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Corporate Energy Cycle Power

Fort Lauderdale, FL
October 14, 2021

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Chief Engineer and Professional Engineer with extensive shipping and shore-side technical management expertise. Experienced in the engineering management of tankers, passenger vessels and dry cargo ships. EDUCATION AND LICENSE

University: SUNY Maritime College Bronx, NY

Bachelor of Engineering: Marine Engineering, Professional Engineer in three States (inactive) Licenses: USCG Chief Engineer License –Steam & Diesel Engines of Unlimited Horsepower EXPERIENCE


Managed propulsion train repairs to both rudders, both shafts/gear boxes and propellers on a new build American passenger ship damaged during launching. Completed work on time and aided with USCG commissioning of National Geographic Quest. Dumbarton Oaks contract included a library with \loors of historic books, active museum with ancient relics, fellows housing, a refractory and their renown gardens. All inter personnel relations with fellows and staff are of primary importance. For Maritime Professional Trainers Instructed in over 40 subject areas of marine engineering and required management courses for the taking of USCG Chief Engineer license. I am also a USCG Quali\ied Assessor for the engine department. ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES Miami, FL 2005-2017

Senior Technical Superintendent- Vessel Power Plants Developed and oversaw seven technical support riding-teams providing overhaul and repair for Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCC) Global Technical Group. Responsible for maintaining 70 MAN and Wartsila medium speed diesel generators (6-18 MW), 16 LM 2500+ Gas Turbines (25 MW ea.), oil Nired auxiliary boilers and steam hotel systems.

• Coordinated with Ships Manager and Chief Engineer on technical needs as they arose and ensured generators were overhauled on schedule and to speci\ication. In-house expert providing ship-speci\ic technical support to Chief Engineers a\loat.

• Managed specialist for 7 riding-teams consisting of 50 diesel engine repair engineers and techs.

• Evaluated technical issues, coordinated parts delivery and deployed riding-teams to vessel taking into consideration logistical challenges and urgency of repairs.

• Developed relationships with engine manufactures, conducted monthly meetings to discuss design and operational \laws and developed solutions to improve reliability and ef\iciency.

• Scheduled sectional overhauls for 16 General Electric 2500+GT engines in combined cycle power plants.

• Lead Engineer in ‘Corporate Energy Monitoring and Savings Task Force’ for Celebrity Cruise Lines.

• Attended, witnessed and signed off on factory acceptance for 6 new Wartsila engines and assisted ship’s crew during new build sea trials.

Ship Manager

Responsible for the technical management of 3 cruise vessels having 50,000 KW and 60,000 DWT each. Maintained a high level of ship speciNic engineering knowledge providing support to Chief Engineers.

• Provided guidance through troubleshooting, mechanical, electrical and technical dif\iculties with engineering of\icers a\loat. Established best course of action effecting a safe and productive resolution.

• Adhered to budget and funding parameters for technical operations and repair needs. Conducted ongoing budget tracking analysis and reported to senior management on status and any variances.

• Oversaw ship compliance with ABS, USCG, federal, state and local regulations, certi\ications, records, and training to ensure a safe and compliant operations. Maintained excellent standing with all regulatory bodies.

• Developed relationships with cost-effective repair contractors and coordinated repairs between engineering of\icers, shipyards and vendors.

• Evaluated all technical purchases and consulted Captain and Chief Engineer on necessity, cost analysis and value added. Approved or denied purchase requests. AMERICAN OVERSEAS MARINE Quincy, MA 2002-2005

Port Engineer

Curriculum Vitae • Philip R. Gehring• Page 1

Directed technical maintenance and operations of MARAD ready reserve steam ship SS Curtis.

• Budgeted, planned and coordinated all vessel maintenance while ensuring ship was continually ready for activation if needed for national emergency.

• Advised on technical failures, formulated proposed resolutions and wrote government job speci\ications.

• Utilized strong understanding of steam-ship speci\ic systems to develop cost effective technical solutions.

• Ensured USCG certi\ication items and other regulatory requirements were completed and in compliance. FLUOR CORPORATION Agawam, MA 1988-2002

Plant Manager

Responsible for managing a 408 ton-a-day waste to energy power plant with 600 ton-a-day transfer station. Managed plant with exceptional business acumen increased revenue continually though excellent understanding of technical operations and innovation.

• Oversaw and managed 40+ personnel consisting of laborers, plant operators, administrators and accounting, safety, environmental, and quality assurance staff.

• Received plant out of bankruptcy and transformed P&L from a $2M loss to a $2M annual pro\it during tenure by enhancing performance of equipment and developing new revenue projects.

• Fluor Tri Star Award, three years no lost time accidents and two years no recordable injuries.

• Successfully initiated, led, and completed a 13% plant expansion effort including incoloy tubes super-heater modi\ication. Co-authored ASME paper on same.

• Developed and executed plan to install auxiliary boiler in order to sell steam creating $800K annual increase in revenue. Utilized auxiliary boiler as an evaporator increasing electric production 10%. UTILITY SYSTEMS CORP New York, NY 1985-1987

Operations and Repair Manager

Managed operations and building maintenance for four ofNice sites totaling over 2 million square feet including 6 World Trade Center, IRS Center and NY Telephone which had co-generation total energy power plants.

• Repower and commissioned six new CAT duel fuel 398’s engines in downtown Brooklyn.

• Responsible for pier steam and HVAC requirements at three military bases.

• Delegated the work of highly trained \ield technicians for maximum productivity of co-generation engines. EXXON SHIPPING COMPANY Houston, TX 1976-1985

Chief Engineer, 1st, Assistant Engineer

Engineering management aboard 30,000 HP steam turbine powered tanker vessel. Responsible for the leadership of engineering department personnel and the management of all technical operations.

• Supervised 1/AE and senior engineering of\icers to ensure appropriate maintenance and operations of technical systems.

• Ensured vessel maintains compliance with all USCG, ABS, local, state, federal and company regulations.

• Communicated with Master and corporate shore side technical support staff to coordinate maintenance operations, repairs, schedule changes and fueling. Wrote ‘scope of work’ for repair periods and dry-docks.

• Ensure economical maintenance and operation of machinery. Authorized overtime expenditures as needed.

• Responsible for pollution prevention and environmental protection associated with oily water separator, gray water, black water, ballast water and hydraulic systems.

• Lit off dead steam power plant with and without shore power. CERTIFICATIONS AND TRAINING

• Professional Engineer Licensed in NY, VT & MA (inactive.)

• ASME Chief Facility Operator- Resource Recovery Facility

• American Management Association Certi\icates in Financial Analysis for Managers and Community Communications

• Completed MIT “Negotiating Environmental Agreements” and MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program NOTEWORTHY

• Independently contracted in summer of 2017 to lead repairing of new build passenger vessel “National Geographic Quest” which was damaged during launching. Managed the propulsion train repairs to rudders, shafts, gear boxes and propellers. Completed work on time and aided with USCG commissioning.

• Train the Trainer Certi\ication and a USCG Quali\ied Assessor for engine department tasks.

• Honorable discharge US Navy Lieutenant

• Dedicated team player committed to achieving personal, professional and company goals and objectives. Curriculum Vitae • Philip R. Gehring• Page 2

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