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English Teacher Administrative Officer

Cebu City, Philippines
October 13, 2021

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Christopher Stanley Wilson

Bontoc City Southern Leyte.

Mob: +63-995-***-****



To help and become one of your best teachers and be part on attaining your Mission, Vision and Goal.


Native English Speaker Teacher as an online English teacher for foreign students.

Working in Management’s company assistant with mechanical engineering and transportation.

5 years in customer service on room reservation, as secretary and marketing

Capable of establishing business contracts with corporate clients & corporate travel establishments

Capable of handling revenue yielding tactics

Capable of providing training to new staff


Employer : Acadsoc.

Position Held : Native English Speaker Teacher, Online English teacher

Period of Service : Sept 2017 to Now

Accomplishments : Here I started as a junior teacher and I became a Free Trial teacher to sell Classes the same as I

did for 51talk too.

Mind you here I find it very easy to stay in the top 10 or top 5% of their top free trial teachers and they have over 3000 teachers here and I am fully booked all the time.

I do about 400 classes a month every month. I have never missed a class due to me

Not showing up over sleeping or forgetting I have a class the only time I have missed classes is when the internet goes out I do have two internet servers but this is the Philippines and they have the worst internet serves in the world here but other then that

I have backup for everything.


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Employer : 51Talk, Teach.

Position Held : Native English Speaker Teacher, Online English teacher

Period of Service : Aug 2016 to Sept 2017

Accomplishments : Here I started as a junior teacher and I became a Free Trial teacher to sell classes to get students to sign up with 51talk and had an average of about 22% within 30 days. I worked my way up to as high as you can get to Senior teacher B. I managed to do more than 4,300 classes in the time I was there and with only 5 complaints and 4 of them were in the first few months. Near the end of my time, there I was up to doing 630 classes per month but I had a bad month because of brown outs and internet dropping out too. Where I was living in the apartment building had a contract with sky cable and you could not bring in a second internet company or use a generator during the brown out but now that I have moved, I can and I have backup for everything.

Employer : Enzo’s English network opportunity zone

Position Held : Native English Speaker Teacher, Online English teacher

Period of Service : Aug 2013 to 2016

Accomplishments : Here I help and teach the other Pilipino online teachers correct pronunciation and grammar and teach online too to students from South Korea ages from 10 years old grade 2 all the way up to Adults and I have even worked with some handicapped children and Adults too to learn Basic English

Employer : Queens Hotel, Toronto, Canada

Position Held : Supervisor Reservations

Period of Service : December 2009 to August 2011

Accomplishments : Introduced a new outlook for the room reservation procedures

: Established good business relationship with corporate clients

: Initiated and boosted up Team Work among reservation staff

: Periodical review of work & provide training for staff to overcome weak areas

: Make strategic business plans that brings in more revenue for the hotel

Current Employer : Concord Mechanical Contracting Transportation Co. WLL.

Production : Mechanical Repair & Maintenance

Position : Manager

Period of Service : 2004 to 2009

Assignments : Manages activities of personnel on board vessels and at workshop to ensure cost effective

Mechanical repairs are carried out in accordance with the customer’s specification &

Acceptable working practices. Responsible to ensure quality of work, Official works

Concerning HR, Personnel Welfare, Visa Processing, etc.


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Employer : Self (Owner Operator)

Position Held : Truck Driver

Period of Service : 1980 to 2004

Accomplishments : This was a contract position where my duties included the total responsibility of the truck

Scheduling of pick-up and deliveries.


Ambitious and energetic composed under pressure and get along very well with people at all levels. Possess excellent correspondence & communication skills. Very organized with professional approach.

Date of Birth : 12 October 1959

Religion : Christian

Marital Status : Married

Nationality : Canadian

Passport # : QE144920

Validity : 29 July 2016


Bachelor of Science : University of Toronto : TESOL Certificate

Computer Knowledge : MS Office, etc.

Certificate of Achievement : Transportation Workshop


Employee of the Month of March 2008 from Queens Hotel, Toronto Canada

Long Service Achievement Award, Queens’s l Hotel, Toronto Canada


Driving, movies and music


Friendly and easy going with people, keen observer, fast learner, able trainer & good listener


Dr. Buddy A. Ortego

Chief Administrative Officer

Rizal Medical Center

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