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Kitchen Manager Asphalt

October 14, 2021

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Productive stock management professional

equipped to handle continuous, physically

demanding work keeping merchandise and

materials ready for use. Reliable in meeting

demand and operating equipment safely. Brings

strong focus on teamwork and customer



Cox Pools - Warehouse Worker

Panama City Beach, FL • 07/2018 - 10/2021


Operated pallet jacks and material moving

equipment to receive and transport items from

various warehouse locations.

Alternated goods in inventory by observing first-in and first-out approach to keep shelves organized

and properly stocked.

Simplified shipping and receiving processes for

improved workflow.

Placed incoming inventory in optimal storage

locations to promote continued accuracy and

easy retrieval.

Kept documentation and records accurate and

up-to-date with latest data to prevent errors in

processing or delivery.

Checked packages and merchandise for

damage and notified vendors.

Moved products using overhead cranes, forklifts

and other equipment, consistently meeting

challenging performance goals.

Readied product pallets for optimal storage and

shipment, carefully organizing boxes and

balancing weight.

Rutherford High School

Panama City, FL • 05/1995



P: 850-***-****

A: Panama City, Florida 32404

Shoney's Restaurant - Kitchen Manager

Panama City Beach, FL • 11/2015 - 07/2018

Gulf Asphalt - Asphalt Laborer

Panama City, Florida • 01/2015 - 11/2015

Consistently lifted materials weighing as much as

Number pounds.

Inspected work areas for cleanliness and

obstacles and removed cartons and boxes to

keep work areas organized and hazard-free.

Operated company vehicles and heavy

equipment with focus on safety and risk


Cleaned and maintained warehouse in

compliance with OSHA safety standards.

Identified inadequate materials and faulty

equipment and brought to supervisors' attention.

Created and deployed successful strategies to

boost restaurant performance, streamline food

prep processes and reduce waste.

Wiped down counters using sanitizing spray to

prevent cross-contamination among food items.

Scheduled and received food and beverage

deliveries, adhering to food cost and budget.

Conducted daily checks of refrigerators and

freezers to verify proper food storage, container

labeling and surface cleaning.

Followed standardized recipes set by Chef for

production of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

Checked and tested foods to verify quality and


Developed kitchen staff through training,

disciplinary action and performance reviews.

Oversaw food preparation and monitored safety


Enhanced financial controls to minimize theft and

loss risks, continuously maintaining accurate

accounts and cash drawers.

Verified prepared food met standards for quality

and quantity before serving to customers.

Kept facility compliant with health codes,

sanitation requirements and license regulations,

alleviating potentially heavy fines.

Burger King - Cook

Panama City, Florida • 09/2012 - 01/2015

Aaron's Sales And Lease - Delivery Driver

Panama City, Florida • 08/2007 - 09/2012

Clear areas in preparation for laying down


Spread asphalt, gravel and other materials at

work locations using variety of tools and


Directed traffic around site locations using

appropriate signage and team communication.

Transported, organized and fetched materials

throughout each shift.

Filled tanks, hoppers and machines with paving


Worked on driveways, roads, parking lots and

other projects alongside Number-person crew.

Kept traffic away from job sites to protect

workers, equipment and private individuals.

Inspected appliances, commercial fryers, and

ovens to verify proper working order.

Changed and sanitized cutting boards, benches

and surfaces between tasks to avoid cross-


Set up and prepared cooking supplies and

workstations during opening and closing to

maximize productivity.

Transitioned between breakfast and lunch


Instructed new staff in proper food preparation,

storage, use of kitchen equipment and


Prepared multiple orders simultaneously during

peak periods with high accuracy rate,

maximizing customer satisfaction and repeat


Performed general equipment maintenance and

repair to minimize downtime.

Completed on-time deliveries by choosing best

and most efficient routes.

Loaded truck and properly secured items to

prevent damage for deliveries.

Performed walk around on delivery vehicle

before beginning shift to verify correct and safe

operating order.

Verified daily deliveries against shipping

instructions before delivering to customers.

Inspected truck equipment and supplies and

reported problems and safety hazards to

supervisors following each shift.

Maintained accurate financial records by

collecting and documenting timely and past-due

customer payments.

Completed rush deliveries on tight timetables to

satisfy customer needs.

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