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Recovery Manager Database Developer

Herndon, VA
October 20, 2021

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Camille Williams

Top Skills: Oracle, SQL Server, AWS RDS, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Oak Hill, VA 20171 +1-703-***-****

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Senior Database Developer

CWC Technology, Inc - Herndon, VA

November 2016 to Present

Database administration and development including: Oracle 19c, 12c, 11g; Completed database import of 23TB Oracle database into Oracle 19c using Data Pump Import utility and custom linux scripts

AWS RDS Oracle upgrades and migrations of 30TB data using AWS migration service DMS (data migration service) for legacy Oracle migration to Oracle RDS in AWS cloud

PostgreSQL 10 and 11, including database patching, upgrades, migrations,

Worked with Cloudera suite of technologies including Hive, Impala. Completed training Cloudera Data Analyst July 2019.

Lead DBA

MK Technologies, Inc - Herndon, VA

May 2014 to Nov 2016

Completed Migration of Oracle databases from Oracle on Solaris to Oracle RAC environment on Linux; Lead DBA supporting multiple DEV, TEST and Production Oracle 11g databases to support business process of managing, hiring, and maintaining employees

Wrote SQL and PL/SQL scripts to maintain development database schemas in sync with test and production

Wrote custom SQL and PL/SQL scripts for reporting capabilities

Completed database upgrades and migration from Oracle 11g to Oracle 12c

Completed database conversion and migration of data from legacy formats into relational database (Sql Server 2012 and Oracle 11g) for customers (custom ETL work using SQL scripts). Wrote custom SQL daily for customers ad hoc report requests, and wrote SQL for new database views to support new application modules

Wrote SQL to update VPD policies on Oracle database tables (row level security) based on customer requirements.

Senior Database Engineer

Trusted Concepts, Inc - Chantilly, VA

March 2011 to April 2014

Built Oracle 11g Database Physical Standby on Windows 2003, Windows 2008 servers for 24/7 available production system

Scripted RMAN backups and Data Pump Exports

Maintained Oracle 11gR2 RAC environment, including running data migration from non-RAC to new RAC environment

Administered large 30+ Tb Oracle 11gR2 RAC databases in Linux environment

Managed SQL Server 2008 databases including backups, account management, and tuning

Completed IBM DB2 database training and administered DB2 databases on P6 AIX computer system

Installed and configured Neo4j graphical database for development environment

Attended Oracle 11gR2 RAC training at Oracle Corp, as well as Exadata Workshop and Oracle 12c Cloud Control Workshop; Attended MySQL training to stand up MySQL Cluster; Completed migration of ESRI GIS databases from SQL Server 2008 to Oracle 11.2 RAC database system on Linux (providing DBA support to GIS development team for ArcCatalog 10.2)

Completed workshop/training on Exadata database machine at Oracle Corp., Reston, VA.

Maintained and managed Exadata for customer, including creation of test database using 12c Enterprise Manager tool to create standby of production database(s).

Lead Database Developer

Technology Associates - Reston, VA

December 2009 to February 2011

Completed installation and configuration of Oracle 11g databases on Linux servers (CentOS v.5); Lead development effort by creating Oracle 11g database instances on Linux servers for ETL work, and wrote custom PL/SQL for database stored procedures and triggers for auditing capability.

Troubleshooting Oracle installations of 10g on legacy servers (Windows XP); Completed backups using Oracle export and Oracle RMAN scripts;

Development and design of a new database for tracking customer metadata in Oracle 11g, including SQL and PL/SQL scripts for creation of tables, constraints, indexes, triggers, and sequences;

Utilized Subversion software tool for updating database scripts and keeping current version of database scripts for Development, Test, and Production;

Performed Oracle security lockdowns for Production servers for security testing and validation.

Oracle Database Administrator

Abraxas Corporation - Herndon, VA

October 2007 to December 2009

•Administered development, test, and production databases versions 9.2 through

•Completed Oracle 10g installations on Unix servers (Solaris 9 and 10) for development and production including software, ASM configuration, patches, and upgrades

•Performed database security lockdowns

•Performance tuning of Oracle databases to include troubleshooting long running queries and processes

•Responsible for install, configuration of RMAN backups for large multi-terabyte databases in Oracle 10g

•Completed database loading of data into Oracle 10g databases using SQL loader utility and Perl scripts

•Responsible for running performance testing against multiple database servers

•Monitored daily RMAN backups on database servers (created RMAN scripts for full and incremental backups) and used Oracle Data Pump export/import utilities as additional logical backups

•Documented Backup and Recovery plan and scripts for RMAN backups and restore scripts; wrote restore scripts for databases under various scenarios (e.g. point in time restore/recovery, full restore from one server to another, restore scripts for reincarnation of database to earlier version)

•Utilized the Oracle ASM technology on all Oracle 10g databases, applied patches, and build database servers using ASM.

