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Independent Agent Marketing Manager

Evans, GA
July 29, 2021

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David Nelson

Evans, GA 770-***-****

Professional Sales & Marketing Executive, Director, Manager, & Salesperson

Consultative Management & Sales Approach... Forward Thinking Leadership… Change Agent...


Talented, accomplished, & highly driven Packaging Senior Sales & Marketing Professional.

Experience, 30+ years diverse leadership, expertise, with proven success, building, motivating, & directing, self & sales team to exceed aggressive targets in ultra-competitive markets.

Strategic thinker, skilled solution provider brought in to fix troubled accounts & tough markets.

Strong master negotiator with emphasis on securing orders by finding & solving client problems.

Business savvy, adept at leading positive change & driving revenue, with eye on bottom line $.

Thorough knowledge of International & USA sales, competition, import, & export trade.

Mechanically inclined with concise methodology of packaging manufacture & final use processing.

Prospecting & Territory Development - Vendor Relationships - New Client Acquisition & Retention



Became an independent multiple company representative/broker, because of abundant contacts. As an experienced professional (1 person) representative with abundant account contacts using packaging both supply manufacturers to end user manufacturers. Managed 12 large accounts, 18 medium accounts and over 25 small accounts. (Leaving because of 1 man show. Much more comfortable being a part of a larger company with more resources).

PLASTO-SAC LTD – Yavne, Israel – Atlanta, GA 2006 - 2018

Fully integrated flexible packaging manufacturer & printer of Consumer, Medical, & Industrial Packaging

Sales & Marketing Manager USA – Annual Sales average per year = $23M+

Sold direct myself & managed sales team of 19 reps (5 company & 14 independent).

Researched competition, analyzed trends, & active participant in industry trade shows.

Worked closely with peers to develop & implement marketing/sales strategies that increased sales.

Quickly & successfully secured many new customers after testing of products with new features.

Conceptualized, developed & implemented sales initiatives that targeted competing manufacturers by outsourcing packaging that others could not produce, significantly increasing sales.

Developed & executed a successful marketing campaign that promoted quality products from Israel while eliminating fears of doing business with “certain” Middle East companies.

Researched, evaluated, & reduced the number of products offered to the U.S. market by focusing on higher quality, value added products resulting in higher export sales & profit.

(Left company because of too much international travel, extensive USA travel not a problem.)

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UNISTAR PLASTICS, LLC. - New Orleans, LA 2001 - 2006

Fully integrated flexible packaging manufacturer & printer of carry out bags.

Sales & Marketing Manager Specialty Products USA – Annual Sales Average per year = $7M+

Sold direct myself & managed sales team of 15 reps (4 company & 11 independent)

Successfully launched and profited from sale of new Product “HandleLiner” brand garbage bags to distributors & large end user clients.

In charge of the end-to-end sales & marketing efforts of two branded products, Kwikbag & Handleliner, along with several company commodity products.

Substantially increased average yearly sales by developing & implementing a direct selling strategy that did not interfere with established distributor relationships.

Led negotiations between supplier & company for the licensing of specialty packaging product resulting in companywide first year increased sales of over $1M for this product alone.

(Left company to continue career in more sophisticated packaging products other than carry & garbage bags)

UNITED PRODUCTS GROUP LTD (UPG) - Copenhagen, Denmark – Atlanta, GA 1993 - 2001

International Flexible Packaging Manufacturer’s Rep Group & Buyer Reseller of Goods.

Sales & Marketing Manager USA – Annual Sales Average per year = $19M+

Sold direct myself & managed sales team of 18 (6 company & 12 independent)

Positioned & sold marketing & sales consulting services in support of packing manufacturers in the U.S., Europe & the Middle East. Spearheaded the development & implementation of creative strategies to help manufacturing clients introduce new packaging products into the market.

Opened, on average per year, 20 to 30 major new accounts through direct sales & independent distributors; consistently exceeding sales goals.

Sourced products internationally to increase quality & lower costs; allowed clients to compete against exclusive products from competition; strategy resulted in eight net new clients.

Led the re-design of a bag dispensing system for KwikBag; product helped ease of use & reduced bag waste resulting substantial increase of sales.

(Left company because was sold to a Spanish group requiring relocation to Spain. Relocation was not an option for me.)

LINPAC PACKAGING - West Yorkshire, UK – Atlanta, GA 1987 - 1993

Fully integrated flexible packaging manufacturer & printer of carry out bags.

