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Local Registration Authority

Newport News, VA
July 27, 2021

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Trenton Debreaux

Hampton, Virginia, United States


As someone who is profoundly interested in technology, a career in the computer science field would be ideal for me. After receiving my Comptia Security+ clearance and working for Perspecta to troubleshoot NMCI machines as a service desk support tech, I have only begun to tap into my potential. Currently, I'm looking for a System Administrator role. My preferred call availability times are typically in the late afternoon/evening currently. Experience

Local Registration Authority (LRA)

Osi Vision, LLC

Mar 2021 - Present (5 months +)

Supporting multiple Navy commands by creating SIPR tokens and troubleshooting technical issues with token software as well as overall software troubleshooting.

-Large focus on outlook for communication and troubleshooting as well as troubleshooting outlook itself when errors arise.

- Communication with ITAC and NMCI in regards to issues with software and hardware designed to use Sipr tokens

- Heavy use of Microsoft Excel using advanced formulas and sorting algorithms to organize 400+ Navy commands that require their SIPR database to be constantly and consistently updated on a whim.

- Previous NMCI experience has played a huge role in being able to solve multiple hardware/software issues that commonly arise in the work environment which include Internet/network troubleshooting, computer hardware and smart card hardware and software troubleshooting. IT Specialist


Jan 2021 - Mar 2021 (3 months)

Responsible for upgrading and repairing VOIP and wireless systems ad various commissary locations across the world. Job actions include, but are not limited to:

- Configuring Cisco Switches, Routers, and Phones

- Troubleshooting or Replacing faulty hardware

- Configuring or replacing Access points

- Creating and extending cables with an RJ-45 connection Trenton Debreaux - page 1

- Basic hardware and software troubleshooting

Information Technology Help Desk Support

Apex Systems

May 2020 - Jan 2021 (9 months)

Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) Help Desk Support Technician Apex Systems

May 2020 - Jan 2021 (9 months)

Font-line tier 1 help desk support for NMCI. I troubleshoot issues involving computer software, hardware, networks and connectivity. Trained to be flexible in solving any issue presented with efficiency and integrity to ensure the members of our navy can work to the best of their ability. Troubleshooting experience includes, but is not limited to: 1. ActivClient Repair/general troubleshooting

2. Running scripts to fix PKI issues preventing user's from accessing their NMCI asset 3. Unlocking/Activating/Configuring user accounts connected to their CAC 4. Configuring and troubleshooting outlook issues, especially with O365 5. O365 Outlook, Teams, Onedrive, and general troubleshooting 6. Enabling user's to have access to view/send encrypted email through Outlook/OWA 7. Resolving issues dealing with Citrix Applications and Desktop Virtualization 8. Ensuring common issues are resolved in a timely manner ensuring customer satisfaction 9. Rebuilding corrupt windows profiles

10. Mapping/Remapping/Restoring folders in user's shared drives Operations Administrator

FedEx Ground

Jul 2018 - May 2020 (1 year 11 months)

As an Operations Administrator, my duties involve ensuring loose packages are sent to the correct vehicles when the packages themselves have an unknown vehicle number. I have to memorize addresses in specific cities and areas to accomplish this task. Operations Admins also have to ensure that broken packages are repaired or sent back to the shipper after reporting damages. Admins are required to fix incorrect addresses and contact customers as well to answer questions or fix said addresses.

Admins are also considered to be heavily involved with customer service roles which not only involve contacting customers as previously mentioned, but also locating and giving customers their packages if they choose to manually pick up packages from the facility. Package Handler

FedEx Ground

Nov 2017 - Jul 2018 (9 months)

Being a Package Handler, I was required to manually load, stack, and scan boxes into freight trailers as neatly as possible to ensure the stability and durability of packages remained in tact, and the customer has the ability to track where the package currently is from my scan. Further duties included sorting Trenton Debreaux - page 2

boxes to different freight trucks from atop a sort tower to ensure the right boxes are being sent to the correct trucks for accuracy.

Greenhouse Crew Member

Andersons Home & Garden Showplace

Feb 2016 - Nov 2017 (1 year 10 months)

As a Greenhouse Crew Member at Anderson's, I had various duties to fulfill. Most of my duties involved watering and pruning plants to ensure they show visual quality to meet employer and consumer expectations. Other duties included potting, organizing, and delivering large plants directly to customers that would sometimes weigh upwards of 100lbs.

Restaurant Worker

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Sep 2015 - Dec 2015 (4 months)

At Chipotle, I was responsible for all duties involved with cooking the food. Grilling chicken/steak, cooking rice, beans, shredded beef/pork, etc. All food had to be cooked and seasoned to order promptly to meet consumer needs as the day progressed.


Thomas Nelson Community College

Computer Science, Computer Science

2016 - 2021

Licenses & Certifications

CompTIA Security+ - CompTIA

Issued Apr 2020 - Expires Apr 2023

Adjudicated Secret Clearance - Apex Systems


Microsoft 365 • Customer Service • Computer Software • Programming • Object-Oriented Programming

(OOP) • Computer Hardware • Python (Programming Language) • C++ • C# • HTML Trenton Debreaux - page 3

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