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Executive Assisstant to VP

Hudson, FL
October 20, 2021

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MICHELLE LAMM **** Cutty Sark Drive, FL




Ambitious and results-oriented General Manager with over five years

of experience, creating strategic alliances with organizational leaders SKILLS

to effectively align with and support ABC Television Company

• Corporate Presentations

initiatives. Progress-driven planner adept at building and retaining

• Policy Compliance

high-performing teams.

• Consulting

Determined and responsible Assistant to the Vice President with more

• Budgeting

than five years of success boosting efficiency and streamlining

• Staff Management

procedures for broadcasting and celebrity groups. Focused on

• Business Development

smoothly overseeing financial, personnel and operational facets.

• Process Management Oversight

Effectively balance targets with resources and optimize long-term

• Effective Relationship Building


• Department Policies and

Executive-level Business Manager and entrepreneur with experience

Procedure Implementation

running start-up and emerging companies. Strong technology and

• Coordination of Administrative

product development expertise. Build strategic business relationships


and partnerships. Strong drive with excellent interpersonal,

• Prospecting Clients

communication and team-building skills.

• External Communications

Accomplished and creative Executive Manager possessing

• Reporting, Meeting Minutes,

multifaceted experience and proven ability to re-energize and

Records Management

restructure organizations, develop strategic initiatives and capture

• Strategic Initiatives / Strategic Plan

emerging business opportunities. Results-oriented, decisive leader


adept at forging lucrative relationships with key partners, vendors

• Operations management

and clients. Recognized for turning around struggling company

• Business planning

operations to achieve sustained growth.

• Financial Management

Forward-thinking Senior Executive with proven record of

• Issue Resolution Skills

accomplishment in entertainment during five +-year career. Driven

• New business pursuits

and ambitious change manager dedicated to continuous business

• Internal / External Communications

improvement focused on enhancing revenue and streamlining

• Business administration

business operations. Diligent in driving profit maximization through

• Department Policies & Procedure

multifaced business approaches.


Business-driven individual with more than five years working as Vice

• Negotiation

President for ABC Television organization. Determined and

• Internal / External Liaison

experienced in client rapport, demonstrating sound judgement and

• Decision Making & Judgment

employee mentoring and coaching. Consistently achieves low churn

• Project Management

rate and high quality production among teams.

Strategic-thinking executive experienced in supporting corporate

initiatives and promoting brand by attending trade shows and client

meetings. Offer engaging and pleasant personality with expertise

improving customer relationships. Dynamic business builder with

astute negotiation skills.

Talented Vice President with excellent employee development,

customer service and analytics skills coupled with more than five

years of experience. Highly effective and comfortable giving

engaging presentations to clients to drive new business, expand

accounts and establish brand profile. Excellent team builder and

leader of initiatives that result in improved revenues.

Steadfast multi-layered title positions with more than five years

managing multimillion-dollar business operations. Successfully

optimizes frameworks and cultivates cohesive teams to meet and

exceed business financial goals. Excellent reporting, record keeping

and relationship-building abilities.

Dependable professional with extensive experience supporting

executive level management including Chief Executive Officer and

Assistant to the Vice President. Respected for organizational and

interpersonal aptitudes, implementation of strategic initiatives,

special project management and results-focused interactions across

organization. Strategic in implementing and monitoring progress of

important initiatives and actions plans.


Assistant to the Vice President of Affiliate Relations, 06/1978 -


ABC Television Network, New York, NY

• Prepared and recorded meeting minutes and documented actions

taken as result of board meetings, committee meetings and special


• Planned budgets and communication initiatives for comprehensive

facility management and allocation of space and funds.

• Handled administrative systems to assist senior leadership and over

144 staff members.

• Developed all documentation, including reports and financial sheets

for annual budgets and senior leadership goals.

• Reviewed incoming correspondence and drafted appropriate

responses for CEO and other high-level stakeholders.

• Reviewed, identified, updated and prioritized strategic initiatives to

provide comprehensive support to senior leadership.

• Contributed to budget planning, and initiatives for communications,

planning and coordination of facility management and space


• Allocated work assignments and tasks to comprehensively manage

administrative projects.

• Attended board and committee meetings and took meeting minutes

to create detailed records of various meetings and decisions.

• Attended promotional and celebratory events, promoting company

brand and building rapport with prospects and partners.

Recorded File Coordinator, 06/1977 - 05/1978

ABC Television Network, New York, NY

• Reported malfunctions and errors to supervising staff, addressed

concerns and supported other machine operators completing

challenging workloads under tight schedules.

• Maintained excellent attendance record, consistently arriving to

work on time.

• Worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently

arriving to work ready to start immediately.

• Observed machine operations to verify quality and conformity of

packaged products, stepping in to resolve issues promptly and avoid

costly production errors.

Administrative Office Clerk, 01/1977 - 05/1977

ABC Television Network, New York, NY

• Handled client correspondence and tracked records to foster office


• Optimized system use by preparing training manual for team

members covering proper clerical procedures.

• Drafted professional memos, letters and marketing copy to support

business objectives and growth.

• Kept physical files and digitized records organized for easy

updating and retrieval by authorized team members.

• Tracked and recorded expenses and reconciled accounts to maintain

accurate, current and compliant financial records.

• Provided quality clerical support through data entry, document

management, email correspondence and overseeing operation of

office equipment.

• Replenished sales floor merchandise and organized shelves, racks

and bins for optimal appearance.

• Promoted customer loyalty and consistent sales by delivering

friendly service and knowledgeable assistance.

• Enhanced collaboration between team members by preparing

meeting materials and taking clear notes to distribute to


• Delivered expert clerical support by efficiently handling wide range

of routine and special requirements.

• Received and routed business correspondence to correct

departments and staff members.

• Interacted with customers professionally by phone, email or

in-person to provide information and directed to desired staff


• Assisted customers by answering questions and fulfilling requests.

Cashiering Team Lead, 03/1976 - 05/1977

Kresgy, Brooklyn, NY

• Performed store opening, closing and shift change actions, including

completing accurate shift change logs, to keep operations efficient

and current.

• Trained, mentored and developed new cashiers with positive and

encouraging techniques to maximize performance and team


• Worked extra shifts during busy periods and covered for call-in

employees to maintain service levels.

• Maintained stock within optimal levels to meet expected customer

and sales levels.

• Mentored new team members on POS system operation, customer

service strategies and sales goals.

• Helped customers complete purchases, locate items and join reward

programs to promote loyalty, satisfaction and sales numbers.

• Resolved escalated customer disputes with special actions such as


• Displayed new stock and rotated existing products.

• Increased customer loyalty and retention.

• Assisted customers by answering questions and fulfilling requests.

• Received and processed customer payments.

• Developed and implemented promotional strategies targeting

overstocked, high-profit or nearly expired merchandise to move

items and boost revenue.

• Helped management develop employee improvement plans to

motivate team members to higher levels of performance, skill and


• Reviewed and resolved differences between accounting information

and cash drawer.

• Checked identification for proof-of-age and refusing alcohol and

tobacco sales to underage customers.

• Restocked, arranged and organized merchandise in front lanes to

drive product sales.

• Educated employees on all job tasks, including register use,

merchandising and customer service.

• Processed POS transactions, including checks, cash and credit

purchases or refunds.

• Educated customers on promotions to enhance sales.

• Reconciled cash drawer at start and end of each shift, accounting for

errors and resolving discrepancies.

• Built effective training and coaching strategies to optimize team


• Oversaw weekly and seasonal merchandising and signage changes

to promote specific products.


High School Diploma, 06/1977

John Jay High School - Brooklyn, NY

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