Sales Manager USA Annual Sales Average per year = $6M+

Sold direct myself & managed sales team of 13 reps (5 company & 8 independent)

Sold a suite of fully integrated flexible packaging products to the grocery & convenience store markets. Products sold included t-shirts, soft-loop shopping bags, wave tops, die cut holes etc.

Led, developed & managed sales of ReTuff brand & recycled can liners that utilized 100% production scrap resulting in major increase of profits.

Successfully saved expenses annually through creative redesign & purchase of a patented Lin Sac brand & bag rack from an alternate vendor, resulting in major increase annual profit.

Coordinated & led weekly sales meetings; provided ongoing in the field training to both sales & technical service personnel of which instrumental in increasing sales.

(Left company because “Wave Top Style Grocery Bags” product, was defeated by “T-Shirt Style Grocery Bags”. LinPac stopped making Wave Top Style Grocery Bags 6 months after I left.)

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Volunteer Producer & Director of over 100 mini-theatrical skits at local community center.

Volunteer HOA - Home Owners Association - Volunteer Community Chairman


Studied Economics & Accounting (Associate), Waubonsee Community College

Studied International Trade (Bachelor) at Copenhagen School of Business


TEAM - Manager, Trainer, & Motivator to others managed, including customer service, telemarketing, inside & outside sales reps, both employed & independent.

GOALS – Increase sales by way of new accounts and existing account growth.

MARKETING – In addition to modern methods, continue Old School telemarketing & US mail, to prequalifying leads later sent to reps, increasing sales faster.

MARKETS – Retail, Consumer, Institutional, Financial, Industrial, Household, Medical, Fertilizer, Agriculture, Lawn/Garden, Meat/Seafood, Snacks, Candy, Dairy, Condiments/Sauce, Flower/Sugar, Coffee/Tea, Chemicals Industrial & Pharmaceutical, Oils, Lubricants, Fresh/Frozen Food, Beverages, Powders, Nutritional Drugs, Personal Care, & More.

ADVERTISING - Designer & Creator of product brochures, invite post cards, marketing sheets, presented via direct US mail, internet, telemarketing campaigns,

LEADS - Profiler & Lead list developer of ideal clients according to company capabilities & objectives.

TRADE SHOWS – Participation Analysis (exhibit or just attend), manage, booth designer, with pre-show meetings set 60-90 days before show. Career management of over 50 + shows.

INTERNET – Created with IT departments, website layout/content according to target products.

COMPETITION – Maintain awareness of, monitor activity, trends, & team feedback.

IMPORT/EXPORT – Thorough knowledge international suppliers, competition, & accounts

SUPPLIERS - Negotiator of costs, purchasing at best price for best profit.

PRODUCT TYPES – Bags, Tubing, Roll Stock, Pouches, Barrier Film, Covers, Shrink, Stretch Hood, Lid Film, Merchandise Bags, SUP, Tamper Evident Mailers, Zip Lock, Spouts, Quad Seals, Inno-Lok Velcro, Lid Lock, 1 Way Valves, Shape Pouch, Slider, Heat Shrink, & more.

PRODUCTS BRANDED - Creator & Manager, with R&D support, BRANDED products including but not limited to; Kwikbag, Handleliner, LinSac, ReTuff – GLid, GPet & more.

PRINTING MFG - Cl, Roto Flexo, Digital, Solvent, Solvent-Less, Water Base, Corona Treated

EXTRUDED & CAST MFG - (Extrusion blown films 1+Layers Cast films 1+Layers) -Polypropylene, Oriented Polypropylene, Metalized Polyester, Metalized Oriented Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, Paper Poly, Foil Poly, Poly Extrusion Lamination, Cast Polypropylene, Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate, Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, Poly Vinyl Chloride, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, HMWHD, COEX, Nylon, Paper Waxed & more.

LAMINATION MFG - (Lamination plastic 1 to 4 layers) Adhesive Lamination, Wax Coating, Extrusion Lamination, Solvent Based Lamination, Solvent Less Based Lamination, FFL Film Foil Lam, & more

ENHANCEMENTS MFG - (Additives/Coatings) EAA Ethylene Acrylic Acid, Metallocene, Surlyn, EVOH-Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol, PVDC Poly Vinylidene Chloride, Metalized, Biodegradable, Modified Atmosphere, High Barrier, Antistatic, Perforation, Vents, Oxygen Scavenging & more.


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