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Finance, Business Management, Acquisitions, Sales Management

Salt Lake City, UT
July 30, 2021

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Stan Ronna … Transforming complex challenges into dynamic growth solutions

Salt Lake City, UT 84106 • 801-***-**** •


Versatile and accomplished executive with a solid record of executing rapid turnarounds of underperforming businesses, leading strategic acquisitions and divestitures, and building highly profitable operations in diverse manufacturing organizations. Financially astute, outcome-driven growth architect who leverages a continuous-improvement mindset and a strong sales orientation to reverse revenue losses and drive strong, sustainable bottom-line gains. Exceptional team builder, leader, and relationship manager with a talent for stepping into unfamiliar environments, tackling complex challenges, and delivering results that consistently exceed goals. Highly adept at working with regulators and legislators at all levels.

Selected Career Highlights

Turnaround Leadership: Directed the complete turnaround of Automation Products, a business that had never made money before and was losing $1-3M annually, leading it to profitability of up to $3.5M per year.

Acquisitions & Divestitures: Led divestiture of Sweetlix business division from Tate &Lyle. Purchased the business with 2 partners, grew it substantially through acquisitions and organic improvements, and negotiated its sale at optimal ROI in 5 years, meeting original objectives defined in strategic business plan.

Business Restructuring: Executed comprehensive restructuring of a 250125 -person business division at Tate & Lyle, which included resolving significant operational issues, instituting a new management structure, reducing distribution network by 60%+ (without compromising sales), and overhauling the corporate identity and marketing direction.

Team Building & Leadership: Hired and built office staff and team of 15 representatives that conducted sales throughout the U.S. within 30 days of acquiring the Sweetlix business from Tate & Lyle.

Competencies that Provide a Competitive Advantage

Team Building Leadership Mentoring

Business Restructuring Turnaround

Division Leadership P&L Management

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Divestitures

Organizational Development

Continuous Process Improvement

Strategic Planning Tactical Execution

Business Analysis Due Diligence

Sales & Business Development

Compensation Plan Development

Market Expansion & Growth

Collective Bargaining Negotiations

A Career of Driving Efficiency and Scaling Growth


$15M manufacturer of electronic sensors and level measurement devices for aerospace, oil exploration, car wash, and water industries.


Recruited by the Board to resolve significant operational problems and turn around the business, which was losing $1-3M annually, within a 3-year period. Oversaw all aspects of operations, including strategic planning, sales, marketing, engineering, finance/legal, and HR. Developed a new sales strategy, as well as implementing processes for overhauling product line, marketing activities, and manufacturing operations. Supervised team of 8 direct reports and served as a key member of the Board of Directors.

• Orchestrated complete turnaround of the company, taking it from a loss of $1-3M annually to profit of $3.5M, while setting the stage for future profitability.

• Transformed Sales Department that was in total disarray by reducing network of “non-exclusive” manufacturing reps by ~95% and replacing them with company salespeople.

- Developed a new sales strategy and managed the Sales Department, concurrently with primary executive responsibilities, for a period of several years.

• Drove a 40% reduction in overhead costs through implementation of operational efficiency improvements and scaling back the workforce by 30-35%

• Reduced weighting of oil business from 80% to 55% by diversifying and growing other product lines.

SWEETLIX LLC, Salt Lake City, UT 2000 to 2005

Leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements and minerals for livestock, primarily beef cattle.

Chief Operating Officer

As one of 3 partners, negotiated the purchase of the business (a division of Tate & Lyle) with the goal preparing for divestiture to a specific company in 5 years. Led efforts to clean up operations, grow sales, and increase income. Held full P&L responsibility for all areas of operations, including strategic planning, sales, marketing, M&A, and customer/banking relations. Retained as a Consultant after the company was sold to Ridley Manufacturing in 2004.

• Relocated Corporate Headquarters, which included hiring an office staff of 5 and sales team of 15 representatives, within the first 30 days of purchasing the business.

• Grew sales from $28M to $35M, while increasing bottom line profits to $2.7M from a net loss of $1M+, in 5 years.

• Led due diligence and acquisition of a $1M distribution company in California.

• Generated superior ROI rates for major product launches targeting the Equine and Sheep/Goat markets.

• Created extremely competitive “Key Person” bonus and compensation plan, as well as negotiating collective bargaining agreements in a union shop environment.

• Negotiated the sale of the company to Ridley Manufacturing in 2004, meeting the goal and timeframe defined in the strategic business plan.

TATE & LYLE CORPORATION, Homewood, IL 1998 to 2000

A leading provider of renewable ingredients for food, beverage, and industrial sectors, which is a division of A.E. Staley.

General Manager – Sweetlix Division

Tapped by senior leadership to lead the strategic acquisition the Sweetlix division from parent company. Held partial P&L authority for this 250-person division, with oversight of sales, marketing, and strategic planning. Analyzed business to identify and resolve a variety of operational issues to prepare division for its planned divestiture.

• Increased company profitability by streamlining the distribution network from 175 to 125 distributors, without incurring any negative impact on sales.

• Maintained perfect customer retention during a challenging period organizational restructuring and change by proactively managing relationships.

• Instituted a new company management structure with clearly defined roles, which included creation of Sales Manager role.


$25M family-owned manufacturer and provider of fertilizers, seed, feed, and agricultural chemicals and application services for the crop input and dairy feed markets,

General Manager

Hired by Owner to resolve major financial and regulatory issues while developing the long-term strategic plan for the company’s divestiture. Held full management authority over all operations across 6 facilities with 85 employees, in addition to holding partial P&L accountability for HR, purchasing, and dealer network sales.

• Designed plan for divesting majority of business holdings while maintaining several key operations for the company’s heirs.

• Completed environmental audits of all facilities, instituted sound corporate policies and procedures, and reengineered business processes to resolve issues and ensure compliance with regulatory agencies.

EARLY CAREER EXPERIENCE: Steadily promoted through roles of increased responsibility and scope with Intermountain Farmers Association (IFA), a farmer’s cooperative, culminating with position as VP of Agronomy. Highlights include leading 3 strategic acquisitions, doubling the size of the business, and growing sales from $75M to $111M in 3 years, which included exponentially increasing agronomy product sales from $3M to $45M.

Education and Professional Affiliations

Bachelor of Science Major: University Studies – Brigham Young University

Course Focus: Accounting, Business Management, Economics

Salt Lake City Emergency Planning Committee

Former President & Board Member – Northwest Plant Food Association

Former VP & Board Member – Far West Agribusiness Association

Board of Directors – Measurement Control & Automation Association (MCAA)

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