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Police Dispatcher, Police Officer, Substitute Teacher

Sheridan, WY, 82801
$12.00 hr
October 26, 2021

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Cඈඇർൾඍඍൺ Rൺඇ ൺඍඈඋൾ

Sheridan, WY ***** 307-***-****

Attentive Police Dispatcher bringing 13 years of experience prioritizing emergency calls to dispatch appropriate services. Calm, compassionate and kind professional with in-depth knowledge of multi-line telephone systems and basic office equipment, including copy machines,computers, Skillful in handling high-tension, emergency situations while accurately relaying information to public safety personnel. Successful at keeping callers calm and gathering required information to support police and other first responder actions. Reads maps, understands tracking information and provides timely updates to field personnel. Background includes E-911 automatic call distribution and dispatch systems for both emergency and non-emergency calls. Well-versed in assessing extent of emergencies, as well as type of call and location of incident. Experienced with the geography and streets of city/county. Dedicated 911 Dispatcher offering 10 years of related experience. Familiar with managing emotions and staying clear-headed under pressure. Extensiive training in medical.

Computer-aided dispatching

Information intake

Basic life support understanding

Map reading skills

Police and fire procedures

Customer service

Interpersonal Communication

Microsoft Office

Reading comprehension


Verbal and written communication

Good listening skills



Analytical skills

Police Officer, 9151974 to 411987

University Of State Of Colorado Boulder – Boulder, CO Enforced traffic laws and ordinances through visual observation and radar speed detection. Patrolled assigned areas to prevent and detect roadway crimes. Apprehended suspects, read Miranda Rights and transported offenders to jail. Booked suspects into custody by processing mug shots and fingerprints. Maintained tight controls during static and mobile surveillance operations to protect validity and usefulness of evidence collected.

Investigated and reported crimes, accidents, offenses and damage to property. Pඋඈൿൾඌඌ ඈඇൺඅ Sඎආආൺඋඒ

S අඅඌ

Wඈඋ H ඌඍඈඋඒ

Issued traffic citations and electronic tickets for violations of traffic laws. Sorted, organized and eliminated tips on daily basis to keep open investigations moving forward. Responded immediately to reports of automobile accidents and criminal activity, calling for additional support as necessary.

Gathered necessary information for court appearances and testified as witness under oath in court. Secured crime scenes, gathered evidence and questioned witnesses. Policed assigned areas to check homes, businesses and public roads for signs of disturbance. Processed, verified and utilized tips to initiate speedy resolutions for investigations. Executed operational protocols for criminal and non-criminal violations. Talked regularly with citizens to establish rapport and become familiar presence in area. Debriefed arrested individuals to collect important information for ongoing investigations. Notified emergency personnel of incidents and accidents requiring medical assistance and aid. Validated evidence for admissibility and preserved evidence to be utilized court hearings. Supervised crowds at busy events to prevent injuries and property destruction. Apprehended offenders and conducted interviews and interrogations. Answered calls from citizens and business owners for help in emergencies. Responded quickly to suspected bomb threats and evacuated buildings to search for explosive devices. Developed organizational system for case records, reports, logs and agendas. Reported deficient streetlights, signs and road surfaces to keep residents safe. Police/Shrieff Dipatcher, October 1 94 to 100105

Converse County/Sheridan County – Douglas/Sheridan, WY Operated telephone and radio equipment to receive requests and reports from police officers, medical dispatch and firefighting crews.

Entered criminal record checks, driver's license numbers and warrants into telecommunications systems to fulfill officer requests.

Questioned callers to determine nature of problems and locations to direct type of response needed. Received over [Number] 911 and non-emergency calls per [Timeframe] to dispatch calls to appropriate agencies and officers on duty.

Answered calls from automatic routing system and took basic information from callers. Completed appropriate forms and radio announcements for police department needs such as BOLO requests.

Relayed latest information to first responders via electronic means, telephone calls and radio responses. Read system maps and caller information, and documented all details in system. Prepared a variety of different written communications, reports and documents to ensure smooth operations.

Certified Veterinary Technician, 09/1993 to 05/1994 Casper Vet Hospital – Casper, WY

Managed medical intervention and therapy for animals in collaboration with attending Veterinarians. Administered medications to animals in treatment and documented changes in condition. Processed new patients and updated client records with key information using standardized registration systems and encrypted databases.

Made visits to farms to assist with animal emergencies such as injury, disease and birthing. Cleaned and disinfected exam areas, surgical equipment and kennels to prevent diseases and control odors.

Collected patient biopsies and blood samples for laboratory analysis. Greeted pet owners and went over available services, outlined costs and determined special needs of animals under care.

Assessed paws, ears and eyes for injuries or infections as part of initial evaluation. Performed dental extractions with no periosteal elevation, no tooth resectioning, and no bone resectioning.

Triaged incoming patients to determine treatment needs and urgency of care. Answered owner animal health questions and advised on best care practices. Provided care for animals before surgeries, administering anesthetics as necessary for overall comfort and health.

Prepared surgical instrument packs and drapes for use in sterile environments by processing in autoclave under high pressure and high temperature conditions. Implanted subcutaneous identification microchips into animals. Security/Substitute Teacher's Aide, 05/0915 to 05/1010 Wyoming Girls School – Sheridan, WY

Maintained smooth classroom operations by assisting teachers with any administrative, instructional or student support need.

Kept students on-task with proactive behavior modification and positive reinforcement strategies. Upheld classroom routines to support student environments and maintain consistent schedules. Followed classroom plans left by class teacher to continue student education and reinforce core concepts.

Took over class for regular classroom teacher, managing assignments, student needs and recordkeeping. Followed up on student absences to document reasons and complete paperwork for excused and unexcused days.

Adapted curricula and lesson plans to specific abilities and interests of each child through personalized attention and small group instruction.

Associate of Science: Veterinary Technology, 05/1993 Bel Rea Institute - Denver, CO

Bachelor of Science: Physical Education, 05/1973

Carroll University - Waukesha, WI

Eൽඎർൺඍ ඈඇ

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