•Completed Oracle Corp. training in December 2007 on Oracle 10g Data Guard technology

Oracle Database Administrator

Technology Associates - Reston, VA

April 2006 to October 2007

Installed, configured, and maintained Oracle 10g databases in Solaris 10 environment with zone configuration. Created oracle shutdown and startup scripts. Wrote RMAN backup scripts and scheduled via Solaris cron jobs to run nightly. Created oracle export and import scripts for logical backups and for data migrations from one oracle instance to another.

• Completed database migration scripts for transformation of data from SQL Server 2000 database to

Oracle 10g database; Assisted with many facets of project including database architecture and creating backup

And recovery plans for Oracle 10g, assisted project managers with set up of new application system and troubleshooting issues with Database performance.

Database Administrator

Booz Allen Hamilton - McLean, VA

July 2004 to March 2006

•Performed database administration on Oracle 10g databases. Installed and configured Oracle 10gdatabase software on UNIX servers (Solaris 9 OS); Created oracle databases and migrated data from SQL Server 2000 databases into Oracle 10g databases. Performed continued database administration on SQL Server 2000 databases and Oracle 10g databases in development, test, and production. Assisted developers on daily basis with creating SQL and PL/SQL scripts for stored procedures, views, tables, synonyms, and managed user roles and permissions. Set up backups and recovery for SQL Server databases and performed restore to reports database on daily basis. Configured Oracle 10g RMAN for backups and set up Oracle audit trail to audit DBAs and developers.

•Created SQL Server and Oracle database custom SQL queries to support customer requests for complex reports.

•Performed database administration in Oracle 9i database including using Oracle import/export utilities, Oracle Sql Plus, Oracle Enterprise Manager Console tool. Installed Oracle 9i on Windows 2000 Servers. Created Oracle 9i databases on Windows 2000 Servers and imported data into Oracle databases. Performed system testing for new MS Access application and assisted with database migration and data validation testing. Created database backup and recovery plan for new Oracle 10g database system. Created database design documentation and database schemas.

Database Administrator

Sanametrix, Inc - Fairfax, VA

November 1998 to June 2004

Developed, populated and administered development database of U.S. Department of Education Common Core of Data in Oracle 9i including the following tasks:

1.Used SQL Loader utility to load data from flat files into database

2.Created tables and column constraints for the data

3.Created users and granted privileges to users

4.Created new tablespaces and added data files as needed

5.Performed nightly and weekly database backups using Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager)

6.Performed database queries using SQL Plus and used Oracle Enterprise Manager for database changes and updates

7.Installation of Oracle 9i Database on a Red Hat Linux server and installation of Oracle 9i Database on

Windows 2000 Advanced Server

8.Installed and configured FTP server running on Red Hat Linux

9.Transferred data tables between Oracle 9i databases on Windows 2000 and Red Hat Linux server using Oracle utilities such as IMP, EXP (import/export command line utilities) and FTP

• Data validation and data testing on SQL Server 2000 databases including running SQL queries to determine data quality; worked with ASP developers by creating database tables and views necessary to optimize the application. In addition, worked with a team of ASP developers to create applications for Department of Education customers through the entire SDLC including system analysis and design, requirements gathering, implementation, and testing the final product.

Lead Research Assistant to Prof. Doug Hershey and Alicia Farrell, Ph.D

George Mason University - Fairfax, VA September 1994 to October 1995

Performed data analysis, data mining, entry, and statistical calculations using SPSS software for project on perceptions of wisdom; Responsible for all database entry, backup, and analysis for the project.


M.S. in Information Systems

George Mason University - Fairfax, VA

M.A. in Psychology

American University - Washington, DC

B.A. in Psychology

George Mason University - Fairfax, VA




•Oracle 12c


•IT Experience

•Relational Databases


•Microsoft SQL Server



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