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Material Coordinator Equipment Manager

Loftus, Redcar and Cleveland, United Kingdom
October 22, 2021

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Date of Birth: 13th August 1977

Address: ** *** *********

Broctune Gardens


Cleveland, TS12 2GD, UK

UK Mobile: +44 (0-796*******



I am an extremely motivated and committed Materials / logistics professional with a varied Mechanical Technical background. I am comfortable working in an unsupervised capacity but I am also able to work with supervision, I like to maintain a high degree of professionalism and safety in whatever task I am presented with and also feel I can instilll the same attitude in others by leading by example.

I am a very mature and genuine individual, who is extremely trustworthy and reliable. I have excellent communication and organisational skills and I am able to accept advice and implement suggestions from others in order to improve performance of myself or the team.

Experienced in supporting project construction & commissioning phases as well as operations, maintenance & modifications.

I have a large amount of experience working in multi cultural environments in a number of different countries.

Able to meet key objectives and milestones and accustomed to working under pressure for long hours and unsociable schedules.


City & Guilds - Contractors Plant: SI & CI Engines, Heavy Engines, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Pumps, Electrics

City & Guilds - Maintenance & repair of Construction Plant (Advanced)

City & Guilds - General Construction

City & Guilds - Training & Development Vocational Assessor

Candidate Performance assessor (D32)

Candidate Evidence assessor (D33)

I.O.S.H - Health & Safety in Construction Management

BTEC / MOD Approved - AP8 Authorised Persons Petroleum (Burn Hall York)


Wood, Shell, BGC, Iraq

Sept 2019 to Mar 2020

In country Planning and Material Lead (Released due to CORONA VIRUS)

Was resposible for material planning and material budgets across 8 different sites and projects.

Monitored and updated project resources and materials on a routine basis against established scopes and schedules.

Communicated project material status report to the project management team based in Dubai.

Created localised material procedures for different sites dependent on their individual needs.

Petrofac, Basra, Iraq Nov 16 to Sept 2019

BP ROO Project

Lead Material Coordinator / (Covering Material Superintendent Role)

I am currently employed by Petrofac as a Lead Material Coordinator for BP Rumaila Operating Organisation Project in Basra Iraq supporting BP ROO Operations and Projects and TAR

Duties Include:-

Attend weekly material planning meeting’s in order to asses current and future material stock levels to enable operations and projects to carry out their scheduled scopes of work without delay from material availability.

Supervise and train a small number of local Iraqi contractor’s and SOC employees.

Update and maintain material issues register.

Follow up with fabrication and construction contractors to ensure that any materials which are excess or unused are accounted for and returned to stock.

Oversee the transfer of materials from central stock to Projects and TAR teams if availability allows.

Assist project engineers and superintendents with their material planning and where necessary create requisitions for shortages and follow through purchase and delivery providing weekly updates for each individual or ongoing project.

Assist with compiling and cataloguing of 2 year operational spare parts.

Raise DR’s where necessary or where urgent material requirements arise.

Mentor local nationals to aid BP’s commitment to nationalization of the workforce.

BP South Korea May 13 to April 15

FPSO QUAD 204 & Clair Ridge

Commissioning & Start up Material Coordinator

I was employed by BP in South Korea working as part of the commissioning team for Quad 204 (Glen Lyon FPSO) & Clair Ridge Platform. I had a multitude of duties on this particular project, in summary.

Duties Included:-

Assisting in the SPIR process, communicating between supplier and company to ensure correct materials are purchased, including correct quantities to cover commissioning. Also ensure supplier provides enough information to enable cataloguing of materials into MAXIMO.

Carry out all receipt inspections of T20, T21, T22 & J70 (Commissioning, 2 Year Ops, Ins Capital & Special Tools), record and report any Overages, Shortages or Damages through the correct channels in order to correct the discrepancy as quickly as possible.

Update all material tracking sheets on a daily basis.

Check All material Certification

Maintain and update the OS&D Register.

Maintain and Update the Test Equipment calibration register.

Ordering of all oils and lubes

Ordering of any materials required, from Tools, Test Equipment and Consumables.

Attend the daily commissioning management meeting.

Report Weekly to the whole of the commissioning teams the current material status.

Petromar (Saipem) Angola Ltd July 09 to May 13

For BP Production Angola / Luanda & Soyo

Project Material Coordinator

I was employed by Petromar (Saipem) on the BP Greater Plutonio Project and Modification Team as Project & Materials Coordinator. Based in the main BP office in Luanda (Torres Atlantico) but also spent time between Petromar’s Fabrication site in Soyo and the BP warehouse in Sonils. My role included supporting the physical and administrative duties involved in the receiving of construction and maintenance materials for the offshore facility (Greater Plutonio FPSO) and for the fabrication activities onshore in Soyo.

Duties Included: –

Ordering and Tracking of materials for specific jobs through MAXIMO.

Reviewing the received materials and ensuring that they are correct prior to being used for fabrication.

Coordinating between the QA / QC department to ensure that all materials that arrive to the fabrication site are accompanied by the appropriate documentation and certification to provide traceability for the production of Material Record Books.

Coordinating the transfer and shipment of materials between sites, planning the scheduling of vessels to move materials and completed fabrication works to appropriate sites at the required times.

Requesting the creation of stock numbers and inputting surplus Direct Issue materials into stock.

