankoh Website applications in 1997.

. Nominated for IQ Quality Award for processing the VISA Interchange transactions in a timely manner, resulted in cost savings for the Bank.

Shirley Yee

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HMSA – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii

Worked on conversion of Enrollment and Membership Replacement projects. Work on Mainframe Shutdown. Worked as technical lead on the Enrollment project, coordinated work efforts, wrote interface programs, and created Informatica and ftp tidal jobs. Worked as analyst on the Membership Replacement project. Conducted meetings, gathered user requirements, created design documents, validated rate tables and membership conversion data. Wrote SQL queries, and trained other analysts on QNXT and tidal. Provided On-call support on system testing. Worked as an analyst on CVS Caremark conversion project. Worked on Medicare and DSNP Reporting project.



First Insurance Company of Hawaii - HI

Worked on Account Numbering project. Worked on CICS 1.3 upgrade and Enterprise COBOL OS/390 upgrade to PMS and Legacy systems. Worked on Straight Thru Processing project. Provided on-going maintenance and enhancement to PMS and Legacy Systems.


SED - Systems Engineering Dept. Bank of Hawaii - HI

Developed programs to support the Bank's New Era Ideas for the Deposit Systems. Successfully converted First Federal to Bank of Hawaii Deposit Systems. Successfully Y2K certified the Preferred Client Systems ahead of schedule by one month. Coordinated migrations to production. Processed 1099 for the Retirement application. Technical Lead for Payment Service 2000, Visa Regulatory Enhancements and MasterCard updates on the CAMS (Cards and Merchants Systems). Trained staffs on test schedulers, JCL, Easytrieve, COBOL, and File-Aid while working on the Integrated Deposit Systems. Provided production support and maintenance support. Functioned as a Technical Lead/Testing Coordinator on various projects.


FPAS - Finance Personnel Administrative Systems

Chrysler Corporation - MI

Responsibilities included designing, normalizing data, write user specifications, coding and debugging programs. Projects included: Evaluating QUIZ, FOCUS and SQL packages. Converting the Chrysler Institute Systems from the Hewlett Packard into IMS/DB2 on-line systems. SDM/Structured was used. Modifying COBOL programs to enhance Payroll, Personnel, Benefits, and Employment Security Systems. Producing Payroll checks, profit sharing checks, and yearend W2s. Working knowledge on SQL, QMF, Crosstab, DFD Draw, Expediter and CMS.


Automotive Management Center

Uniroyal Tire Company - MI Responsibilities included analyzing, designing, programming, testing, documenting and implementing applications for Uniroyal Tire Systems. Primarily writing structure programs in COBOL and PL/1 in an IBM environment and printing reports for Marketing, Forecasting, Sales, and Customer Services. Some inventory and sales applications were written in FOCUS and CICS. Heavy usage of TSO/SPF and JCL. Some usage of utility sort programs. Additional working knowledge on DOS and Lotus 1-2-3.

Shirley Yee

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Information Center/Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

Henry Ford Hospital - MI

Responsibilities included coding,testing,debugging, documenting programs and implementing health care systems. Heavy usage with TSO/SPF, CL and SAS (Statistical Analysis System). Developed on-line screens and reports using FOCUS and COBOL. Enhanced the Arrhythmia Clinic Information Management Systems. Worked with researchers on an external time-sharing systems/MTS. Provided consulting services on usage of MIDAS (Michigan Interactive Data Analysis System) and SPSS (Statistical package for the Social Sciences). Performed maintenance on the Immunopathology System. Generated graphs for Pediatric Psychology. Managed project accounts.


Emerging Leaders

National Honor Society

Asian Association - VP, Wayne State University

American Institute of Banking


Computer Science B.A., Wayne State University - MI, 1982

Continuing Education:

High - Impact Leadership

Enhancing Your Personal and Professional Best

Effective Project Management

Advanced Technology Concepts for Web Designers

Strategies for Adjusting to Change

Managing Stress

AIB - American Institute of Banking courses

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Basics to OS/2

Visual Basic

Introduction to Web Design



SQL Server, XML, and the Web

XML Language




YMCA, Taste of Honolulu, Senior Fair, Bankoh Fun Day, River of Life Mission

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