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Data Analyst Research Scientist

Queens, NY
October 26, 2021

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Woodside, NY ***** 405-***-****

LinkedIn: GitHub: SKILLS

Tableau (Tableau Certified Associate; Finalist at the NYC Tableau Data Visualization Competition in 2019),

Python (Machine Learning, A/B Testing, Regression Models), SQL, R, SPSS, Certified Microsoft Office Specialist,

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Professional, Corporate Finance Institute Certificate of Building a Financial Model,

Tableau Data Visualization:

GitHub Data Science projects:

E-Portfolio Python Data Science projects: PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

DISH Network, New York, NY

Senior Data Scientist – October 2020 to April 2021

DISH & Sling TV Ads target audience segmentation and propensity models using viewer measurement data and CRM data, KPIs

& trends tracking and reporting.

DISH & Sling TV Cross-platform data visualization for media market (DMA). Python, Tableau, AWS Athena, S3, ERM World Carp Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Data Analyst – October 2019 to October 2020

Analyzed the internal data from various sources and create dashboards to help making data-driven decisions.

Provided consulting support and recommendation to build effective work flows; Designed and developed professional presentations for executives; KPI & trends tracking and reporting. Python, Tableau, SQL, Hadoop, MS Office. DENTIDESK, New York, NY

Data Analyst Intern – June 2019 to August 2019

Provided analytical insights (competitor analysis, customer segmentation, market research) leading to develop a new product by conducting independent research on marketing optimization strategy using Python and Tableau; Analyzed the internal data from various sources and built dashboards using MySQL & Tableau to report to the CEO. Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, Stillwater, OK Research Scientist – August 2016 to July 2017

Data analysis using MS Excel and open-source software OpenCFU; produced results by utilizing Western Blot techniques and Plaque assays to elucidate the effect of SGK-1 inhibitor (GSK650394) on AKT expression and activation level in BHV1-infected CRIB cells and HSV1-infected Vero cells.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Professional Education

Applied Data Science Certification GPA 4.0 – August 2021. Statistics; Machine Learning - Clustering, Classification, Regression, Random Forest, Time Series; Deep Learning - Neural Networks (CNN, GNN); Recommendation Systems using Python. Columbia University, Columbia Engineering, New York, New York

FinTech Bootcamp Certification GPA 4.0 – March 2021. Machine Learning in Finance using Python, AWS SageMaker, Deep Learning (RNN – LSTM), Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Financial Analysis and Forecasting, Natural Language Processing

(NLP), Sentiment Analysis, Smart Contract and Solidity, PostgreSQL, Credit Card Fraud Detection Yeshiva University, The Katz School, New York, New York

Master of Science in Data Analytics and Visualization – August 2019. Dean’s Scholarship (2018-2019); Katz School Academic Scholarship (2018-2019); Graduate Student Council Member (2018-2019)

Relevant Coursework: Data Visualization and Storytelling (Tableau), Structured Data Management (MySQL), Business Modeling and Data Analysis, Computational Math and Statistics (Python), Analytics Programming (Python), Data Product Design (AI- powered mobile application design, InVision, SQL), Data Science (Python Machine Learning), Project Management Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Master of Science in Biological Sciences, GPA 4.0 – February 2016. Academic Excellence Scholarship (2014-2015)

Research for Master’s Thesis: Bioinformatic analysis to predict the G-quadruplex forming sequences using MS Excel, non-B DB database along with QGRS Mapper software. Genetic and biophysical techniques to study repressed transcription in HCMV genes.

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, GPA 3.89 – February 2008. Academic Excellence Scholarship (2004, 2007); First Prize, National Contest for Academic Thesis on Public Relations of Patriots and Veterans (2005)

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