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Beijing System Engineer

Baoding, Hebei, China
October 27, 2021

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Name: Wang Fei

Gender: male

Tel: 189********



Experienced large-scale cluster operation, understand the large-scale cluster's architecture design;

Good at shell scripts and python programming;

Familiar with CD/CI workflow configuration and management;

Proficient in open source software, such as nginx/lvs/haproxy/redis/tomcat/

Proficient in Container technology, experience in project implementation of kubernetes private cloud platform.

Familiar with commonly monitoring software Nagios, ZABBIX and puppet, ansible automation operation and maintenance management tools.

Work Experience

2018/5 – Now Cloud operation engineer COS SoftwareAG


1.Provide technical support for our customers; build Q and P environment;

2.Deploy, upgrade, and maintenance IOT system platform for our customers;

3.Communicate with R&D team, to solve bugs found in IOT system;

4.Monitor server & IoT system’s status, optimize monitoring tools, and handle daily alarms.

2015/4-2018/5 System Engineer Beijing Ying Shi Hu Lian .Ltd.


1. Responsible for the construction of private cloud platform, using kubernetes + docker / FLANNEL / etcd to build private cloud platform, and relocate application to cloud platform.

2. Maintenance and development of operation platform and tools, so as to achieve efficient operation and maintenance management.

3. Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance, optimization, capacity management, resource monitoring and other work of online business, to ensure the stable operation of online business in 7 x 24 hours.

4. Formulate standardization process of operation and maintenance, realize standardization of system, software installation, web domain name configuration, project deployment and other processes.

5. Deploying & configuring R & D, QA environment, managing KVM virtual machine resources

2011/10-2015/4 Senior Operation Engineer Beijing .Ltd.


1. I am in charge of updating and deploying JD’s online Trading System, and dealing with the unexpected issue of websites.

2. Responsible for resource monitoring, handling daily alarms, according to the changes of server resources, find out the performance bottlenecks of the system, and put forward improvements.

3. Participate in the upgrading of trading platform structure and pre rehearsal of various project promotions.

4., promote the research and development of operation and maintenance tool platform project, realize the automation of business deployment and server installation.

5., standardize the operation environment of online business.

6. Docker project research.

7. Combing operation and maintenance process, formulate operation and maintenance regulations.

8. Allocate resources reasonably and fully support R & D projects.

2010/7-2011/9 System Engineer Beijing SINOTSING Institute of Information Technology Beijing


I am in charge of company’s websites (e.g.,, and so on) maintenance and management.

Monitoring Web server’s status and making sure all servers are working in 7*24.

Web app’s setup, deployments, and update;

Linux server’s troubleshooting and management.

Setting up xenserver virtualization platform for test environment, configuring and managing virtual servers;

MySQL and oracle server’s management;

Deployment project to tomcat, jboss, weblogic server, and tuning

2008/6-2010/6 System Engineer Phluency .Co .ltd. Beijing


Maintenance IDC’s server, confirm that Servers are working for 7*24 hours;

Made the plan for company database’s backup system, and operated independent; the important database’s security were protected;

Set up nagios monitor platform to monitoring server's status.

Coordinated with developer, deployed testing environment according to their requirements, tested it and gave them my advises. Completed the website’s configuration, wrote deployment guide;

Plan for web server’s environment, deployment. Including final version’s website setup;

According to the status of apache, give some performance;

MySQL Database’s configuration and backup;

Mail server's maintenance (built up via sendmail);

Setting up a file server via samba, VPN server via openvpn.

2007/6-2008/6 system Engineer Beijing JINGUANGUOKE Co. Ltd. Beijing


Monitoring and maintenance Linux Servers, set up mail server (postfix), web server (Lamp), file server (samba) by myself;

International communications traffic monitoring, analyzed data statistics, the international line debugging;

User’s management in the LAN area, network security, protect computer hardware and software troubleshooting;

Maintenance CLARENT and CISCO5300;

AVS Soft Switch platform operation, maintenance;

Network planning, establishment.

2004/1-2007/5 Database Engineer Beijing KETU Culture Communication Company


The establishment of the company’s LAN, maintenance and management, the exclusion of computer hardware and software fault;

Database security, management and database updates;

Technical training and software maintenance operation of GuangZhi software

Statements of the company sales, and coordinate sales of the sales staff;

Project Experience

2016/12-2018/4 Kubernetes Cloud Platform

Related Company: Beijing YingShiHuLian Information Technology Co., Ltd.


K8s cloud platform project is the company's key project, the redis cluster would be moved to the cloud platform in advance, and accumulates experiences for all applications moved to cloud platform.

By comparing the characteristics and development trends of mesos, swarm and kubernetes, we confirm the cloud platform architecture: k8s + docker + flannel + etcd + harbor.


Responsible for component selection and architecture design of cloud platform in earlier stage; implementation principle of related functional components; construction, configuration, debugging, optimization and releasing platform in mid-term; Daily maintenance of cloud platform.

2013/3-2013/6 Trading system architecture upgrade

Related Company: Beijing JD .Co .Ltd


The upgrade and expansion of JingDong Mall's trading system architecture. It is mainly to cope with the pressure of 618 high traffic concurrent requests on transactions. By means of server expansion, applications decomposition and coupling, flow limitation and service degradation, the stability of the trading system is constantly improved and the anti-pressure ability of the trading system is improved.


Mainly responsible for the discussion and formulation of the plan, the deployment and configuration of various environments, the later stage of the preview, resource monitoring, and emergency handling.


2008/9-2011/7 Beijing Foreign Studies University Bachelor English

2000/9-2003/7 Beijing Polytechnic College Associate Computer Application

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