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Customer Service Group Leader

Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
October 26, 2021

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I am skilled with over 4 weeks of customer service experience that was gained from my previous job at IQOR,barataria. Along with that skill I am also a great problem solver and these skills were practiced in my studies in science and technology, also I have great communication skills due to my large family and my close relationships in my personal life. I am excellent in personal management as I have managed to do full time school while working 7 hours a day for 6 days a week. Another menionable skill is my literacy in computer/technical aspects from repetition in using the different softwares for my courses and academic projects. I am also a great leader not only due to my star sign(leo) but i have many leadership skills from representing my classmates at student/teacher liaison meetings and from my early affiliation in the Girl Guids as i was a group leader at my primary school, my strong work ethic is also one of the many skills that i possess as i always strive to excel and improve myself weather it is in academics or sports as i have competed in and won many swimming competitions in my primary school to secondary school days, although my presence in social media is very limited i do enjoy interacting with others via this platform so i am proficient in that aspect. Another skill I have is creativity whether it be my musical training in the steel pan or my hobbies of painting and writing, I am also very fast with mental mathematics and I enjoyed and exceled the subject tremendously in school. The last skill of mine that I would like to mention is my teamwork skills, being part of a group motivates me to produce my best work and allows me to learn how to work with different types of persons in order for everyone to excel.


The Ministry of Education, Chaguanas North Secondary School

— NCSE Paper Marking -RUNNER

July/August 2016 - July/August 2018

● Organisational skills obtained from organising a large multitude of NCSE papers and checking through them all to ensure they were all marked. BRIEF SUMMER JOB AT AN AUTO SUPPLY STORE, CHAGUANAS— CREDIT CLERK JUNE 2018


● Organizational skills were excessively practiced

● Customer loyalty service training.

● Customer sales training.

● Customer service training.


Providence Girls Catholic School, Port of Spain TT — Diploma/8 CXC passes

September 2011 - June 2016

8 subjects passed

Mathematics (grade 1) English (grade 2)

Principles of business(grade 1) Principles of

Accounts(grade 2)

Additional Mathematics(grade 3) Geography(grade 2) English literature(grade 2) Biology(grade 1)

1. Member of Providence Girls Catholic School Water Polo team

(under 16 & over 16).

2. Volunteer at the Providence Girls Cook-Outs (2014-2015). 3. Volunteer at the Providence Girls School Bazaar


Upper Level Educational Institute, Chaguanas TT — Diploma/2 CXC passes

September 2016 - June 2017

2 subjects passed

Chemistry (grade 3) Physics (grade 3)

University of the West Indies, St.Augustine TT — N1 certificate/2 courses.

September 2018 - June 2019

Courses Pursued and passed

Biology and Physics

University of the West Indies, St.Augustine TT — BSc Biomedical Technology (september 2019- current)

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