Keeping up to date reports of material locations and stock levels at fabrication site and highlighting material requirements for future fabrication works.

Assist with the development and improvement of processes to reduce downtime within the whole supply chain.

Mentor local nationals to aid Petromar’s and BP’s commitment to nationalisation of the workforce.

Exploration Logistics Jan 09 to Jun 09

Minetech International Sudan

Country Equipment Manager

I was employed on a Freelance basis in Sudan as a Country Equipment Manager responsible for company assets in eight remote sites in Northern and Southern Sudan.

Duties Included-

To compile a database of all company assets providing each with a unique ID number

Produced a maintenance schedule for the identified assets.

Compiled a critical spare parts catalogue.

Introduced a new demand process to speed up the process of issuing materials for repairs and maintenance of plant and equipment giving unique codes for each team / site to ensure the correct materials reached the correct site.

Set and maintained a min and max stock level of consumables for each site dependent on each teams assets.

Identified and procured critical (High Cost) spares then centralised them for efficient and quick distribution to remote sites.

Liaised with local and overseas vendors to identify the correct spares and equipment.

Coordinated with overseas Vendors to visit site to assist with technical faults with critical equipment and plant.

Kellogg Brown & Root Jun 06 to Sept 08

Camp Tombstone, Afghanistan

Site Supervisor / Maintenance Technician

I was employed as the Site Supervisor / Maintenance Technician at Camp Tombstone in Afghanistan which consisted of all the facilities necessary to house and accommodate up to 1000 military personnel.

Duties Included –

Overseeing maintenance teams, consisting of 4 team leaders who headed a workforce of approx 20 maintenance personnel under the following disciplines, Power Generation, Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing / Water Supply.

Ordering of routine spares and materials to ensure all planned maintenance could be completed in accordance with the company Computerized Maintenance System. (CITRIX)

Tracking of outstanding Purchase Orders.

Assisted with the mobilization of vendors from Caterpillar and Perkins for power generation controller problems.

Back loading of equipment to the UK for major overhaul.

Supervising local vendors and contractors when carrying out various works within the camp.

Daily meetings with the client where I provided detailed reports on ongoing jobs and outstanding work.

To be the main point of contact for any reported breakdown or equipment failure.

Atlantic Resources / Transocean Sept 05 to Jun 06

Sedco 711 & Labrador 1

Motorman Mechanic

I have taken part in a 30,000 hr service/overhaul on one of the Rigs EMD Generators. This involved removal & replacement of 16 power packs, removal, inspection & replacement of all upper & lower main journal bearings. Replacement of crankshaft bearings. Replacement of Injection Equipment & inspection of Rocker gear. All pre start checks, including injector timing & valve clearances.

Am responsible for the daily upkeep of the engine room, checking and logging of all fuel, oil, pressures/levels & carrying out all preventative maintenance.

Am familiar with all other equipment on board, i.e. Man riders, Tuggers, Centrifuges, Top Drive, Shakers, Pumps, Compressors & am very competent in the repair & maintenance of all.

ITT Industries Aug 03 to Sept 05

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

Heavy Equipment Plant Engineer

Maintained and repaired vital Heavy Equipment for the U.S Forces in Kuwait and Iraq in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. This Equipment included Bulldozers, Cranes, Road Graders, Fork Lifts and Excavators down to things such as Generators and Compressors.

Supervised and advised a small team of Third World Country Nationals when carrying out tasks such as, Inspections, maintenance and repair of Equipment, ensuring that the work was being carried out to a high standard and that all the correct safety precautions were being followed and understood.

Was responsible for demanding and ordering spares for specific pieces of Equipment through the Military supply chain using all available literature and manuals.

Working as part of a team we constantly worked to deadlines, ensuring that Equipment, which had been requested, was always finished and ready for deployment on time.

Carried out fault diagnosis, removal and repair of various different components from Hydraulic pumps, lines, cylinders, control valves, Air compressors, motors, water pumps to Generators, CI Engines, SI Engines, Gearboxes, Electrical Systems, Braking systems.

Corps of Royal Engineers Jan 95 to Mar 03

Fitter RE Class 1 / Combat Engineer Class 1

Section 2ic

Responsible for the maintenance & Inspection of a diverse range of Military Plant Equipment from Excavators & Cranes to Generators & Water Supply Equipment.

Maintained the upkeep of the equipment documentation and was responsible for ordering vital stores and spares.

Supervised a small civilian and military workforce, e.g. setting tasks and inspecting completed work.

Ensured that the equipment library was updated and maintained for use by the whole section.

Successfully implemented an updated administrative procedure for fault reporting and demands.

Was responsible for the upkeep of the Squadron Lifting Equipment Register and Certificates.

Advised and assisted the equipment operators with a daily routine and upkeep of their equipment e.g. Bulldozers, Tractors and Excavators.


OPITO Slinging and Lifting Operations (Onsite Training Services)

OPITO Helicopter Refuelling Procedures (Onsite Training Services)

OPITO Abrasive Wheels (Onsite Training Services)

OPITO Manual Handling (Onsite Training Services)

OPITO Introduction to working Offshore (Onsite Training Services)

RTITB Forklift Truck Operators Course

B.O.S.I.E.T Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training

STCW 95 Safety Training (VT Flagship Completed Jan 09)

LGV C+E, Cats G & H, Hazmat 1 – 3

British Seaman’s Card & Seaman’s Discharge Book


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